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C3 Three

The whole car ride was in complete silence. I glanced over at Romeo, he was chewing his jaws so hard. His hands in the steering were so tight that his knuckles were white.

Why is he always angry?

A couple of minutes later, we pulled up in front of my house.

How did he know I live here? I looked over to him to ask but was interrupted.

His brows drew together."Stop staring at me and get out!" He practically raised his voice.

What the hell? I haven't done anything so why leach his anger out on me?

"Don't raise your voice at me" I retorted, becoming angry at myself.

I got out of his car without saying a thank you. He doesn't deserve one anyway.

Since it was Friday night, I was in bed doing the usual. I was browsing the latest movies on Netflix when Joey rang me.

"Hey Ivy, I wanted to text but I knew you'll be awake so I figured I could call instead."Joey's voice sounds rushed.

Like how you'll talk when trying to wear a really tight shoe.

Either way I've missed her voice. I was ripped away from my best friend's company all thanks to Romeo. Even the thought of him made me frown.

"What are you doing? You sound busy,"I asked her.

"Yeah." She hesitated then continued."I'm getting ready for a party, Jake invited me."

It took some seconds before the words finally settled in my head.

Another party.

Jake invited her..

Romeo would be there…

After Joey had told Jake about her feelings, the two of them had been hanging out around lately and sh

She has been smiling a lot too. If he's really making her happy then it's a good thing and now he's already inviting her to a party.

"I want you to come with me."Joey cooed on the other end of the call.

I lifted an eyebrow, I already knew that this was coming.

"Joey, you knew what happened the last time, he nearly had his way with me" I said referring to the drunken guy and the toilet incident.

Deep down in my heart, it's not really about what happened the last time, I just used that as an excuse. I was trying to avoid Romeo.

"I'm sorry about last time but I really wish you could come. I swear we won't stay long this time. Watching a movie alone in that small room sounds miserable." she spatted.

I rolled my eyes, as if she could see me. She knows me too well. I don't miss watching my favorite TV series on Friday nights. She continued to beg me, promising that it will be more fun this time like it was any fun before.

"I know..." I started.

"What the fuck!" I yelled at my laptop screen that's now all black.

"What's wrong, Ivy?"Joey questioned me.

"My laptop screen went blackout" I cried.

"Oops! I think it's a sign you should come."

I'm sure that there would be a wide grin on her face.

"Fine."I grunted."But we're leaving before midnight."

"Okay!" She chimed in.

We ended the call with her promising to pick me up in the next thirty minutes.

I quickly changed out of my pajamas then put on a pair of jeans that's tighter than my usual. I'm only trying to appear casual, it's not like I was the one invited. I hurriedly dropped a note for mom, telling her I went to a party with Joey.


The party was the same as last week's; tons of students, drunk people and smoke of cigarettes everywhere. Why didn't I stay back and stare at my ceiling or try to do some laundry? As usual, Joey disappeared as soon as we got there telling me she had to look for Jake.

Isn't he supposed to come down and pick her?

I felt alone once again. I sat at the couch for at least one hour before Romeo came by. I stayed silent as his eyes met mine.

The corners of his mouth lifted upwards."Look, who's here,"He teased me.

I rolled my eyes back at him.

"I'm surprised to see you here."He told me.

"Yeah. I'm also surprised that I ended up here again" I said before he walked away.

For once, I was grateful that he let me be.

Few minutes later, Joey and Jake walked in, hands intertwined with Joey grinning from ear to ear.

"That's her over there" I hear Joey's voice even though the music was loud.

"Hi, I'm Jake." Jake said, stretching out a hand and I collected his handshake with a tiny smile on my face, without saying anything.

"Joey has told me a lot about you."He smiled softly.

This is the first time I'm actually having a conversation with Jake Twain. I have gotten no reason to talk to him because he goes around with the likes of Romeo. He doesn't sound rude like Romeo, I wonder how the two of them ended up being friends.

I realized that I haven't answered him yet.

"I'm I…Ivy Young."I stuttered.

A few hours later, almost everyone is drunk again, except me of course.

"Let's play truth and dare" someone drunken voice slurred in.

After a little deliberation, they all agreed to play. Jake, Joey, Samantha, the school baddest girl, and two other boys whom I don't know their names and Romeo, of course.

