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The protective barrier that Liu Congji had set up was in a radius of five kilometers around the cave. Using his natural instinct for danger, Hoodlum sensed that someone was trying to destroy the barrier, which immediately woke Wang Yue up.

"Hoodlum, can you sense what cultivation level they have?" Wang Yue asked.

"Their cultivation is too high, so I can't sense them. "I think it's very dangerous anyways, they should be here for us. Sixth Brother, it's a trap to leave." Hoodlum anxiously urged.

Wang Yue thought to herself, "These two should be the two Core Formation cultivators that the sword spirit, Qinghong, mentioned." Since he dared to destroy his master's protective barrier, his cultivation would definitely be no lower than his master's. Although Qinghong said that he had reinforced the seal on the Blue Peak Sword and the divine furnace, just in case, it would be best for me to leave before the defensive barrier is broken. "

Wang Yue let Hoodlum enter the spirit beast bag and put away everything in the cave. She stuck onto the flight talisman and didn't dare to take the stairs. She borrowed the strength of the flight talisman to climb up the cliff.

After a quarter of an hour, Wang Yue exited the barrier, followed the cliff to the bottom of the ravine, and quickly ran into the dense forest.

After running for a short distance, he suddenly felt a heavy weight on his body. It was as if he was being pressed down by a thousand jin boulder, making him unable to breathe. Wang Yue raised her head with difficulty, only to see two middle-aged men standing in front of her. The two of them looked exactly the same, they were as thin as hemp, with a long face and long facial features. Looking at them, Wang Yue couldn't help but want to laugh, but the pressure on her body was too much, even breathing with some difficulty, how could she smile.

"Kid, why are you running here in such a hurry by yourself? Where are you going? " one of them asked.

Wang Yue bent over and pointed at the top of her head with great difficulty, gasping for air with her mouth wide open.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot to withdraw my aura." That person waved his hand towards Wang Yue, causing her to feel relieved.

After really getting up to catch her breath, Wang Yue said, "The family assigned me with a mission. I came out to train and then separated from my fellow sect members. I'm in a hurry to return to Han City."

"Oh, you're from Han City? I wonder, are you from the Zhao Family in Han City, the Raging Blade Sect, and the Sword Intent Sect? " the man asked.

"I'm from the Zhao Family. I just finished my mission to capture the spirit beasts." As Wang Yue spoke, she called out Hoodlum from her storage bag, causing him to shiver in fear.

That person glanced at Hoodlum before saying to Wang Yue, "So you are a member of the Zhao Family. I apologize for what happened just now." This place is still very far from Han City. You need to be careful on your way. We brothers still have things to do, so we won't be sending you off. "

"Senior, you guys go ahead. Don't worry about me, I know the way."

"Go, greet your Patriarch Zhao Tianyi at the Zhao Family. Tell him that the Taihua Sect's Lu Jian and Lu Kang will visit him in the future."

"Alright, this junior will definitely deliver the message. "Then I'm leaving?" Wang Yue asked carefully.

That person waved at Wang Yue, and she cupped her fists and bowed to the two of them, and when she passed by them, she gave them a silly smile, and quickly left.

As she walked, Wang Yue thought to herself, "These two people actually look exactly the same, I wonder which one is the older brother and which one is the younger brother." It seems like they are here for the Cyan Peak Sword and the Spirit Refinement Furnace. Luckily, the seal was strengthened yesterday, otherwise, it would have been very dangerous. "

Seeing Wang Yue walk far away, Lu Kang asked: "Big brother, I think that kid is suspicious. Why don't you check his storage bag?"

Lu Jian replied, "A little kid at the tenth level of the Qi Cultivating Stage would at most have some talent. How could such a low cultivation level be related to the two godly items that we're looking for?" Besides, we're from the Zhao Family of Han City. We have to deal with the Zhao Family on this trip, so there's no need to create unnecessary trouble. Let's quickly break that protective barrier and see if there's anything we're looking for. "

"That's right. Our compass had a reaction near here yesterday. There might be some clues within." Lu Kang said.

"The Eastern Sun King's mission is to be completed, but if the mission of our sect is to be completed, wouldn't this trip of us two brothers to the Donghua Province be perfect?" Lu Jian looked at Lu Kang and said.

