A Good-for-Nothing/C1 001 Aircraft
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A Good-for-Nothing/C1 001 Aircraft
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C1 001 Aircraft

"Ladies and gentlemen, please take note. There are still 20 minutes left before the plane takes off. Please board the plane quickly. Thank you for your cooperation."

The flight attendant's sweet voice came from the broadcast.

Hee Zheng carried the fucking bone ash box and sat on his seat.

The business class cabin was spacious. Hee Zheng tiredly put on his earphones, and looked out the window with both of his eyes. His fingers were unconsciously holding onto the lacquered wooden box, as if he was holding onto a precious treasure.

"Sir, I'm sorry, but what is inside? Can you open it and take a look? According to the rules, we need to check it. " The air stewardess walked in front of Hee Zheng and asked politely.

Hee Zheng who was disturbed was in a bad mood, he looked at the air stewardess coldly. The air stewardess was shocked. Originally, when she saw that Hee Zheng was handsome and dressed in high-end clothes, she had the intention of taking the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Seeing his attitude, the flight attendant was also stunned. For a moment, he was at a loss. However, he had to ask again. If he did not check, the flight attendant would not be able to pass, so he went to call the young master.

The air stewardess was not as polite as the air stewardess. Seeing Hee Zheng's unfriendly attitude, she threatened, "Sir, please cooperate with us, otherwise the whole cabin would not be able to take off on time because of you."

Young Master Kong's tone sounded extremely uncomfortable. Someone like Hee Zheng, the harder you came, the less likely you would give me face.

His eyelids twitched as he looked at Young Master Kong mockingly, "What kind of status do you have to dare order me around?"


The surrounding people all looked over when they heard the commotion, it seemed like someone was quietly berating Hee Zheng for being too overboard.

A tall, skinny young man who was walking over from afar also saw this argument. He was an expert in the field, so the moment he saw the lacquered wooden box, he knew that it was meant to be used as a bone ash jar. It was normal for the young man not to open it.

The young man didn't say a word in the face of everyone's accusations.

Young Master Kong could no longer hold it in. "Sir, if you do not open the box, we have the right to suspect that you have brought a prohibited item with you. You must follow us and be investigated!"

Zu Zhichong was not one to meddle in other people's business, but when he saw that half of the young man's face was exposed, he was startled.

Zu Zhichong waved his hands and smiled as he moved closer. "Let me borrow some light, let me borrow some light. Everyone move aside."

The tense atmosphere was broken by words that came out of nowhere. Everyone's eyes landed on Zu Zhichong, other than the one who was involved, Hee Zheng.

Hee Zheng did not look over, thus he missed the opportunity when Zu Zhichong came over, he quickly formed a hand seal and patted on the air stewardess and the young master's bodies.

The air stewardess and the young master shook slightly.

"To be able to take a plane, it definitely won't be a problem." Zu Zhichong said with a smile.

When the surrounding audience heard this, they also felt that it made sense. The commotion in the crowd gradually subsided.

The air stewardess dragged Young Master Kong with a blank look and left after saying "I'm sorry".

Zu Zhichong had helped Hee Zheng a lot, but Young Master He had no intention of thanking him, so he impatiently turned his head away.

"Mind your own business."

Zu Zhichong stared blankly for a moment. He thought that it was really her, but he didn't put it in his heart. Instead, he asked enthusiastically: "Bro, what is this big treasure?"

Being peeked on made Hee Zheng frown in disgust. He picked up the blanket and covered the box, blocking his gaze and said rudely: "Don't look around if there's nothing wrong!"

Zu Zhichong touched his head and touched his nose.

The sound of footsteps could be heard by his ear. Hee Zheng unconsciously turned his head to take a glance.

It was a man. He was tall and extremely handsome. As a homosexual, in Hee Zheng's opinion, the manpower this man had seen could be ranked as one of the top three.

In particular, he had a pair of extremely beautiful eyes, phoenix eyes, and a tail that was frivolous. On the contrary, it made people feel calm and composed, and his eyes were completely calm, as if no matter what happened, it couldn't cause even the slightest ripple.

It was a very manly man, and one that Hee Zheng liked.

Unfortunately, what happened a few days ago made him unwilling to offend any of his peers. Hee Zheng admired it for a bit before he turned his head away and put on the earpiece to continue listening to his song.

Zu Zhichong and Hee Zheng's reactions were completely different, they excitedly stood up from their chairs and greeted the man: "Heh, Boss, you finally came."

When he walked over, his hands were empty. After he sat down, he took out a thermos cup out of thin air and twisted it open, as if he was performing a magic trick. The smell of medlar and red dates floated out.

The air stewardess' sweet voice sounded again, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the BJ Airlines' 5-Star Airlines. The plane will take off in five minutes..."

Hee Zheng swept a glance to the side. Unknowingly, the originally two or three empty seats were all filled up.

The one who sat in front of Hee Zheng was a beautiful woman, but unfortunately, one could tell that she had a red face with a knife on it.

In the front seat to his right sat a couple with a little girl who was sweetly asking the flight attendant to bring her some ice cream.

When Hee Zheng reached out to fasten his seat belt, he noticed that the man sitting beside him had unknowingly already picked up his magazine and was reading it. Due to the angle, Hee Zheng could only see the man's face from the side.

Unknowingly, Hee Zheng felt that this person looked a little familiar, his gaze moved from the other party's slender fingers to his face, and the other party just so happened to look over, their gazes intersecting in mid air suddenly, Hee Zheng suddenly felt like something exploded in his mind.

His mind became heavy, his eyelids gradually closed, and the surroundings instantly quieted down.

As if sleeping, Hee Zheng leaned his head on the back of the chair.

Zu Zhichong lowered his head and stuffed a phone in his phone, and when he raised his head again, he was shocked: "Wa, why did I fall asleep all of a sudden?"

When Zu Zhichong said this, he realized that the man's gaze was fixated on the wood lacquer box in Hee Zheng's hands. Even when he fell asleep, Hee Zheng did not let go of his hand.

Zu Zhichong looked at him warily, and spoke in a hushed tone, "Boss, you can also tell that there's something wrong with his bone ash altar."

The man gently responded with an "En", then looked at Hee Zheng's sleeping face, as though he was thinking about something.

Seeing that he was staring at Hee Zheng, Zu Zhichong smiled ambiguously: "Hehe, Boss, I heard that your Hee Family is preparing the betrothal gift. Speaking of which, this Young Master He has grown up according to your preferences. "How about it, why don't I give you a go?"

Before he could reply, he sighed again: "What a pity that I heard this Young Master He hates you the most in my life. Boss, you don't seem to know this Young Master He. Why do you think he hates you so much?"

The man raised his left eyebrow and glanced at. Zu Zhichong shuddered and laughed, "I will talk too much. I should hit him."

Only then did the man look away.

Zu Zhichong's heart that was being held in his throat was finally relieved. He yawned and muttered: "Strange, why are you suddenly so sleepy …"

The man's gaze was calm. His slender fingers curled up as he leaned against the armrest and lightly nodded. However, his gaze was always on Hee Zheng's face.

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