"You should play Ivy."Samantha grinned.

I shook my head." No, I'd rather not."I told her and looked away from her deadly gaze.

Romeo shot me a wink."Truth or Dare is not for priss like her."He uttered.

They all laughed except Joey. I'll admit, I am actually boring but I'm no prissy. I've only been living in a modest way since dad passed away.

I swallowed a gulp down my throat."I'm in." I acknowledged, glaring at Romeo then sat down cross legged in their little circle.

The first truth and dare were so kinky that I was bewildered. Finn, one of the other two guys, was asked how long he lasted. Still fair, right? Samantha was asked to do a strip tease, which she did.

"Truth or Dare?" Kyle the other guy asked, jolting me out of my train of thoughts.

"Truth."I replied quickly, knowing that truth was safer.

"Have you ever kissed?" He questioned me.

I nibbled on my bottom lip."No." I muttered slowly and they all burst into laughter, except Joey.

They were really not surprised with my answer, just intrigued.

"Oh okay."Kyle mumbled and I nodded my head in the affirmative.

"Joey's turn," I voiced out, so that they would stop talking about me.

Joey was asked to do a lap dance with Jake which she did joyfully. If I'm being sincere, I think it was hot watching that.

Soon, it was my turn again.

"Truth" I said again.

Romeo chuckled softly. "Told you guys that she's a priss."

I felt the urge to slap him hard in the face and then dashed out of this room. But, I won't let him get to me.

"Dare."I blurted out, changing my earlier decision.

"Talk a whole bottle of vodka."Finn dared me.

My jaw dropped. What? I have never had a drink before in my life. God! Why the hell did I choose ' dare ' in order to prove that jerk wrong?

"Wait, you have never had a drink before right?"Finn queried me.

I nodded, thinking he would change the date to at least something fairer than that.

But no, he didn't change the dare.

I gripped the bottle and took a shot, it burned me down my throat.

"What does it feel like?"

"Better."I breathed, still feeling the burn.

Finally, it was Romeo's turn.

"Dare."He muttered without waiting to be asked.

"Kiss Ivy Young."Samantha ordered, grinning wickedly.

I stared at her in disbelief. Somehow my eyes flickered to Romeo, the school badass who was supposed to be kissing me.

His mouth curved into a wide smile. I could tell that he was enjoying every bit of this.

"What's my penalty for not doing this?" I demanded.

I can't let Romeo have my first kiss.

"You date me for a month." Romeo replied, boring his eyes into mine.

My mouth fell open. Are they serious? Why the hell would I lose my first kiss in a dare and the worst part to Romeo freaking Sparks?

Fuck Samantha! She knows it's my first kiss.

My eyes found Romeo then trailed down to his lips. His lips were so pink and so full, my head played an image of us kissing.

What the hell? Why am I imagining kissing Romeo? I looked up and my eyes met his forest green eyes, pupils dilated. There was a smirk spread across his face. He must be thinking I'm a priss afterall. My head was spinning! God! I'm really not drinking again.

My conscience loosened as I crashed my lips against his catching him totally off guard. As my lip touched Romeo's, I felt a sharp intake of breath. I have the full idea of what I'm doing but I can't just stop. And for one moment, I forgot about everyone there. I have never felt like this before, it felt like my body had been ignited. He brought his hands to my face, cupping my flushed cheeks.

He pulled back a little before taking my lips back in, taking full charge.

"Get a room."Jake teased.

Jake's voice made me break the kiss. A flush crept up to my cheeks, Romeo had a smirk on his face.

I'm embarrassed, I mean I just had my first kiss in front of all these people and with Romeo Sparks.

"That's not the dare" the evil blonde, Samantha chirped in.

My brows drew together.What's she getting at?

She continued."The dare is for Romeo to kiss you and not the other way round. Why were you so impatient?"

"Woah!" I heard some murmurs.

My lips curled in disgust. Is she fucking kidding me? I mean I just lost my first kiss. I gazed at Romeo, hoping that he would behave nice and support me.

"She's right Ivy. I'm sorry we'll have to do it again."Romeo muttered, flashing me a smile that suggests that he was somewhat excited.

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