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In the Zhao Kingdom of Guanglin Island, there was a village called Wang Zhuang in the eastern mountains. It was late summer and the sun was high in the sky.

There was a family in the east of the village. At this time, there were no adults in the house. There was only a little boy in the house.

The child looked to be eight or nine years old. His skin was yellow, his hair was sparse, and he was scrawny as firewood. On such a hot day, he wrapped himself in two layers of bedding and sat on the bed. Although this person looked extremely ill, his eyes were bright and full of life.

Such a sick little boy, who would have thought that he would be the famous Wanderer Wang Yue that would become the greatest influential figure in the South Sky Continent in the future?

Wang Yue was wrapped in a quilt on her bed, lost in thought as she thought about her mother's stories about immortals. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.

"Is there anyone at home?" a little girl asked while knocking on the door.

"Is it Elder Sister Xiao Lian? I'm here. " Wang Yue replied.

With a squeak, the door was pushed open. A man and a woman, both around the age of 10, walked in.

The little girl said to Wang Yue who was on the bed, "Lil 'Six, you're the only one at home, where are my uncles and aunts?"

"Sister Xiao Lian, Brother Li Qiang, why are you two here?" My father went to the mountains to fetch water, and my mother went to the fields to collect wheat. "

"We are going to meet at the plaza at the east side of the village. We just happened to pass by your house and came to visit you."

"Thank you. What for? Is there something wrong with the village? " Wang Yue asked weakly.

"The village chief just said that the immortals from Han City want to come to our village to select disciples. Do you want to come with us?"

"Really?" Hearing that, Wang Yue immediately struggled to sit up, thought for a moment and said: "I better not go, with my appearance, how could the immortal have me? You all should hurry up and go. For such a good thing, you must not delay it. "

"Hurry up and go, Lil 'Lian. Why are you calling this piece of trash a piece of trash? Immortals definitely won't want him." To waste my time here. "

"If you want to leave, then leave. I'll call Lil 'Liu, what do you want to do?"

"I …"

"Alright, big sister Xiao Lian, hurry up and go with them. I just ate some medicine and I still need to sleep for a while." Wang Yue interrupted their argument.

"Then we'll be going. You need to rest well." Xiao Lian tucked Wang Yue in, turned and followed the boy out.

After the children left, Wang Yue opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. Tears flowed uncontrollably, and her pillow instantly became wet.

Although Wang Yue was only nine years old, her father had taught her how to read since she was young. Since her mother told him stories every day, she already knew many things. Although they all loved him a lot, he knew that he was already a burden to his family. In order to treat his illness, he had used up all of his family's savings, and his father even borrowed almost all of his relatives and friends.

How many times had Wang Yue dreamed that she had met a deity, a deity who had used a deity technique to cure his illness? However, now that there was truly an Immortal that had come, he did not dare to go anymore. He was afraid, afraid that he would not be selected. He feared that his friends would mock him and embarrass his parents. Most likely, even this last bit of hope would be shattered.

But when she thought of her parents' loving eyes, how they would only eat once a day for her sake, and how they would save money to treat her illness, Wang Yue somehow gained strength. She struggled out of bed, put on her clothes with difficulty, picked up her walking stick, and walked towards the eastern village square step by step.

He wanted to go all out. Even if not for himself and for his parents, he wanted to go all out. The deity coming to Han City to choose his disciple might be his last chance. What if, what if the deity took a fancy to him?

The village east square was not far from his house. When Wang Yue moved over, there were already thirty to forty children standing there, whispering to each other and discussing animatedly.

"Hey, isn't this the trash called Lil 'Liu? Why are you here instead of sleeping at home? " The little boy called Li Qiang, who went to his house earlier, called out to Wang Yue.

Hearing this voice, Wang Yue couldn't help but frown. He knew that Li Qiang and Mu Xiaolan had been engaged as children since they were young, but Wang Yue and Mu Xiaolan were neighbors, and the two of them had grown up together. Although Wang Yue was frail and had a strange appearance, Mu Xiaolan never ridiculed him and would often secretly bring him delicacies from home.

