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Yu Xia Bing quickly retracted her head when she saw Kang Xuan Chen turn around. After hiding behind a pillar for a few seconds, she looked towards the door again.

Eh? Where was he? Why is it gone?

Yu Xia Bing frowned, then looked around left and right, but didn't see Kang Xuan Chen.

As soon as he entered, he couldn't wait to press her against the wall and fiercely kiss her.

Yu Xia Bing was scared silly. She opened her mouth to scream, but the man took the opportunity to sneak into her mouth and attack her.

The intensity of the kiss nearly made her lose her breath, and she began to press her small hands against his chest, slowly transforming them into a tight grip on the man's clothes.

The close physical contact between the man and the woman caused Kang Xuanchen's body to quickly undergo a change. When Yu Xia Bing felt that something was pressing against her lower abdomen, she became frightened and quickly left the man's lips, her face turning as red as a fiery cloud.

"You, stay away from me!"

"Why did you come to find me when you told me to stay away from you?" The man's deep, husky voice rang in her ears, and the hot stream of his breath gushed into her ear, making her heart beat faster.

"Who said I was looking for you? I'm here … Come … They're here to play! " Yu Xia Bing stammered out an explanation.

"Oh?" The man raised his eyebrows. He couldn't hide the smile in his eyes, "Then who was the one who was staring at me at the door? Could it be that it's not my Xia Xia? "

He had discovered her long ago! Sly man!

She gave him a hard shove, and Yu Xia Bing was both embarrassed and annoyed. She took a step and wanted to leave.

How could Kang Xuanchen let her leave so easily? The thug grabbed the small hand that was pushing against his chest, and pulled the little girl back to give her another wild kiss.

Knowing that she was paralyzed, he reluctantly let go of her.

There was nothing he could do. He had missed her too much after three years of separation. If it wasn't for the fact that she still hadn't recovered her memories, he would have already ripped her apart and eaten her whole.

As he caressed her burning cheeks, the man asked in a low voice, "Xia Xia, where have you been these past three years? "That Milo, what's your relationship with him?"

Yu Xia Bing pursed her lips. Her brother had said that she was the Kelly family's treasure. In order to prevent those who had ulterior motives, she had to keep her identity a secret!

As for Milo's relationship with her.

"My name is Milo, didn't you hear?"

Kang Xuanchen smiled. In this society, the title of 'Big Brother' was more terrifying than any other title!

Because he contained too many ambiguous meanings.

How did he know if this brother was his brother or not?

Furthermore, with Miluo Jin's hair and blue eyes, other than her facial features being a bit darker, Yu Xia Bing was the same as the rest of the people in the East. If they were siblings, who would believe it?

"Then your relationship with him is …"

"Him and me …" Yu Xia Bing was about to say something, but she suddenly had the urge to tease him, "What do you think?"

The more he wanted to know, the more he didn't want her to say anything.

"Xia Xia!" "Hurry up and tell me, this is very important to me!" Kang Xuan Chen asked with a serious expression.

Only by knowing their relationship and Milo's identity would he be able to investigate the truth!

Yu Xia Bing pouted. This man was pretty serious, but just as she was about to speak, her phone rang. She looked at it, her face changed, and then she made a gesture towards Kang Xuan Chen, then picked up the phone in front of him without any hesitation.

"Xia Bing, why are you at the Kelly Hotel? Have you gone to look for Kang Xuan Chen? "

"Huh?" Yu Xia Bing was stunned, "Brother, how did you know where I was?"

"I have installed the location software in your phone! Come back here, now, now! Otherwise, I will make it so that Kang Xuan Chen cannot leave the hotel in the next second! "

Milo was so angry that he did everything he could to prevent Kang Xuan Chen from seeing his sister. He never thought that his sister would actually take the initiative to deliver herself to his doorstep! Seriously... A man is no better than the heavens!

"Alright, alright, I'll be back right away!" After putting away the phone, Yu Xia Bing turned around and ran out. Kang Xuan Chen pulled her back in time, "Where are you going?"

"Big brother knows that I've come to find you, so I must leave immediately!"

"And if I don't let you go?"

Yu Xia Bing was stunned for a moment, and a trace of shock flashed in her eyes.

Here, no one dared to say a word of no to their brother!

Her expression darkened and she slowly pushed the man's hand away, "Kang Xuan Chen, I have to leave immediately! Because they are my family that have accompanied me for three years! They need me! "

Then, Yu Xia Bing walked away without looking back.

Kang Xuanchen stood blankly where he was for a long time, unable to come to his senses.

They were family. What about him?

They had had her for three years, and he had spent three years in pain!


Kang Xuan Chen's fist heavily smashed against the wall!

Xia Xia, there will be a day when I will take you back!

This time, there was no more news from Yu Xia Bing. Kang Xuan Chen guessed that she was being guarded by the family, but he wasn't worried about her safety, so he didn't rashly go to the villa by the sea.

However, Milo was like an iron wall. He had no way to investigate the situation, and the amount of information he could gather was meagre.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

There was a knock on the door, and Kang Xuan Chen walked over and opened it. An ice-cold handgun was pointed at his forehead.

"Kang Xuan Chen, I seem to have warned you to stay away from Xia Bing!" With narrowed eyes, Milo shoved Cangxuan into the room with his pistol, closing the door behind him with his ankle.

He looked dangerously at Kang Xuan Chen, "However, you don't seem to listen to me and keep pestering Xia Bing!"

The man's attitude was calm, and there was no trace of fear in his eyes. "Milo, the more you don't want me to meet with Xia Xia, the more guilty you'll be!" You are afraid that she will know the truth and that she will leave you, right? "

Milo gritted his teeth. A man like Kang Xuanchen would always be able to hit your weak points with a single sentence. This point, he hated it too much!

"Kang Xuanchen, stop wasting your breath on me. Hurry up and leave this place, or else, I really will make it so that you won't be able to leave!"

As he spoke, Milo pressed the black, shiny, cold muzzle of the gun to his face as a warning.

"Milo, if you kill me, you will become the number one enemy of the Government of Israel!" Even if you have all kinds of properties, how could you dare to make an enemy out of the ruler of the country? Therefore, he kept the spear! "Understand?"

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