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Wang Yue carefully placed her Master's Jindan into a thousand-year sandalwood box, and then stored her Master's body in a jade coffin. She placed these two things in her Master's storage bag, keeping them close to her.

After doing all this, Wang Yue woke Hoodlum up, and told him that his master had already passed on. Hoodlum was very surprised.

"Wasn't Master fine just now? There's still laughter after eating barbecue with us. Sixth Brother, are you joking with me? "

"Do I look like I'm teasing you? I just put away my master's body. I decided to mourn my master for three days in this cave. Then I went home to visit my family and fulfill his last wishes. "Hoodlum, in the future I will walk a long, long way. I might be in danger, but I will also lose my life. You better think about it. Do you still want to follow me?" Wang Yue seriously said to Hoodlum.

Sixth Brother, I am not happy that you said this. Who do you think I, Hoodlum, am? Even though I'm a spirit mouse, I'm still a spirit mouse that values loyalty. You saved me and even gave me a name. I've been around so many places, and people either treat me as a rat that steals food, or as an ordinary spirit mouse that has to be caught all the time. Only you, Sixth Brother, treat me like a friend, and I'll follow you for the rest of my life. Besides, I like to travel around the world. " "Fei said firmly.

Wang Yue patted Hoodlum's small head and said: "Okay, then from now on, let us brothers work hand in hand to fulfill Master's last wish."

"We brothers share the same desire to challenge the world." Hoodlum nodded and said.

"Now, let's see how many items Master left behind. We can categorize them so as not to miss anything."

After speaking, Wang Yue and Hoodlum began to take inventory of the items left behind by their Master.

After spending two hours, she finally finished counting all the items left behind by Chief Liu, and Wang Yue arranged all the items into different categories.

A Spirit Refinement Cauldron, a wine gourd, four jade slips, five xuan iron swords, a pile of runes, a pile of pills, three piles of spirit stones, a cloth bag the size of two people, and a pile of spirit beast cores.

"Wow, master is really rich. These should be enough to equal all of the wealth of a small clan." Hoodlum exclaimed.

Wang Yue looked at these relics with mixed feelings. Although his master had already seen through life and death, all the gains he had earned in his lifetime had been left to himself.

"This Spirit Beast Pill should be enough for one year." Master is so good. And these two cloth bags of gold and silver, ten thousand taels of gold and ten thousand taels of silver, how could he still keep these things? " Hoodlum asked.

"Master likes to play and also likes to eat and drink. It's not strange for him to have these gold and silver. Alright, let's not talk about it anymore. I'll help you keep this Spirit Beast Pill properly since you won't be able to carry it with you. You can go to sleep first. I want to see the jade slip left behind by Master. "

As she spoke, Wang Yue kept all the items in the cave into her storage bag, and after Hoodlum had gone to sleep, she sat down cross-legged at the cave entrance and took out the jade slip her master left her.

The first thing Wang Yue took out was a jade slip with the word "Cultivator" written on it. Inside the jade slip were some descriptions of Cultivation. Although Wang Yue had been training under Liu's guidance for three years, she had rarely heard of such basic knowledge from her teacher. Now that he thought about it, it wasn't that his master didn't want to speak, but rather that his old man didn't have much time left. He had to make the best use of his time to teach himself some skills and save some regrets.

The beginning of the jade slip read, "Cultivating, learning the way of cultivation, seeking for the true me, impersonating the true to become the cultivator; moving against the heavens, pursuing immortality as the cultivation.

The cultivation of our generation is divided into five stages: Qi Cultivation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, and Soul Formation. Each stage is further broken down into several sub-paragraphs.

It was said that after becoming a god, one could walk up the Heaven Stairway, pass through the Heaven Gate, and go to the Immortal World to cultivate. It was said that there were two Heaven Stairway on this planet. One was in the Great Tang Nation of the South Sky Continent, and the other was at the bottom of the ocean in the middle of the Endless Sea.


