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In the air above the cliff, on top of the big rock at Liu's cave entrance, one old, one young, one mouse, eating roast goats while drinking immortal wine. Occasionally, a loud laughter could be heard. He ate three roasted sheep before stopping.

Hoodlum was perhaps too tired, or perhaps he was too full as he lay down in a corner and fell asleep.

Wang Yue, however, was called over by Chief Liu, and said: "Little Six, Master will give you the Cyan Peak Sword today. In the past, I didn't let you use it because your cultivation is too low, and you won't be able to control it. After you reach Foundation Establishment, you must train him into a cost life treasure. With a lifeblood treasure, when the sword-shadow Thousand Light Technique is used, the power will increase exponentially. "

As he said that, he took out a long sword from his storage bag. Wang Yue took a look, what a great treasured sword, its color was green, its blade was like autumn frost, and the mountain peaks on the sword seemed to be overlapping.

Wang Yue respectfully received the Cyan Peak Sword with both hands. She couldn't help but stroke it with both hands. The sword trembled, and a small cut appeared on Wang Yue's palm. A few drops of blood flowed out from the wound and fell on the Cyan Peak Sword. With the sound of a sword ringing out, the Cyan Peak Sword flew out, leaving a streak of cyan light in its path, which then entered the top of Wang Yue's head and disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this situation, Liu Weiji was stunned for a moment, then he clapped his hands and laughed loudly. "Hahahaha …." "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

"Haha … Sixteen, you really are someone with great luck." I have held this Cyan Peak Sword for three years, but it has no reaction. Who would have thought that it would recognize you as its master today, the first time you used it. It had to be known that a normal person could refine an innate treasure for at least three to five months, or even dozens of years. "You should go outside the cave now and practice a set of Thousand Light Sword Technique. Let me see how powerful it is."

Wang Yue had long since heard her master talk about the benefits of a life treasure. One with the world treasure, with the world treasure moving according to its will, one with the world treasure being destroyed, one with the world treasure being destroyed. This Fate Magic Treasure could grow within the body and increase along with the person's cultivation. It could be said to be a part of the body.

Being able to gain the recognition of the Cyan Peak Sword, Wang Yue was exceptionally happy. Following her master's instructions, she stepped onto the stairs outside the cave and began to practice the Thousand Light Sword Technique.

The Thousand Light Sword Technique had a total of nine styles. They were Meteor Chasing Moon, Moon Descending the West Mountain, Mystic Bird Sand Riding the Sand, Falling the Wild Goose on the Plains, Sand Dotting the Soldiers, Sand Tearing the Stone, Summoning the Wind and Rain, and Flow ruthlessly, and Myriad Swords Return to Sect.

Wang Yue had already completely mastered the nine sword forms of Thousand Light Sword Shadow, even if she was sleeping, she could still execute a few sword moves at any time. But the nine sword forms were only the foundation of the sword shadows, after that she had to use her own spiritual energy to create sword qi, and the sword qi would form sword shadows, splitting the sword into two parts, splitting the sword into four parts.

Right now, Wang Yue could only produce sixteen sword images, but Liu Peiji was already very satisfied with him. It has to be said that Wang Yue has only been recovering her body for a year, and it took him six years to create sixteen sword images.

Seeing Wang Yue use all sorts of sword moves, her sword qi moved unhindered, her sword shadows flapping, Liu Peiji stroked his beard as he smiled in satisfaction.

With the Cyan Peak Sword in her hand, Wang Yue felt that she could execute all sorts of sword moves with ease. The more he practiced, the more carefree he became. He couldn't help but fly into the air as he poured all of his spirit energy into his sword. The Green Summit Sword immediately began emitting a green smoke as lightning flashed.

While practicing her sword, Wang Yue shouted, "Master, look, I can now split out 64 sword shadows."

No one answered. Wang Yue called out again, but there was still no reply. At this time, Wang Yue felt that something was wrong, she kept her Green Summit Sword and ran towards the cave entrance.

He ran to the front and saw Liu Bu sitting cross-legged on the ground, wearing a green daoist robe. His left hand was caressing his beard while his right hand was holding his wine gourd.

