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The Crazy Hybrid Of A Mate
The Crazy Hybrid Of A Mate
"Fuck you. Get off me now!" He towers over me and his hands move under the covers, going higher and higher until I gasp. No matter how I want to push him away and stomp on his body, I can't. The heat and pleasure coming from his touch makes me go crazy. "Get off me, you dimwit." Through the heat, I force out words and I close my eyes as I moan when his lips descend on my neck, teasing and nibbling. "Oh goddess. Why won't you get off me." I try to push him off, in the mist of pleasure and he looks down at me with hooded eyes. My back touches the headboard when I shift backwards but he drags me back to himself by my ankle. "I am the King, Minerva. That means what I say goes." "Well, you can go fuck yourself or better yet, let your other mate do that for you." He climbs over me with his hands on each side of my head. Luckily, the heat is subsiding due to our close range. "I've told you a thousand time. I don't want you, I need you." "Fucker! I've told you a zillion times, I don't want to be your baby making machine, you stupid son of a mammoth-" He immediately shuts me up with a deep kiss, exploding my insides. ~~~~ It's every she-wolf's dream to be the mate of the wolf king but not Minerva's. She didn't plan to even know him, she didn't bargain to become a second mate, or a baby making machine to the King who has an unusual plan set up in his head; neither did she plan to be a hybrid. All these were a surprise to her, maybe being the King's mate comes with a few benefits, and being crazy comes with the chance to plan his death... Slowly, a very very slow death. Her multiple personalities has no bounds but what happens when he finally breaks her and gets his way. The once crazy mate turns into mush but even under all that events and whatnot is a new arising evil, hiding from their sights and rapidly growing in power. 'The Crazy Hybrid Of A Mate', didn't get the name for show... Er- maybe she did.
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