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After Yu Xia Bing left, Kang Xuan Chen called Yu Yue.

Yu Yue was in bed fighting the beauty for 800 rounds when he received Kang Xuanchen's phone call. He was almost scared stiff for the rest of his life.

"Bro, can you give me a break on the phone? Right now, it's about sleeping with a beauty in your arms. Why are you calling me?"

After saying that, Kang Xuan Chen hung up.

He sat against the wall in the dark alley.

Three years ago, he sent a search party to search the sea for half a month but didn't find Xia Xia Xia's body. The search team said that the possibility of salvaging his corpse was very small, and he was becoming more and more desperate day by day. Even now, when he thought about those dark and gloomy days, he still felt terrified.

A few days ago, he went to the orphanage he stayed in in in the summer to deliver supplies, but who would have thought that the little person he dreamed of day and night would suddenly appear in front of him. It was just like that summer!

Therefore, he knocked her out and brought her back to the villa that he had prepared for Xia Xia … He had originally planned to ask about the truth, but he didn't expect that Xia Xia had lost his memory!

This was definitely not that simple. He had to figure it out! He wanted to recover Xia Xia's memories, and find his Xia Xia!

Two days later, Yu Yue once again received news of Yu Xia Bing's departure. He told Kang Xuan Chen that they had already left for Israel!

"What?" "Israel?" Kang Xuan Chen raised her gloomy eyes and asked, "Why are you going there?"

"I also thought it was strange, so I did a bit of research, but strangely, my network doesn't seem to be working at all!" Brother, do you think that someone will secretly cause trouble for us? " Yu Yue guessed.

Kang Xuanchen smiled sinisterly as his slender fingers knocked on the platform, "Do you know where Milo is staying in Israel?"

"It's not hard to find …" Brother, you can't be thinking of going personally! " Yu Yue looked at Kang Xuan Chen in shock, "Big brother, our power over there is weak. Moreover, Milo's identity was a mystery three years ago, and we still can't solve it now. What if you are over there …"

"Yu Yue!" Kang Xuan Chen suddenly interrupted him.

"Brother … …"

Kang Xuan Chen heavily patted Yu Yue's shoulder, and looked at him with a resolute gaze, "Meeting Xia again when I meet her is already fate, I can't let her leave me once more!" Do you understand? "

After saying that, Kang Xuan Chen walked out of the office.

Looking at his back, Yu Yue took a deep breath. Anything that had to do with Xia Xia, his brother would become neither calm nor intelligent!

In the end, beauty was a disaster!

Ampu, Ampu, Ampi, Amphiba, Amphiba, Amphiba, Amphiba, Ebd.

Sitting in the departure lounge, Kang Xuan Chen kept feeling that something wasn't right. It was as if a pair of eyes were staring at him!

He took off his sunglasses and looked around. Suddenly, he saw a tall woman dragging a suitcase towards him.

When their gazes met, the woman waved at him and shouted in a tired tone, "Xuan Chen!"

Kang Xuan Chen massaged her swollen temples. This Fan Ruoruo was really a lingering spirit!

After running to the man's side, Fan Ruoruo sat down beside him and grabbed his arm, "Xuan Chen, why didn't you tell me when you were leaving? Luckily I asked uncle and aunt, otherwise I would have been foolishly waiting for you at home!"

The man pushed her hand away coldly. "I'm going to talk business, not play!"

"But Israel is so far away. As your fiancee, I must accompany you. We can improve our relationship, but I can also take care of you!"

At this moment, a sweet announcement rang out on the radio: The plane from A City to Tel Aviv is about to take off.

Kang Xuanchen didn't have the time to waste on her. He got up and walked towards the boarding gate. He coldly threw down a few words, "Do as you wish!"

After a dozen or so hours, the plane landed at Tel Aviv Airport. After walking out, Kang Xuanchen stuffed Fan Ruoruo into a taxi, tossed the driver a few Shaker's coins and said in fluent English, "Take this lady to Kelly Hotel!"

Fan Rou smashed the glass, unwilling to give up, and forcefully pulled the door open, "Xuan Chen, I don't want to go alone, I want to go with you! "Let me down!"

The man pushed the door of the car with all his might and waved to the driver. The driver started the car quickly and disappeared without a trace.

Kang Xuan Chen breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally sent this woman, Fan Rou, away!

He took out a card with an address on it. This was Milo's address!

Kang Xuan Chen took a taxi to the address and found a hotel nearby to leave her luggage there. Following the address, she found Milo's residence!

This was an independent villa on the seaside, facing the sunlight and the beach. It was said that this sea was all private. One could imagine how wealthy Milo was, and how distinguished his identity was.

There were bodyguards surrounding the villa, making it impossible for Kang Xuan Chen to enter in a short period of time. Suddenly, he saw two people walking from far away on the beach. They were too far away, so he couldn't see their faces, but he knew that the girl wearing a colorful sundress must be Xia Xia!

Kang Xuanchen wanted nothing more than to fly over right away, but right now, he could only alert the enemy. Rather than letting Milo be on his guard, he might as well just stay put for now!

Deeply staring at the little girl that was only as long as a finger, Kang Xuan Chen faintly smiled: "Xia Xia, we have a long time to live!"

After returning to the hotel, Kang Xuan Chen drew a map of the surrounding area of the villa. If he wanted to get close to Xia Xia Xia, he had no choice but to face him head on.

Suddenly, he heard messy footsteps coming from outside, getting closer and closer to him!

The next second, his door was kicked open and several Israelis poured in from the outside.

Kang Xuan Chen looked at them and calmly put away the blueprint. He had just arrived at this place and naturally wouldn't cause any trouble nor have any enemies. Therefore, these people should be …

He sneered. "The news of Milo is so fast!"

"Young master instructed me to ask you to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, I'll be rude to you!" The leader threatened with a gun.

Kang Xuan Chen unhurriedly stood up and put her hands in her pockets, "Send a message to your master when you get home. I definitely won't leave until I see the person I want to see!"

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