A Jindan was suspended above Liu's head. A row of words was written in the air before him with spiritual energy: "Su'er, I have returned. I will collect the Jindan, view the jade chip, and follow the will."

Watching the words in the air slowly disappear, Wang Yue's face was covered in tears.

After three years of studying, his teacher was still around the corner. By exhausting his blood and sweat, he had transformed himself from a cripple that even immortals despised, into a cultivator. His teacher was the one who had given birth to his parents, but he still hadn't pitied them for the rest of his life. His teacher had just left, leaving Wang Yue with a body full of regret.

Wang Yue kowtowed three times to the body and said: "Teacher, your disciple is unable to repay your kindness. I will definitely do my best to cultivate and follow your last wishes, and take over your mantle."

With that, Wang Yue picked up Liu Bei Ji's storage bag and used her spiritual energy to open it, retrieving the jade slips that her master had left behind.

Wang Yue first picked up the jade slip with the word 'dying wish' written on it and started reading it.

"My disciple Yue'er, don't cry while watching this.

My original name was Liu Gensheng, and I was a citizen of Liancheng, the Northern Rong Country of the South Sky Continent. I swam by the sea when I was a child, and accidentally got entangled by seaweed. Back then, my master was also a rogue cultivator who didn't have much longevity. When he discovered that I had the Fire Spirit Root, he took me as his disciple and taught me how to live.

You and I were very similar, except that one was by the sea, and the other was in the mountains.

I still have two or three good friends in this world, and they belong to the Weapon Refining Peak's master, Jane Donglei, and the rogue alchemist, Huang Yu. Jane Donglai is the eldest brother, I am second, and Huang Yu is the youngest. But since Huang Yu was harmed by the Hundred Poison Sect in the past, your Senior Uncle Jian is a loyal person. You can take my keepsake and become his disciple, and listen to his teachings at all times.

I am very close to the head of the Xuan Huang Sect, Zhou Tianzhi. This man knows the art of divination and knows the secrets of heaven.

The Spirit Refinement Furnace and the Cyan Peak Sword were both heavy weapons that everyone wanted. Unless it was a last resort, one must not show them off in front of others to avoid attracting a fatal disaster.

You don't need to look for the person that hurt me; I'm already gone. You've just entered the cultivation world, it's not easy to form a feud with him. The most important thing is to raise your cultivation.

I have three things to entrust to you:

One, four years from now, September will belong to the Large Competition of the Grandmasters. You must hurry back to the sect before the Large Competition and participate in the Large Competition. He had to get one of the top three spots in the Qi Training Group to give his master some respect.

Secondly, keep my core. If I use a secret technique to seal my soul inside the core, I can keep it sealed for ten years. In the waters to the north of Guanglin Island, there is an island. This island is called Heavenly Kui Island, and on the island there is a strange person named Zhong Ion. Back in the days when I was wandering around the South Sky Continent, I was indebted to him.

Back then, when I saved him from a group of so-called upright people, he said that if he wasn't willing to reincarnate, he could help me arrange a good home. At that time, I also laughed it off. I didn't expect the karmic cycle to be like this. I still needed his help. If you take my Jindan and find Zhong Tie, just tell him that I am unwilling to reincarnate, and my soul will trouble him to arrange a good home.

Third, I have been away from home for many years. Although my family is no longer here, I must be buried in the prosperous fishing village on the coast of Liancheng. There's a jade pavilion in my storage bag, I prepared it for myself in the past. It can protect my corpse and prevent it from rotting for a hundred years.

These three tasks are my last instructions, I hope you will remember them.

I have already taught you everything I need to know. As the saying goes, a teacher should be allowed to enter the sect. Yue-er is talented, and will not disappoint me.

There are still some gold, silver, and white things inside the storage bag. Bring it home and reunite with your family for a few days.

Another thing: I have already marked the route to return back to the sect in the South Sky Jade Strip.

After reading the "Last Wishing" jade slip, Wang Yue dried her tears. Looking at her master's corpse, she kowtowed three times and said: "Teacher, you can rest assured that I will definitely accomplish all three of the tasks you asked me to do."

This was:

Right, right, wrong, gain, gain, and lose.

The ancient man in the covering up was smiling, but he didn't let his heart get hurt as he continued forward.

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