A Good-for-Nothing/C2 002 the Queen Mother's Mind
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A Good-for-Nothing/C2 002 the Queen Mother's Mind
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C2 002 the Queen Mother's Mind

The plane took off on time, and just as it flew, it bumped into a small gust of air. It was so bumpy that Hee Zheng's ears hurt, and he couldn't help but open his eyes.

Everyone was sleeping soundly, especially the man who switched places with him. His head was tilted to the side and his scalp was pressed against the cabin. It was very uncomfortable to watch him sleep like that.

Hee Zheng moved to the side so that the other party would not bump into him.

It was only when he leaned to the side that he noticed that the seat beside him was empty.

Hee Zheng curled his lips, not paying it much heed as he lowered his head to look at the wood lacquer box in his bosom.

The box was very beautiful. It was unknown what kind of material it was made of, but on the surface of the box, there were carvings of patterns that looked like giant birds.

Hee Zheng lovingly touched it with his finger.

The patterns on the box followed the movement of his hand, and the bird-shaped wings seemed to tremble slightly. After all, Hee Zheng came from an exorcist family, so he was not afraid of such a thing.

The pattern stopped moving again, as if it were dead.

Hee Zheng frowned, although he was from an exorcist clan, it was only limited to having more guts. Hee Zheng knew nothing, and seeing that there was no reaction from the pattern, he comforted himself that he had seen wrongly.

He raised his head, only to realize that something was amiss.

All of the people who should have been sitting around him had all disappeared. At this moment, Hee Zheng was in front of a room.

The door to the room was ajar, revealing a small crack.

The disgusted female voice came from inside.

"..." Old master, stop hesitating. What's wrong with letting him sacrifice himself for you? Who doesn't know who Lee Zong is … "

The other party's voice faded as it continued: "Coincidentally, Hee Zheng also … You might even be able to foster feelings towards them, and make them become true in-laws. "

The study room was silent for a moment, then he heard his father's voice again, "Marry your son and tell him what he looks like. My Hee Family is even more shameless! "

The female voice became excited: "Are you silly? The things Hee Zheng did on your birthday a few days ago, it's not shameful enough. Others are all pointing at the backbone of our Hee Family and laughing. Right now, it just so happens that marrying Hee Zheng to Lee Zong, no matter what, is still better than that man that Hee Zheng confessed to! "

"This …"

The one who spoke was none other than Hee Zheng's father. The one who talked to him was Hee Zheng's mother, Qiao Peiyu.

Hee Zheng sneered. He said that this old man wanted him to marry Lee Zong no matter what, but it turned out that that woman was the one who was blowing wind on the pillow. And it was also thanks to his mother's consideration, that she chose Lee Zong. The name that Hee Zheng hated the most in his life, was Lee Zong!

"Master, master." "Master, I also know that Hee Zheng is my sister's son. I am only a child like this, you can't bear to part with me, but you suffered from such a heavy injury and you need that half dragon scale of your Lee Family. If there's any other way, you can say that I'm not willing to marry Yu'er off either."

"Wuu …" But Lee Zong looks down upon us Yu'er being a girl, that Lee Zong is not bad looking, Hee Zheng likes men around him, and there is nothing bad about marrying him. "

Hearing no sound from inside, Hee Zheng knew that his father was obviously moved.

The evil flame in Hee Zheng's heart suddenly flared up, and he lifted his leg to kick the door open to curse. Before he could even make a move, the door suddenly opened, and Qiao Peiyu walked out.

"Crap, I'm about to be discovered!"

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