A Christmas Nightmare/C1 Christmas Night
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A Christmas Nightmare/C1 Christmas Night
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C1 Christmas Night

Today was 25 December .i.e. Christmas,

today was a day full of love and happiness ,

but not for everyone.. . Lily a girl who was

studying at the star international School..

was sitting alone in her hostel bedroom

while playing games on her laptop. She was

alone in the hostel because It was

Christmas holidays and everyone went back

to their homes with their parents; usually Lily

would also be at home on Christmas

holidays but this year it was different

because her parents were getting divorced

that's why until the legal matters were over

she have to stay their. While looking at her

laptop she felt sleepy and then she decided

to put her laptop aside and started preparing

to go to bed while thinking.. "What a awful

year, my parents are getting divorced and I

have to spend my Christmas alone. . In this

weird place..” she hated her school the most

because she was an introvert and usually

get bullied easily and also she was also not

good at academics because of these

reasons she was called the idiot of the

school. After few minutes of resting on her

bed she all asleep

It was 2 am in the morning. Lily was experiencing a nightmare. In the nightmare she saw herself getting bullied people were calling her name like " Cry baby ", " School's loser " Etc.

She suddenly woke up , her body was cover in sweat that was running down her face . Her eyes were wide opened , it was like they were going to pop out of her body, she felt that her throat tuned dry she wanted to drink some water before continuing her sleep. She left her bed and walked towards the kitchen that was at the end of the Corridor.

She left her room while rubbing her eyes.. She felt chill down her spine, it was like someone was peeping at her from the behind, she thought some from the school staff was here for the inspection, but their was not a single soul visible . She thought that she was imaging things and then she again started to walk towards the kitchen . She just walked a few steps and felt that something was dripping over her head and suddenly the light went off (it common for because every night was cut off to save electricity ) she wanted to see what was on her head but it was too dark to see, she just thought that it was water that was leaking from the broken pipes . She continued her walk and reached the kitchen and then lighted up a candle for herself and was going to take a look at what was on her head when she looked at it was in red could and it smelled weird, and then it striked her mind it was blood that was dripping from the roof "is it.. Is it.. ? ? BLOOD. . !! ! ” she said in fear. . When she realized that it was blood she came back to her senses . She was too scared to say something from her mouth that she froze at the spot until she heard someone calling her name in scary voice" Lily...Are you alone?.. Let's play together " It was the voice of a little kid.. She freaked out and started shouting and ran to the forest behind the school

Run run run.. It was all that was going inside Lily's head, she just wanted to get away from that place as soon as possible, she ran until she no longer could and then she fell to ground because she was too tired to even stand

But again she heard the voice of the child saying "you don't play with me.. You are a bad guy.. I will punish you*laughing* " This voice was scarier than anything. Lily started begging that voice " Please leave me.. Please leave me..!!! *sob* tears started running down her face. She could no longer take it and fainted from exhaustion

Next she woke up two days later ,her mother was sitting beside her on a chair, she was at the hospital , After seeing her mother she started crying and in tears she said " Mom I don't want to go back to the school .....please take me with you...please" Her mother was in shock and asked "why? .. What happened.. Did someone bully you at school" She said loudly " Please don't ask just take me with you " She was too scared to tell anyone what happened that day. Her mother agred to the request and took Lily with her..

The End
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