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Arranged to marry the devil
Arranged to marry the devil
*They asked me for drugs, I said your love. *She was the medicine, I was the addict An arranged marriage is bad but what if it's was your highschool jerk and Mr perfect over years and he's the most evil man right now that he's called the devil. "Sapphire, do you fucking get already?". "I do, along the line I gave this marriage a change Anthony but you ruined it and you made me feel pathetic in highschool like I was a fucking nobody and you know that most pathetic part I had a crush on you in highschool and I was fucking falling I'm love with you but thank you Anthony for helping me out of it". "Fire, look I only did those things to you in highschool because_". "No, it's fine. you always claim me as yours in highschool and even now but guess what falling in love with you was my greatest mistake and trying to give the arranged marriage a chance was my grievous mistake". He dragged me closer to him as his hands on my shoulder as he growled at me with his eyes piercing into my soul "Fire, whether you like it or not you're mine!. Got that? the earlier you realize it the better it's for both of us. "in my world you're the queen piece my main piece". I looked at him with a smile on my face "I was never into chess because like you it's boring, so Anthony let me introduce you to my world snakes and ladder. you need to watch out because you might be bitten". He looked confused as I slammed my shoes into his foots as I make to the stairs as I look over my shoulder "I'm the keyword also in my scrabble game ain't I". "Fire,".He yelled as he rubbed his toes he looked beyond mad, I'm literally looking for a new definition to classify his anger as I make it to my room as I hear his groans. ".
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