99 Forceful Kisses/C8 Borrowing Money
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99 Forceful Kisses/C8 Borrowing Money
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C8 Borrowing Money

"What! Auntie Huang, what do you think happened to my dad?"

The voice coming from the phone stunned me.

Auntie Huang is my neighbor. She said that my dad was hit by a car and it was very serious. When she found out, the driver had already run away. The emergency operation is about to be carried out, but the hospital needs the signature of the family.

My dad only has me as a family member. My hometown is very far away from Beijing. At this time, he told me that I need the family member's signature to be able to perform the surgery. I'm going crazy from anxiety. I keep begging Auntie Huang if she can help me sign the contract. I'll immediately book the earliest train and go back.

I was running around with my phone in hand. I bumped into many people, but I didn't know it. At this moment, I felt like the sky was about to collapse.

"Little Meng, I don't think you can do anything about this signature. I just signed it for you. The most important thing is that the surgery fee is a big problem!" Auntie Huang's tone was a little hesitant, as if there was something she didn't want to say.

I hurriedly asked, "Auntie Huang, how much does the doctor want for the surgery fees?"

"Little Meng, I'll tell you. I have a relative who happens to be a doctor in this hospital. I asked him to ask for help. Your father's surgery will cost at least two hundred thousand yuan, and there may be various complications after the surgery. At that time, two hundred thousand yuan is far from enough. Your family doesn't have a house or a car. "You're just a newly graduated university student, where are you going to get so much money..."

When I heard that, I was stunned. What Auntie Huang said was right. However, my father is my only family in this world. At this time, I can't think much. I only know that... No matter what, I have to get the doctor to operate on my father.

I urgently said, "Auntie Huang, I will think of a way to get the money. Can I ask you to let the doctor operate on my dad first? I will definitely bring the money back..."

On the phone, I cried and begged Auntie Huang. Fortunately, Auntie Huang had relatives in the hospital and could help to make an exception. However, Auntie Huang repeatedly stated that she had taken a huge risk and asked me to bring the money back. Naturally, I agreed readily.

After hanging up the phone, I went home as fast as I could and packed my things.

She promised me that she would ask me what was wrong when she saw me rushing home in a hurry. Shouldn't he be in an interview? Why did he suddenly come home? While I was looking for my bank card, I told him about my dad's car accident.

After packing up, I sat on the bed. I was in trouble. All the money in my bank card was only a few thousand yuan. This was saved by me when I was working part-time at school. This amount of money is a drop in the bucket for the operation.

I hesitated for a while and asked if I have the money I promised. When I heard the promise, I immediately took out my bank card. Forget it, it's not as much as my money.

"Xia Meng, I'm sorry. I only have this little money in my hands. You know it too. My mom is the one who..."

Seeing the guilty expression on her face, I quickly interrupted her. "I know that her mom is still in the hospital, and I'm so short of money that I'm dying. I'm really desperate.

Promise hesitated for a moment and said: "Why don't we ask Chen Baichuan? He has money. If he knows..."

I quickly shook my head and interrupted her. Chen Baichuan had only graduated from university. His family was rich, and the money was not his. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get involved with him. Keep your distance, if he asks for money from his family for me, It would be hard to say then. Also, there is one more thing. Even if I wanted to accept him now, ever since that night, I'm no longer qualified.

I thought hard and was so anxious that my head was about to burst into flames. Suddenly, I heard the promise, "How about I ask Ms Mei if she can borrow her salary in advance? But, 200,000. This amount is really a little big. I reckon..."

Hearing Ms Mei, I thought of Ling Long and something suddenly flashed through my mind. I hurriedly rummaged through the cabinets. I almost crawled under the bed. Finally, I found the business card Lu Yichen gave me.

I mustered up my courage and dialed the number on the business card. After waiting for a long time, I almost pressed the button and dialed again. The call was picked up.

"Hello, who is it?" From the other end of the phone came the sound of someone waking up.

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