Ella Coleman

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The Billionaire's Hidden Quadruplet'
The Billionaire's Hidden Quadruplet'
Amanda earns extra money by working part-time at a hotel but is dragged into the room and accidentally has sex with a mysterious man. The man left his watch as a token and wanted to make amends. But by chance, Amanda\'s friend, Mabel instead of Amanda, got to live a luxurious life in a rich house because of the watch. Four years later, Amanda, who gave birth to four children, was notorious, but she was strong, optimistic, and worked hard in her life. Amanda joined the Xi Group(Rowan’s family group) to work and met the mysterious man, Rowan. Rowan recognized Amanda and thought that the housekeeper had reported that Amanda had been spending money and extravagance for four years, but had never seen him any day or care to, and felt that Amanda had come to work to seduce him. In the company, Amanda is harassed by the manager, Mr. Kenny. With the clues provided by her child, Amanda wanted to let the manager\'s wife, Mrs. Laura broke Mr.Kenny\'sy back but did not expect Mr. Kenny to die in the hotel, and she was now also regarded as a murderer. Find out more in the book
Freya And The Lycan King'
Freya And The Lycan King'
In a world masked with supernatural creatures, alliances and loyalties are tested when a young girl finds out that the ruthless Lycan king she is being forced to marry turns out to be her mate. But the imbroglio worsened when she found out that the very man she now considered a mate and a husband, had butchered her entire family years ago, and is responsible for her years of slavery. She fled, but fell into the hands of another man whom everyone thought had died years ago, and who stood a chance of being her second love. But when rumor has it that she is pregnant with some twins, the ruthless Lycan king would leave no stone unturned to have her back. Would she stand with the man who is next in line to become the alpha of the very park she had served years ago, or forgive the Lycan king for the misery he had put her through.
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