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His head hurt!

Yu Xia Bing stretched out her hand to rub her swollen and rough head, and slowly opened her heavy eyelids.

He entered a gray room with gray windows, gray carpets, and gray wallpaper. Everything was gray.

"Xia Xia, I won't hurt you. "Don't be afraid."

The man's voice was deep and hoarse. Yu Xia Bing's heart trembled. What was going on? When she heard his voice, she felt a sense of déjà vu, but when she searched her mind for any memory of him, it was empty.

"Who are you? "Why did you bring me here?"

Kang Xuan Chen's eyes darkened and couldn't help but sigh deeply, "You really don't remember anything."

Seeing the grief in his eyes, Yu Xia Bing's heart ached and her eyes began to swell with an unexplainable pain.

"We... "Know him?"

"More than knowing each other?" Kang Xuan Chen looked at her with a deep and gentle light in his eyes as if he could see through her, "Xia Xia Xia, we …"


At that moment, the door to the room was suddenly kicked open by someone. A tall man with golden hair and blue eyes walked in with large strides.

When he saw Kang Xuan Chen on the bed, a trace of killing intent appeared in his deep blue eyes. He walked over, grabbed Kang Xuan Chen's collar and punched him, "Kang Xuan Chen, you actually dared to bring my sister here?"

He reached out his hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth. Looking at the furious man, he chuckled softly, "Milo, it's been so many years and you haven't changed one bit. Your fists are still so soft!"

"Damn it!" Seeing that, Yu Xia Bing almost subconsciously jumped out of bed and ran to Kang Xuan Chen's side. She spread her arms like a hen protecting a chick, "Brother, you're not allowed to hit him!"

Milo stared blankly at his sister while Yu Xia Bing was also shocked by his actions.

She had never met this man, so why should she protect him? Moreover, this desire to protect was completely out of his control!

"Brother, it's not right to casually hit someone!" If Mom and Dad knew about this, they would definitely punish you. " Yu Xia Bing found a rotten excuse.

Milo's eyes narrowed, he clenched his teeth, dropped his fist, and dragged his sister out of the room.

"Kang Xuanchen!" When he reached the door, Milo turned around and gave him a warning look. "Don't bother my sister in the future. I won't be so polite if there's a next time!"

Looking at their backs, Kang Xuan Chen fell onto the carpet with a plop.

His heart was like a flower that had bloomed in a barren land for many years. Suddenly, he started laughing … It was good that she was still alive. Even if she couldn't remember him, she was still lucky. At the very least, they would still be able to meet for the rest of their lives.

Yu Xia Bing's wrist hurt from Milo's grip, so she didn't dare to open her mouth until they were out of the mansion. "Bro, you're hurting me!"

"I'm sorry!" Milo let go and stared at his sister. "He didn't do anything to you, did he?"

Rubbing her sore wrist, Yu Xia Bing said, "You know who he is, right?"

Milo pursed his lips and didn't answer. "Remember, stay away from this man! Do you hear me? "


"You're not even going to listen to me?"

"That's not it..." Yu Xia Bing pouted, "I just don't think he looks like a bad person!"

"Are you sure you can still write bad people on your face?" Xia Bing, did you remember what I said? You are not allowed to have any contact with Kang Xuan Chen in the future! "

Yu Xia Bing curled her lips. What she was most afraid of was her brother's nagging.

"Alright, alright, I got it!" She opened the car door and sat down, then turned around to follow her brother. "How did you find me?"

"I have my ways!"

After saying that, he started the car. Yu Xia Bing looked at the European villa that was getting further and further away from them through the reverse mirror. The sad eyes of Kang Xuan Chen once again appeared in her mind …

In the nightclub, all the women's gazes were focused on one point, on the man who sat at the bar and drank wine for them.

He had a face that was breathtakingly handsome, with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. It had nothing to do with depth, especially when he was drinking wine, his lips were slightly open, it was extremely sexy!

However, no woman dared to approach him. His body was suddenly surrounded by a powerful aura and cold air, as if it could instantly kill any living being within a meter!

At this moment, Kang Xuanchen's phone rang. He looked at it for a moment with his blurry eyes before answering, "Speak!"

"Young Master Chen, Miss Yu's information seems to have been intentionally blocked off, there's no way to find out for a short period of time!"


As soon as he finished speaking, Kang Xuan Chen hung up, raised his head, and downed all of the alcohol offered by the bartender in one gulp!

Ye Zichen swiped his long finger across the cup, causing the man's misty gaze to suddenly become sharp.

Since someone wanted to play, he would play with them!

As far as he could see, he saw a thin, familiar figure flash past. He shook his head, and when he looked again, the little person was already gone.

Kang Xuan Chen shook his head. It seemed that he was really drunk!

Yu Xia Bing carefully pulled her brother into the Night's Night bar. She looked left and right and looked up and down, but didn't have enough eyes.

Milo looked at his sister speechlessly. "Xia Bing, can you save some face for big brother?"

Yu Xia Bing bit her lips and said unhappily, "I've never been to a bar before, so of course I'm curious." This time, if it wasn't for her parents going out to meet friends and pestering Milo to bring her along, she wouldn't even have had the chance to stand in front of the bar!

"I'm here for proper business, not fun!"

"Got it, got it, I won't cause you any trouble. Bro, go to the room first, I'll go to the washroom. I'll be there in a moment." Then, Yu Xia Bing ran towards the bathroom.

Milo shook his head helplessly and started to walk toward the reserved room.

Glancing behind her, she noticed that her brother had already left. Only then did Yu Xia Bing let out a long sigh of relief.

Going to the bathroom was just an excuse. Her real purpose was to play by herself. Her brother and those partners were all very old. If she went with them, she would suffocate to death!

"You can put this in young master Chen's wine later!"

Yu Xia Bing suddenly heard a low voice of a woman. She glanced at the corridor, and out of curiosity, she quietly walked over and saw a woman dressed flirtatiously handing a small paper bag to the bartender.

"Don't worry, I won't treat you unfairly at that time!"

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