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The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife
The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife
Two strangers with strange situations but met in a difficult situation. She was a woman with a nightmare past. She was Naneth Reyes, who grew up without a known mother and father because they left her without enough reason. Her aunt Lora raised her. She grew up to be an intelligent, brave, and beautiful woman. But abused by her uncle Deme when she was a child while his uncle sold her in the exchange of money to buy in his vices. Naneth did not graduate college but could work with a private company agent, with the help of a man who was her client before when she was a child while she sold boiled chicken eggs in the street. They were in charge of a mission. Naneth was confused when she would continue the task after the secrets she discovered. He was a man, who grew up not his legit father. His real mother was killed by men after he was born. He is Gio Tan, an arrogant son of the owner of the private company Naneth works there. She doesn't want to work under Gio's leadership, but she doesn't have a choice for the sake of her parents losing her for a long time. But Gio wanted to know about Naneth's purpose in hiding her secrets. She continued her goals to solve the puzzle of what she discovered. She wanted to find out who was the main reason for everything that happened in their lives. Will Gio fall for Naneth? What was Naneth's secret? What was the reason his parents left her with her aunt? What can Naneth sacrifice for love and family? What are the secrets behind each character?
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