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The Secret Agent's Mafia Mate
The Secret Agent's Mafia Mate
Michael Scott is a werewolf special agent, working for the CIA. He’s their best detective, so he’s sent to the toughest missions out there when the bureau needs successful completion of an assignment. Despite his young age, he’s caught some of the most dangerous criminals in the US. However, the newest task he’s given seems to be slightly different. Michael is not only sent to the other side of the world where he’s expected to prove one of the richest and most respected businessmen in the world- Richard Gallahard is a mafia boss and head of a criminal empire, but Michael’s also expected to perfectly blend-in in the world of politicians, royals and top-notch businessmen. And all of that would have been perhaps slightly easier for Michael if the cruelest among them- the cold-hearted, rumored future head of the gang and Richard’s young protege and lover- Killian O’Dwyer wasn’t his mate.
The Gentleman's Code
The Gentleman's Code
"Win his trust and report to me." Lord Callum is the son of one of the world's richest men. He's also the youngest one. And with that, he was never expected to be the head of the family. Living a life of privilege and variety, he often spends his time in an unsuitable for his background company. Seeking the thrill and being easily bored with everything, he's unpredictable. Until one day Oliver- his new valet - shows up and that changes his whole life. Oliver is hired by Callum's father and the servant is supposed to report to the old Lord all of his son's actions and missteps. But something happens between Oliver and Callum that no one could have predicted. Warning: The story contains explicit content intended for mature readers. Disclaimer: The story, names, characters, and incidents portrayed here are fictitious, inspired by the Victorian Era
Gray Daze
Gray Daze
“I’m sometimes worried about you.” “Why?” “Because we are the same.“ Kyle is the school hockey team's star. All the girls' eyes are fixed on him. His eyes are straying somewhere else. Jeremy's the weird new kid on the backseat, always dressed in black, throwing edgy remarks at anyone who tries to approach him. But there’s something so special about the guy, that Kyle can't stop looking at him. And Jeremy's new classmate- Eva- is in the biggest trouble she wasn't prepared for when she meets Jeremy's brother Nathan at a party. Nathan loves fast cars, tattoos and kick-boxing and basically everything that’s bad for Eva. And that changes her whole life in ways she never thought possible. The story of unlikely friendships, falling in love with the wrong people, and knowing you are not like the others.
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