A Good-for-Nothing/C6 006 Nightmare Eating Disaster
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A Good-for-Nothing/C6 006 Nightmare Eating Disaster
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C6 006 Nightmare Eating Disaster

The entire cabin was silent. Hee Zheng realized that other than himself, the man on the left who was about to be strangled to death, and the person standing in front of him, everyone else was still peacefully sleeping, as if they were all dead.

The man did not answer him. He took out a thermos from somewhere and handed it to the coughing man. Zu Zhichong unscrewed the cup as if he found a treasure and gulped down two mouthfuls of it without fear of being scalded. Only then did his pale face recover a little from the lack of oxygen.

Zu Zhichong wiped off the normal saline that leaked from the corner of his eyes. Before even Hee Zheng could clearly see his movements, he saw Zu Zhichong running swiftly from his seat to the man's back like a monkey, his heart was still full of lingering fear, "Damn, you actually dared to say that. I'm going to sleep, but the moment I opened my eyes, you pinched my neck with a ferocious expression.

Hee Zheng's mind was in a mess, and before he could react, he weakly shook his head.

"You want me to pinch you?"

"It's not you, it's me!" Zu Zhichong was driven mad, at the same time, he was afraid of Hee Zheng's abnormal behavior, so he did not dare to approach him.

The man finally spoke. Sit back down. "

"No, boss, I'm afraid." Zu Zhichong's eyes were filled with tears, refusing to sit back down no matter what.

Hee Zheng did not have time to watch the two play around. When the man spoke, he realized that the man's voice was exactly the same as his previous "crappy" voice.

"What's going on!?" "What's going on!?" Hee Zheng roared in exasperation.

The other party glanced at him lightly. Zu Zhichong was still tearful and refused to leave at his feet. The man did not press him down.

"Your master should be very happy to be strangled to death by an ordinary person." The man gave him a quick look.

Zu Zhichong shuddered, the tears in his eyes retracted, but he did not intend to sit back down, his head was listless as he stood in place without saying a word.

"Boss, let's change seats. You sit with your people!"

The man looked at Hee Zheng. The other person's eyes were truly capable of calming others down, and Hee Zheng's heartbeat was also gradually calming down.

The other party's attitude towards Hee Zheng was a little different than compared to his, and his voice was not that cold either. However, it was not really intimate, it was just a lot gentler: "There's a Dream Swollowing Demon on the plane, you were pulled into a dream created for you by the Nightmare Terror, this Nightmare Beast's ability is very strong, it can actually control you to attack people outside."

Those who attacked the outside world were referring to the matter of Hee Zheng almost strangling Zu Zhichong to death.

Hee Zheng's heart trembled, regardless of what the Dream Swollowing Demon were, hearing the name of the Dream Swollowing Demon, he knew that it was not a good thing.

The man sat down beside him and looked around. Hee Zheng subconsciously followed his gaze and looked to the side.

"What happened to them?" Hee Zheng frowned in displeasure.

As if it were somewhat troublesome, he placed his arm on the chair, lightly tapped with his finger, and lightly sighed. "The entire cabin's people have been Nightmare Beast's."

Hee Zheng's mind was blank, he blurted out: "The entire cabin?!"

Zu Zhichong, who was originally feigning weakness, suddenly became serious. His voice was trembling as he looked at the man with a grim expression. "Including the pilot?"

The man clearly hadn't expected it to be this troublesome. He let out a long breath.

Zu Zhichong's expression instantly changed, "People who are trapped by the Nightmare Beast cannot be woken up by external forces, otherwise their souls will definitely leave their bodies …"

They were in the air! If the pilot was hit, then something bad was going to happen!

The man said to Zu Zhichong: "I just injured it in the illusion of the Dream Swollowing Demon. It's not good, so it's easy to find it.

Hee Zheng's mind was in a mess, he was at a loss. What and what is this?

After Zu Zhichong heard this, he nodded his head seriously.

"Alright, leave it to me."

The man said, "I'm going to look for it in the dream now. You can make your move at the right time."

"Leave it to me, boss."

Hee Zheng frowned, the man's gaze fell on him, "I still need you to cooperate."

"Cooperate with what?"

Before he even had the chance to speak, Zu Zhichong, who was behind him, gave him a sinister smile, reached out his hand, and struck the back of his neck. Hee Zheng only felt a huge pain, and then fainted.

Hee Zheng, "..."

If Hee Zheng was still conscious, he would definitely roar.

It was f * cking easy on you, but you wanted to cut off your neck!

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