This "Cultivation" jade slip listed all sorts of things that Liu Baoji knew about in the cultivation world, and it could be said that it was extremely considerate towards Wang Yue.

After Wang Yue finished reading the contents of the jade letter, she felt extremely nervous as the day passed. Wang Yue was so sleepy that she actually fell asleep while sitting on the bed.

In her dreams, Wang Yue felt as though she had entered a misty world. In this world, a slight breeze would occasionally blow the fog, gently stirring it like cotton wool. Upon closer inspection, there were actually traces of lightning flashing within the fog.

"Where am I?" Wang Yue muttered to herself.

"This is your sea of consciousness. How come you don't even know your own sea of consciousness? " a deep, magnetic voice drawled.

"My sea of consciousness? Why am I in my own sea of consciousness? Who are you? " Wang Yue asked.

"I was the one who called you out of your dream. I only came to stay here today, did you forget?" After speaking, the Cyan Peak Sword slowly floated in front of Wang Yue.

"Didn't the Cyan Peak Sword already become my life treasure? Why is it in my sea of consciousness? " Wang Yue was confused.

Oh, I haven't been introduced yet. My name is Qinghong and I am the sword spirit of this Qingfeng Sword, I have been sleeping in the Archaic Mystic Realm for countless tens of thousands of years and was originally sealed here, maybe it was too long ago, the seal was loosened, and I just happened to meet your master who undid the seal and brought me out. Qinghong said.

"Are you still my life treasure?" Wang Yue asked.

"Not at the moment. I came in by myself, and you haven't refined my body yet." Qinghong replied.

"Then how can I summon you when I practice the Thousand Light Sword Technique at night?"

"At that time, your master will soon die. I have to cooperate with you and give him some comfort. After all, he was the one who rescued me from the Archaic mystic realm."

At this point, Wang Yue already understood that this sword spirit was using her own sea of consciousness as an inn.

After thinking for a moment, Wang Yue said, "My master was chased for thousands of miles for you and that Spirit Refinement Furnace. Otherwise, he wouldn't have died so early. Now that you have lived in my sea of consciousness for nothing and are not going to be my life treasure, you should at least do something to make me willingly let you stay. "

Upon hearing that, the body of the Green Peak Sword shook, and said: "Little brother, it's not that I don't want to be your life treasure, but it's just that I was severely destroyed in the last Great Ancient War, and now I can't even reveal my spirit body. I have to stay in the Sea of Consciousness for a thousand years to recover. During the night, in order to complement your training, I had to barely use the sword's body to be one with your sword. "

"A thousand years?" Wang Yue was shocked as she replied, "I don't even know how long I can live for. You still want to stay here with me for a thousand years?"

"There is also a way for me to recover quickly. It's just that it costs too many spirit stones. " Qinghong said.

"What method is this? Quickly tell me." Wang Yue asked.

"Eat spirit stones." "I was refined by someone using a spirit mountain. I used up all of the Spiritual Energy in my body during the Primordial War. Aside from nourishing myself here, the only thing I can do is to eat Spirit Stones to help me recover as quickly as possible."

"I do have some Spirit Stones. How do you want to eat them? How much do you want?"

"As long as you place the Spirit Stones in front of me, I have finished eating all the Spirit Stones your master left for you. I have just barely recovered a bit of my Spirit Body and can now speak."

"Ah?" "That's a million low-grade spirit stones, ten thousand mid-grade spirit stones, and a hundred high-grade spirit stones. In total, it costs three million low-grade spirit stones, and if you want to eat it, you can just give it to me. That's the lifetime savings of my master, so you can pay me back my spirit stones." As Wang Yue spoke, she moved to grab the Blue Peak Sword.

"Don't be so angry for now. I already saved your life earlier. This spirit stone is yours." Qinghong said leisurely.

"You just saved my life? "You'd better explain, or else you'll pay me back my spirit stones." Wang Yue stopped and said bitterly.

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