Afraid that Mu Xiaolan who was beside Li Qiang wouldn't be happy, Wang Yue forced out a smile and said, "Brother Li Qiang, I want to take a look as well."

"Lil 'Six, don't bother with him. He's the only one with such harsh words." Mu Xiaolan stepped forward to support Wang Yue as she spoke.

Wang Yue smiled at Mu Xiaoling. Just as she was about to speak, she heard the children around her say, "I heard my mother say that this little Sixie died prematurely."

"Brother Hui, what do you mean premature death?" a slightly younger girl asked the boy who had just spoken.

"You don't even know this. If you die early, you die early."

"That's right, that's right. My mother also said that it would be best to stay far away from this Lil 'Six. He's very unlucky. I heard that his three elder brothers were killed by him."

"Then let's not get so close to him, lest we get infected by bad luck."

The surrounding children were talking back and forth loudly, as if they were talking to Wang Yue on purpose. Mu Xiaoling stomped her feet in anger, but there was nothing she could do.

Wang Yue had heard too many of these words, she ignored them and raised her head to look at the stage in the middle of the plaza.

There were three people standing on the platform. One was a chubby middle-aged Daoist, the other was a well-dressed man with a large saber on his back, and the third was a young man dressed in brocade with a sword on his back.

The Village Chief stood below the stage and made a statement to the three people on the stage. He said, "Three Immortals, all the children under the age of twelve are here."

The youth with the sword on his back waved his hand and said, "Then let's begin."

The village chief shouted to the children, "Be quiet, all of you! The reason why I called all of you children over was because the three deities on stage wanted to select disciples. They were all sects sent by the immortals of Han City, and if any of you were chosen, it would be a blessing in disguise for the ancestors. "Don't panic. Line up properly and come up onto the stage one by one for the deities to see."

The youth with the sword on his back said, "Elder Qing, you take a look first. After you take a look, Senior Zhang, my cultivation is the lowest, so I'll be fine in the end."

"Haha." The fat Daoist touched his smooth chin and said, "Brother Feng is too polite. Since the two of you let an old man like me off, then I won't be polite. This time, the selection from the two sects in Han City was truly a big fight. Our Zhao Family has sent out an elder like me who hasn't left home for a long time, and your Raging Blade Sect and Sword Intent Sect have also sent out their Successor Disciples. "

"There's nothing we can do about this. I heard that the Taihua Sect in Donghua City is going to choose people from the entire province under the orders of the Donghua Prefecture's Mu, King Donghua, and we can only make a trip to our own territory in advance."

"Yeah, if any good seedlings were chosen by the Taihua Sect, it would be such a pity."

"Sigh, this is really troublesome. Since you two have let my old man come first, then I won't let you two go. " The fat Daoist stood up.

The first to come up was a teenage boy. He carefully walked up to the fat Daoist and gently pressed his hand on the boy's head. After a while, he shook his head and beckoned for the second child to come over.

The burly man in luxurious clothing and the young man in embroidered clothing followed suit and followed suit, inspecting each and every one of them.

In a little while, the three of them had finished examining all the children. Only Li Qiang and Mu Xiaolan were left on stage as the other children let them go home.

"Not bad, not bad. A small village actually has two good seedlings." Although this girl has only one bone, she has an innate spirit and is very suitable to come to our Zhao Family to be a beast tamer. " The fat Daoist looked at Mu Xiaoling beside him and said with a smile.

"This kid isn't bad either. He has a vicious aura in his body that is suitable for him to come to our Violent Blade Sect." The big guy pointed at Li Qiang and said.

"Congratulations Elder Qing, congratulations Senior Brother Zhang. You have all obtained something, but I still have nothing in my hands." He could only go to the next place to take a look. Hurry up and tell the families of these two children so that we can hurry to the next place. " The young man in embroidered clothing said to the two of them.

"Three Immortals, wait a moment. Me too."

Wang Yue who was leaning on her staff, panted as she ran over.

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