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Young people always like to sleep lazily, maybe because the first day was too tiring, or maybe because they ate too much, Wang Yue slept all the way until the sun rose. He opened his eyes and yawned. He discovered that the hamster beside him was sleeping soundly. As it slept, it was even talking in its sleep.

Seeing that it was getting late, he grabbed the back legs of the Rat and shook it vigorously twice, while shouting, "Hoodlum has woken up, the sun is already shining on his buttocks."

"Who, who hit me?" Hoodlum blurrily opened his eyes and realized that he was lifted up by Wang Yue. His entire body was swaying in fear, "Sixth brother, good sixth brother, quickly put me down. I was just dreaming about eating barbecue. How can you be like this."

"You only know how to eat, I didn't push you to death yesterday. There is still a distance of one hundred and eighty miles between here and County City of Qu and here. "

Wang Yue tossed Hoodlum onto her shoulder without a word, retrieved the runes and rushed back to Qu County City.

Although there was still a hundred and eighty miles to go until he reached Qu County, Wang Yue had been cultivating the [Spirit Rhino Technique] for a long time, so he only needed a single day to travel three or four days to reach this place.

When they arrived at the gate of County City of Qu, the sun had yet to completely set. Wang Yue brought Hoodlum along as they advanced through the closed gates of County of Qu.

This city was not like the wilderness. Just find a big tree or a cave and you can rest. That way, others would take you as a monster.

It was still early, so Wang Yue brought Hoodlum along as they strolled along the streets, looking for an inn to rest at.

Hoodlum did not mind, after all, he had seen a lot of things when he crossed the sea from the Southern Heaven Continent to Zhao Dong Hua Prefecture. He stood on Wang Yue's shoulder, staring at all kinds of food on the side of the road, drooling all over Wang Yue's shoulder.

But Wang Yue was different. Since he was young, the only places he had been to were Little Wang Village, the cave dwelling, and the Great Canyon. All he had done was cure illnesses, train, move the mountain, and hunt; he hadn't even been to the Zhang Family Village where Fifth Sis Wang Xiu lived, let alone such a bustling county.

Sometimes he saw people selling candied fruits, so he went to buy two bunches, threw one to Hoodlum, and sometimes he saw people selling dates and cakes, and sometimes he went to buy two bundles of candied fruits, one for Hoodlum and one for himself. Sometimes he saw people doing juggling, so he squeezed into the crowd and watched on tiptoe, occasionally applauding and cheering.

Wang Yue really wished she could grow a few pairs of eyes. Even if she couldn't eat enough, she wouldn't grow tired of it.

In any case, he was just here to buy things for his family, so he just went in as a support. The clothing store, grocery store, noodle shop, silk shop, and even the rouge shop all went in to take a look.

Fortunately, Wang Yue was a child, dressed in white linen, with a coarse headband tied to her forehead. The shopkeeper of the rouge shop knew at first glance that she was a child from the countryside, but he wasn't offended. He told her that there was nothing for boys to use, so he had to go somewhere else to play, which made the ladies in the shop laugh.

Hoodlum, who was standing on Wang Yue's shoulder, laughed until his entire body was trembling, while Wang Yue extended her hand to pat Hoodlum and asked: "What are you laughing about? Is it funny? "

Hoodlum managed to hold back his laughter with great difficulty and said, "Sixth Brother, that is the girl's rouge shop. Why did you run in there? It caused me to lose face along with you."

"Ah?" Didn't you say so earlier? You intentionally want to see me embarrass myself, right? " As Wang Yue spoke, she prepared to lift Hoodlum up.

"Hey, sixth brother, I wanted to remind you, but you ran faster than a rabbit, you ran in before I could say anything."

"Well, it's my fault. It's mainly because it's my first time entering a city and I feel that it's fun everywhere. I won't be like this ever again, lest I embarrass myself again. "

"Exactly, if this gets out, the two of us will be laughed to death."

"You still want to spread the news? Is my skin itchy? "

"Sixth Brother, I was wrong, I was wrong, alright? Even if you lend me ten guts, I wouldn't dare. "

"That's more like it. "Hmm, Hoodlum, look at this eagle kite, it's so delicate. I'll buy one first, then we can play together." Wang Yue stood in front of a kite stall as she spoke to Hoodlum.

