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The Sword Spirit Qinghong saw Wang Yue stop in her tracks, and leisurely said, "My main body and that Spirit Refinement Furnace both have a restriction on them, and that restriction was specifically used to track and track them. Most likely, they were created when your master first came out of the Archaic Mystic Realm. Originally, your master had placed a seal on this restriction, but when you started practicing the sword, your master died and the seal loosened.

At that time, two Core Formation cultivators passed by the forest. Both of them had a tracking compass, so I guessed that the person who planted the restriction and created the tracking compass was at least a Nascent Soul cultivator. I was afraid that the protective barrier set up by your master wouldn't be able to stop the compass's tracking, so I used all of my spiritual energy to reinforce the seal placed on the two restrictions before they realized it. Otherwise, if those two were to find out, the Spirit Refinement Furnace and I would be fine, but you would be in danger.

Hearing that, Wang Yue narrowed her eyes and said, "Master said that when he came out of the Ancient Mystic Realm, he was inspected by the Elders of the Mysterious Heaven Sect in the Royal Capital. That Elder of the Mysterious Heaven Sect was at the Nascent Soul Stage. Even if those two Core Formation cultivators weren't from the Black Heaven Sect, they were related to the Nascent Soul cultivator from the Black Heaven Sect. The reason why Master said he wouldn't let me find an enemy was because my cultivation was too low and he was afraid that I would suffer a loss. Sooner or later, I will seek justice for Master. "

With that, he looked at the Cyan Peak Sword and said with a smile, "Qinghong, I wonder how many of my spirit stones can restore your spirit body?"

The Cyan Peak Sword shook for a moment and said, "My original form was made from thirteen spirit mountains. I can only recover a tiny bit of your spirit stones after eating it."

Wang Yue's face fell as she said, "My master has spent a lifetime of spirit stones to recover your spirit body, it seems that I shouldn't be able to use spirit stones to feed you well. You should just obediently stay in my sea of consciousness for a thousand years, maybe you'll recover a little when I die."

After saying that, Wang Yue was about to leave, but she suddenly noticed that something was wrong, turned her head and asked: "How do I get out?"

"This is your own sea of consciousness. If you want to think about body, then go out." Qinghong explained.

"Then what do I do when I want to come in?" Wang Yue continued asking.

"Right now your cultivation is too low, so I can only pull your soul in while you're asleep. Once you've cultivated your Spiritual Sense to the Spiritual Sense level, you can use it to enter your body and come and go as you wish." "Yes," Qinghong replied.

"It will probably take a long time to cultivate your spiritual sense, so we have to find a way to contact you right now. Otherwise, I'll have to go to sleep and wait for you to pull me out."

Qinghong thought for a moment and said, "Okay, when you want to see me, put a thousand low-rank soul stones in front of your body. I will naturally know."

"Ah, why is it so expensive to see you again? "One thousand low-rank soul stones, you might as well go and fight for it." Wang Yue said angrily.

"There's nothing I can do about it. Right now, only spirit stones are able to wake me up. I don't feel anything even if there's less than 1000 spirit stones." Qinghong said impatiently.

"Then it's better if I don't see you. "Oh right, how long can your strengthening your divination seal last?" Wang Yue asked.

"It should not be a problem for me to reach the top for more than ten years. However, reinforcing it once will consume a few million spirit stones from me."

"Then I'm relieved for now. Alright, you can stay here by yourself. I'm going out. Master hasn't finished reading his jade chip."

After Wang Yue finished speaking, she left her sea of consciousness. After opening his eyes, he recalled the conversation he had with the Sword Spirit Green Peak in his Sea of Consciousness, and mumbled to himself: "Looks like I won't be able to count on this Cyan Peak Sword for a while, if my master knew that this sword didn't automatically recognize its master, but borrowed my sea of consciousness to nurture his spirit, he would probably climb out of the coffin in anger."

