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Resisting Him, Chasing Her (BWBM)
Resisting Him, Chasing Her (BWBM)
It has been more than three years since she laid eyes on him, after that she resolved never to fall in love again. She would work her way up and build up her way up to show she needed no man. In family or in buisness. That was the plan until some goddamned unknown forces in the universe decided to bring him back into her life. Rita was a young woman with a good sense of who she was and prided herself on her decision making skills but here’s the thing, to make good decisions you have got to have made bad ones sometime in the past. Well he was hers. Samuel was not the type of man to leave his plans high and dry. When he sets his mind on something he gets it done no matter the cost. Turns out that also applies to humans that intrigue him and none more so than Rita. Riya wants nothing to do with werewolves of his caliber, once will always be enough. If she could wash her hands clean of the supernatural world she would. That’s kinda hard to do when they are just as out and about as the rest of the not so super natural world. She just wants to get over the last hurdle in to achieve her goal. He isn’t letting that happen until he achieves his goal. Put in a great helping of will to succeed, a dash of rivalry and paranormal normal, a pound of unresolved issues, a healthy sprinkling of revenge and hatred, a spoon of animal attraction and just a tiny–who am I kidding?– a really generous helping of scandalous advances. All in a bowl of strength of resolve. Mix well and put in a luxuriously lavish office. We will see what happens in a year or so. *Wink*
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