"Sixth Brother, please be careful. The three people next to you are cultivators. The two men are both in the 10th level of the Qi Cultivating Stage, and the woman is in the 9th level of the Qi Cultivating Stage." Hoodlum said in a low voice to Wang Yue.

Hearing Hoodlum's warning, Wang Yue looked to the side. Sure enough, there were two men and one woman standing in front of the kite stand.

One of them was eighteen or nineteen years old. He was wearing a blue moon-striped suit, had a huge stature, bronze skin, a strong nose, and eyes like bronze bells. He carried a huge sword on his back, and stood there like an iron tower.

The other man was about the same age as the first one. He wore a long white silk robe, had a slender body, sharp eyebrows, a straight nose, and thin lips that naturally formed a smile. "She had a long sword slung over her shoulder and a jade pendant hanging from her waist. She was holding a fan made of mountain water, gently waving it.

The girl looked to be about fourteen or fifteen years old and wore a light green shirt. Her eyebrows were arched, her small nose was slightly raised, and her face was as white as jade. Her dress was not luxurious, and a string of pearls hung around her neck.

Wang Yue stared at that young lady in a daze.

"Senior brother Li, Senior brother Chu, this brat is quite interesting. Even though we bought a kite, we still had to discuss it with the spirit beasts." The lady pointed to Wang Yue who was staring at her blankly, and chuckled. The sound was as clear and melodious as a silver bell. It was extremely comfortable to listen to.

The two men turned around to look at Wang Yue, only to find that Wang Yue was looking straight at the girl beside him. The iron tower like man stepped in front of the girl, and said to Wang Yue, "Kid, what do you want?"

That man's voice was as loud as a bell, shocking Wang Yue awake.

He must have thought of himself as a bad guy.

Wang Yue scratched her head and smiled innocently, cupping her fists and saying, "I'm sorry, it's just because this sister is too good-looking that I'm being rude. I'm going to buy a kite and leave. "

The tower-like man stood in front of Wang Yue and said, "I've already bought all the kites here, I want to buy them somewhere else."

"Oh." Wang Yue did not want to cause trouble, so she turned and left.

"Wait." The woman tried to stop him.

Hearing these words, the man holding the folding fan that hadn't spoken up until now moved to block Wang Yue's path.

"What else do you want?" Wang Yue was a little angry.

The girl rolled her eyes at her two companions and stomped her feet. She said angrily, "Senior brother Li, Senior brother Chu, what are you doing? I just wanted to ask this little brother a few questions. "

Hearing this, the two men returned to the side of the woman.

"If you have something to say, then hurry up and ask. I still have things to do." Wang Yue's impression of this girl had clearly decreased by quite a bit.

"That, are you selling the spirit beast on your shoulder?" The woman asked crisply.

"Not selling, it's not my spirit beast, it's my brother. His name is Hoodlum." Wang Yue snappily said.

"Oh, well then. It really was a misunderstanding just now. How about this, I'll give you a kite, and you don't have to be angry, okay? " The lady picked up the eagle kite Wang Yue had seen earlier and pleaded. For some reason, when she saw Wang Yue, she had a very natural feeling of intimacy.

Although Wang Yue had never seen much of the world, she wasn't a petty person. Seeing that the lady had already said so, he rubbed his nose and chuckled, "Then I won't be polite anymore." My name is Wang Yue, may I know what elder sister's name is? What are your names, big brothers? "

Wang Yue kept the kite that the lady handed over, and cupped her fists to the three of them, and asked.

"Zhao Family's Zhao Yu'er from Han City." The woman imitated Wang Yue as she cupped her fists and said.

The man holding the fan smiled at Wang Yue, cupped his fist and replied: "I am Li Linfeng from the Sword Intent Sect, greetings little brother." I hope you can forgive me for offending you just now. " His voice was gentle, refined, and decent.

The tower-like man cupped his fists and said, "Mad Blade Sect's Chu Yunshan."

"Are you from one of Han City's two sects?" Wang Yue asked in shock.

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