Fortunately, Master still has five xuan iron swords, so I'll use them for now. If Sword Master Qingfeng thinks so, then let him stay in my Sea of Consciousness to nurture him. After I reach the Foundation Establishment stage, I will refine him into a true life treasure to comfort my Spirit of Heaven. "

At this time, the sky had just turned bright and Hoodlum was still snoring. As he was sleeping, his small mouth was constantly smacking against the wall. It was probably because he had dreamt of something delicious.

Wang Yue shook her head and laughed, she then took out the jade slip with the words "South Sky" written on it and started to read.

"On the billions of planets in the universe, Arisaema is just one of them, but in the end, I have never been able to complete it in my entire life.

The South Sky Continent was hundreds of thousands of miles north and south, about 240,000 miles east and west, and it only accounted for about 10% of the South Sky Continent. Aside from these countless small islands, there was also an endless sea.

It was said that after reaching the Deity Stage, one could find the Heaven Stairway, climb the Heaven Stairway, and pass through the Heaven Gate to enter the larger cultivation world to cultivate.

There are countless countries in the South Sky Continent, and there are also countless nations and races on the surrounding islands. It is also hearsay to see and hear in every place, it is not trustworthy.

The ones most familiar with this place were none other than Northern Rongguo and Guanglin Island. "One is where I was born, one is where I cultivate."

In the "Tiannan" jade slip, Liu Baoji gave a detailed explanation of the situation in the various regions of Northern Rongguo and Guanglin Island, it could be said that he told everything, but he only gave a general idea, even he himself said that his Core Formation progress had been too slow, and because of his desire for fun, his cultivation had been delayed. As a result, his progress after reaching Jindan was not very great, and most of the places he had been to were visited by Wang Yue herself while he was traveling the world.

After she finished reading, Wang Yue took out the jade scroll with the words "Four Clans" written on it and continued to read it.

"The so-called Four Clans are divided into the human, ghost, demon and demon races.

Humans were also divided into mortals and cultivators. However, there were also people who joined the other three races and did not go into detail.

The Ghost Clan was the most mysterious race. Humans all had souls, and when a person died, their soul would leave their body and become a ghost. Ghosts have their own ways, but they can also cultivate. It was not like how the world was rumored to be filled with evil spirits.

The Demonic Clan was the most powerful during the archaic era. They were born before the humans, ghosts, and demons. Everything in the world was actually cultivating, one flower, one grass, one mountain, one rock. When cultivation reached a certain level, one would become a demon when one's spiritual wisdom was unlocked. Monster race had no good or evil, and everything they did was for better survival.

The spirit beasts were the demon beasts, so those that followed the human race were called spirit beasts.

The demons were the most evil creatures, and they were formed by or were driven by all sorts of evil thoughts, making everything demonic.

The truth of the ancient war was unknown, but ever since the ancient war, humans had ruled over South Sky City. Demons, ghosts, devils, they either followed humans, went abroad, or went to other places that humans did not come into contact with. For example, the Boundless Sea. For example, the many islands in the Boundless Sea. "

In the "Four Clans" jade slip, Liu Youji explained the similarities and differences between the Four Clans in detail. He also said that most of the Ghost Clan resided underground, and that the place where the Ghost Clans gathered was called the Nine Springs. He had no idea where the Nine Springs was. Legend has it that the great powers of the Ghost Clan can control the souls of all living things. Manipulating the cycle of life.

After looking through these two jade slips, Wang Yue sat in the cave for a long time without being able to calm down. Yesterday, Master was still drinking in the cave, watching him cultivate. But today, there was only Hoodlum and himself left.

Wang Yue took out her master's wine gourd and drank a mouthful of wine, muttering to herself, "Teacher, the immortal in your gourd is almost dead. Where do you expect me to find such a good wine in the future?"

Just then, Hoodlum woke up, and ran to Wang Yue's side, whispering: "Sixth Brother, there are two people who discovered the protective barrier set up by Master. Their cultivation is very high, and they are trying to enter. "My intuition tells me that the people who have come are not kind. Let's hurry up and hide."

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