The two of them looked at each other and laughed out loud. With that, the two of them flew towards the cave in the sky above the cliff.

In one breath, Wang Yue ran thirty to forty li. Sensing that no one was chasing after her, she slowed down and called out to the Rat: "Hoodlum, fortunately we have you. Otherwise, Master's remnants would not have been able to be kept. Fortunately, I was smart enough to fool them. "

"Sixth Brother is still the strongest, neither panicked nor frantic, only a tiger can escape danger." "I was really frightened just now. Those two people have a terrible aura about them." Hoodlum, who was standing on Wang Yue's shoulder, said with a lingering fear.

"Sigh, they didn't seem to have any interest in you just now. Didn't Master say that your Royal Family's Flying Hamster King is very rare?" Wang Yue asked.

"I can use my race's talent to conceal my aura. Just now, they only saw me as an ordinary little spirit mouse." Hoodlum proudly said.

"Given how incredible he is, can he teach me?" Wang Yue asked.

"No, I am born with this talent. It's our Royal Family's talent to protect themselves." Hoodlum said.

"Alright, then let's hurry up and leave. We'll go home after those two people leave." Wang Yue said.

"Sixth Brother, are you going back empty-handed?" Hoodlum reminded.

Wang Yue lowered her head and thought for a moment, then said: "That's right, I haven't been home for three years, so I should bring some things home. Okay, let's go to Qu County first to buy things. When we return, those two people had already left. "Hehe, killing two birds with one stone."

As she spoke, Wang Yue brought Hoodlum and ran towards Qu County.

This canyon had a radius of 100 kilometers, dense forests, and hills. Even if Wang Lin had the flight talisman, it would still take him a whole day to cross the canyon and reach the end.

It was already late in the night, and Hoodlum, who was sitting on Wang Yue's shoulder, said weakly: "Sixth Brother, we've been on the road for an entire day, and we haven't even had a drop of water. "Listen, my little stomach is growling. Stop and get something to eat."

Wang Yue stopped walking and said, "Since you said that, then I'm also hungry. Alright, then let's have a wild barbecue."

Hearing that they were going to eat barbecue, Hoodlum was immediately enlivened: "Okay, okay, I like Sixth Bro's barbeque game the most. It has a tender exterior, and a mouthful of sizzling oil. Tsk tsk, don't mention how fragrant it is." The hamster wiped its mouth as it spoke.

"Hehe, I just saw a wild boar wandering around. I'll go call him right away." As she spoke, Wang Yue retrieved the Heavenly Net, and ran in the direction she came from.

Not long after, he caught a wild boar, and Wang Yue set up a protective cover with runes to clean the boar before starting to roast it.

After the time it took to make a cup of tea, the entire cave was filled with the fragrance of roasted wild boar. Wang Yue had already passed a small knife to Hoodlum, saying that it was a small knife. That knife was also as tall as Hoodlum.

Wang Yue was roasting the wild boar with one hand, while holding a knife with the other, she cut off a piece of meat from the outer layer of the boar and began to chew. As she chewed, she closed her eyes and beautifully said, "En, it's so fragrant, we can eat it now."

Hoodlum, who had been waiting for this moment, couldn't wait any longer. Seeing that Wang Yue had spoken, he immediately cut off a large piece of meat and started to devour it.

In less than an hour, the whole wild boar was eaten up by Wang Yue and Hoodlum.

A man and a mouse lay on the ground, their stomachs bulging. This was especially true for Hoodlum, who was originally a chubby little furry mouse. Now that his stomach was so round, he was indeed like a little furry ball.

"Ah, what a delicacy. Such a life is called life!" Hoodlum sighed with emotion as he rubbed his belly.

"I wonder if those two discovered our cave dwelling?" Wang Yue said as she rubbed her stomach.

"Who cares? I didn't sense any danger." Hoodlum yawned and said.

"That's right. Anyway, Master's remains and remains are all on me. Sleep, we still need to rush to Qu County to buy things for our family when the day breaks." As Wang Yue spoke, she yawned before turning around and falling asleep.

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