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YOU ARE MINE: When I Have to Fight for You
YOU ARE MINE: When I Have to Fight for You
“Sidd, if you leave me here, I won’t ever forgive you,” I declared, glaring at him. “I will hold you responsible for anything that happens to me. Remember you made me stay here till late,” I stated, even though I was scared. “I don’t need your forgiveness, Rani,” he snarled. “Holding me responsible for anything bad that happens to you is what enemies do,” he declared and moved off. *** From hatred to love, a bond was created between Rani and Siddharth. But not without drastic challenges that are meant to separate them forever. Will their newly developed love withstand the challenges? Or will they allow their hatred to overpower their love and get separated forever?
The Movie Star's Baby
The Movie Star's Baby
After a steamy night with Sidd, a movie star, Nadia discovered she was pregnant with his child. But Sidd was from another country. She waited for him but he failed in his promise of coming back for her. The night caused Nadia to lose her mother and left her with a soul to care for. But when Nadia decides to go after Sidd, the man who stole her heart since childhood, complications occur. How would Nadia react when she discovers Sidd was engaged and about to get married? What becomes of her when she discovers pursuing Sidd led her to where her destiny lies? A life she thought was never possible came knocking at her door. Will she forget Sidd and focus on her dreams or will her fate stick them together?
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