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A Good-for-Nothing/C19 019 Agree
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C19 019 Agree

One of the reasons why Hee Family was so famous in the cultivation world of Binhai City was because Hee Family people were born to eat these kinds of food. There was also another reason, which was because his first son was able to inherit the ancestral treasure of the Hee Family — — the Heaven Flipping Seal.

With the Heaven Flipping Seal in one hand, it shocked every single soul within thousands of miles. With this treasure in the Hee Family, it could be said that on the path of exorcism, one would be able to become a sect without any enemies.

However, the Heaven Flipping Seal with the most brilliant Hee Family seemed to have ended up in the hands of Hee Zheng, the current direct son.

When Hee Zheng was just born, he did not have any Heaven Flipping Seal script on him, but after a hundred days, he had undergone a test on his Spirit Base. Hee Zheng was a rare mediocre person who could not learn anything, he was born with no life for cultivation. If he had to forcefully learn the Exorcist Demon Wind and Water Art, he might even die too early, causing his life to be in danger.

When this result was revealed, no one wanted to believe it. After three consecutive tests and this kind of result, everyone was left speechless.

Everyone said that Hee Changchun raised his before his wife became pregnant, and that it was because of his feng shui. But no matter what, in an exorcist family, he didn't even have the slightest bit of talent. This kind of person, how different was he from someone who was born disabled!

The people around him mocked him. His father was indifferent. If not for the fact that their mother was strong enough, Hee Zheng and his son might have been living a life.

When Hee Zheng became more sensible, he started to fight fiercely. He did not believe that he was a piece of trash.

That year, Hee Zheng was four years old and insisted on following the elders in the Hee Family to cultivate. It was just the simplest Qi Gathering Art, and on the first day that Hee Zheng learned it, he started to vomit blood. His heart ached and he almost lost his life.

So far, Hee Zheng had completely proven himself with his reputation as a cripple.

This matter could be said to be a scandal in Hee Family, and was also a knot in Hee Changchun's heart.

When Hee Zheng said this, his expression changed, "It's not like you can't cultivate, why do you need a method to cultivate Hee Family?"

After saying that, Hee Changchun vigilantly swept his gaze towards Hee Zheng: "Could it be that you want to use our Hee Family cultivation method to curry favor with Lee Zong?"

"Pfft-hahaha, you must be joking." Hee Zheng never thought that his father would be confused. Not the Ghost Face Gu, but the Brainless Gu.

"It's just a basic cultivation method, Lee Zong would not care about such small things!"

Qiao Peiyu carried two bowls of lotus seed soup, laughed and pushed the door open as she entered, hiding needles within: "Zheng still hasn't married into my family, and has already begun to speak up for me."

Qiao Peiyu emphasized the word "marry" precisely to anger this little trash.

Hee Zheng completely treated Qiao Peiyu as air, and calmly looked at Hee Changchun: "The one who is anxious about the dragon's scale, is not me."

No matter what, Hee Zheng was still someone of the Hee Family. If he could cultivate it, it would not be a bad thing for Hee Changchun. Adding on the Ghost Face Sore, it was starting to itch again. Being able to get Hee Zheng to agree willingly, what could he not give?

Hee Changchun covered up his abnormality and replied with an anxious tone: "Okay. I promise you. You should get married as soon as possible! "

After saying that, he seemed to not want to say anymore, "I will contact Lee Family. You are not allowed to go out and stay at home for the next two days."

After saying that, he quickly went upstairs.

At this time, only Qiao Peiyu and Hee Zheng were left in the hall.

Without Hee Changchun, Qiao Peiyu no longer needed to pretend. Qiao Peiyu looked at Hee Zheng venomously: "Actually, old master did not have such a thought in the first place. Do you know why I had to push you to Lee Zong? "

Hee Zheng was expressionless. It was not hard to guess what Qiao Peiyu was thinking. If she was with Lee Zong, then she wouldn't be considered as a legitimate Hee Family member. At least, she would suffer a little loss when inheriting the family's business.

However, Hee Zheng did not mind. He knew in his heart who to choose, a Hee Family that was mostly controlled by Qiao Peiyu, and a helper that was strong enough to help Lee Zong. Moreover, he needed an open and aboveboard reason to leave the Hee Family now. Lee Zong was the best choice.

In Qiao Peiyu's opinion, he had been forced to leave. However, it wasn't certain who would win or lose this battle.

Hee Zheng did not reveal any signs of exasperation, causing Qiao Peiyu's heart to turn cold.

Qiao Peiyu's eyes flashed with a cold glint, she walked closer to him and laughed softly, "I still remember the ugly way you kneeled before a man at the Old Master's birthday banquet very clearly."

Hee Zheng's face changed. His thoughts involuntarily drifted to that day.

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