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Alien Unchained
Alien Unchained
In Xerlon Prison, there are no good guys…and certainly no angels Aliens exist and humans are on the endangered species list. So when I save the life of a kid, the last thing I expect is to be thrown into an alien jail on a planet where the jailers are at war with the inhabitants. All I have to do is figure a way out of this hellhole. There is one being who may help me. He’s one of the most dangerous prisoners here even though he looks like a sexy angel. But he’s not like anyone I’ve ever met before…stirring desires in me that I can’t, shouldn’t act on. Yet he might be my only chance to escape. Time is running out and I’m learning that my reluctant partner has secrets of his own. Secrets that could get us both killed. Angel Unchained is a standalone, action-packed, sci-fi prison romance with a HEA and a scorching hot, alpha hero. Each book in this series has no cliffhangers and happily ever afters will have a new couple connecting them in the same world. Read this steamy alien angel romance today!
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Alien Dragon Baby
Alien Dragon Baby
One night can change a life forever... As a respected elementary school teacher, Isabella Givens is not the kind of woman to visit bars, drink all night or take a stranger home… until she meets him. Tall, handsome and full of trouble, Kohl is a bad decision waiting to happen. Suddenly, Isabelle is two shots and one dance away from changing her life. Prince Kohl has returned to Earth injured and in need. He knows that somewhere on this planet there are crystals that can turn the tide of a war that has raged on his world for years... one that has stripped his once proud people of their place, their status and their home. When he learns that one of the precious crystals is hidden in a safe at a local bar, he intends to retrieve it. Meeting a beautiful distraction is NOT part of his plans, yet for some reason, Kohl can’t help himself… Neither of them knows where their night of passion will lead, nor how soon their actions will threaten everything both of them hold dear.
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