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Wicked Ones
Wicked Ones
Wickeds have grown to a whopping 3% of the entire U.S. population. No one knows where they originated, or how they came to be. Some contest that they were ever human at all, but 'Demon spawn', or 'sons of Satan'. Sometimes they're just simple college students, making their way in the bustling city of Seattle. It's been three years since Kailan Tsai and Vincent O'Connor have seen each other's faces. After their dramatic pasts, they were separated by fate itself, only to be reunited once again--and under the same roof, at that. Rekindling their friendship would be an easy task at hand, but deep emotions lie beneath calm waters. Can they survive in a world set on destroying them, or will they bite back? In a world of wickeds, nothing is absolute.
The Gray King
The Gray King
Korina Rosenthal is soon fated to take over her father's throne as Luna of the Southern Peninsula—there's just one problem. Korina is unable to turn. Finding a mate would force her transformation, but Kori's certain she does not have one. Having never met her wolf, she's considered to be as weak as your average human. To keep his kingdom from finding out, her father arranges a marriage between Kori and his strongest warrior, a werewolf named Cato, who he's certain will rule his territory with an iron fist. Trapped in a marriage neither of them wanted, Cato and Korina must keep up their charade as mates while defending their kingdom from the attacks of the North. When alliances begin to crumble and friends reveal themselves as enemies, Korina begins to question everything—including whether or not her sham marriage is really such a sham after all.
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