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When Zhao Yuer heard this, she asked happily, "What? You also know that there are two families in Han City?"

"Sixth brother, the Heaven's Net, Zhao Dexian." Hoodlum warned in a low voice.

Hearing Hoodlum's warning, Wang Yue reacted. She smiled at Zhao Yuer and the other two and said, "Ah, it's getting late. I still have things to do. Please enjoy. We can talk about it in the future."

Just as he was about to leave, he was grabbed by Li Linfeng, "Brother Wang, I see that your cultivation is no weaker than ours. How about this, we'll stay at the Pleiadian Restaurant. From the looks of it, you have just entered the city and don't have any residences yet. Why don't you stay at the Pleiadian Restaurant? "By the way, let's also talk about our experiences and experiences in cultivation."

"That's right, that's right. I didn't think that our younger brother would have a cultivation base similar to ours. Just listen to Senior Brother Li and come with us. " Zhao Yuer quickly echoed.

"That, that's not it, I really have something to do." Wang Yue tried to shirk her thoughts.

"What can you do by yourself? Let's go, big brother will invite you." Li Linfeng did not say anything further, carrying Wang Yue as they walked towards the Elegant Luck Restaurant.

Zhao Yuer immediately followed. Chu Yunshan followed behind with a bunch of kites in his arms.

When the four of them arrived at the Elegant Luck Restaurant, Li Linfeng found a room for Wang Yue in the best room, right next to his. After finding another private room and ordering some food and drinks, the four of them sat around the table and chatted.

At the banquet table, Zhao Yuer was the most talkative, chattering as she asked Wang Yue about everything. Wang Yue was also very patient, she felt a natural sense of intimacy with this little big sister of hers. Li Linfeng looked at the two of them with a smile, occasionally interrupting with a sentence or two. However, Chu Yunshan did not utter a single word, only lowering his head to eat and drink.

So it turned out that Zhao Yuer was the precious daughter of the Zhao Family Patriarch. She was a second generation disciple in the family, and her status was even higher than Zhao Deyu's. In fact, Zhao Degui had to call her aunt.

Although the Zhao Family's Ancestor doted on Zhao Yuer, he rarely let her go out. Zhao Yuer was tired of staying at home, so she borrowed the name of experiential learning to come out and play. Originally, the clan's Patriarch had sent more than a dozen experts to protect him. However, halfway through, Zhao Yu'er took the opportunity to shake him off.

When Zhao Yu`er went out, the Sword Intent Sect and the Raging Blade Sect had obtained news from somewhere. The two Sect Leaders had sent their own personal disciples to follow her and finally met her in Qu County City. The two Sect Leaders' intentions were very clear. Since they couldn't win the Zhao Family Ancestor over, it was also good to take the opportunity to get close to his precious daughter. If his disciple could develop feelings for Zhao Yuer, then the Zhao Family would naturally become one.

Li Linfeng understood the meaning behind his Sect Leader's words. Thus, ever since he had met Zhao Yuer, he had been extremely attentive and attentive to her. Besides, he really did like Zhao Yuer.

For example, which man in the world didn't like such a woman?

However, Chu Yunshan did not care. His mind was simple, he only knew that the Sect Leader wanted him to protect Zhao Yuer, so he did not worry about anything else.

Zhao Yu`er was a smart and intelligent woman. How could she not understand the intentions of the sword intent sect and the Raging Blade Sect? However, she knew that her family's Ancestor would not offend either family, so she allowed Li Linfeng and Chu Yunshan to follow him.

As soon as Wang Yue heard that Zhao Yuer was Zhao Degui's aunt, she was so shocked that her jaw dropped to the ground.

"I thought that Zhao Dagao's aunt should be an elderly woman, or at least a middle-aged woman. I didn't expect her to be such a godlike elder sister."

As he was thinking, he heard Zhao Yuer ask, "Little brother, do you know someone in the Zhao Family? Or is it someone who knows Brother Li or Brother Chu? "

Wang Yue scratched her head and said with a silly smile, "Since the three of you are being honest with each other, I will not be hypocritical. "Not only do I know Li Qiang from the Raging Blade Sect, but I also know Mu Xiaolan and Zhao Degui from your Zhao Family."

Thus, Wang Yue started her story from the time she went to the Little Wang Manor to recruit people, to the time she met her teacher by chance, she had to pass on her story to the three of them. She talked about how she met Zhao Deyu yesterday, how she started a conflict, how she fought, how her master died, and so on.

Zhao Yuer and the other two were either members of a noble family or sons of a noble family, so how could they have such a rough and strange experience? Although Wang Yue's words were plain, Zhao Yuer's eyes filled with tears.

"I didn't expect Brother Wang to have such a rough experience. Compared to him, I'm like a popinjay. Come, let's drink a cup of wine for Brother Wang's experience." Li Linfeng raised his glass and said.

"Initially, I felt it was a bit bitter. But now that I've come, I feel like it's nothing. Master often says that experience is wealth, and the more difficult it is, the more valuable it is." After Wang Yue finished speaking, she raised her wine cup and downed it in one gulp.

Li Linfeng put down his wine cup and said, "Your respected master's words are very good. It's a pity that my Senior Martial Brother Feng misjudged me back then. If he could have accepted you back then, we would have already been in the same sect. "

"That's right. My senior brother Zhang's eyes were also slanted to the sky. He had wasted his opportunity on such a good fellow disciple like Brother Wang." Chu Yunshan said as he slammed the table.

"Also, what's the use of our Elder Yuan Qing only giving us two Life Recovery Pills? I'll deal with him when we get back." Zhao Yuer wiped her tears and said bitterly.

Wang Yue laughed, "Big Sister Yu'er, Big Brother Li, Big Brother Chu, this is Little Brother Qu Sha's fault. It took Master six hundred years of his savings to save me. Senior Feng of the Sword Intent Sect was right, no sect would be willing to raise a useless person, not to mention that I was not only useless at that time, but also a huge burden. "

Drinking a mouthful of wine, Wang Yue continued to speak: "Let's not talk about this anymore, I met our fellow village's Brother Li Qiang yesterday. Although he didn't say much, but from the looks of it, he seems to be living quite well in the Raging Blade Sect."

"Of course, as soon as he entered the sect, he was accepted as a disciple by Senior Feng Yunlong. This brat has a certain ruthlessness in his cultivation, and after entering the sect, Senior Feng found out that he had a hidden Fire Spirit Root, which improved his nurturing. But this kid has an air of arrogance, I really don't like it. " Chu Yunshan said.

"Big Brother Li Qiang has always been like this since he was young. He likes to compete with others in everything. Actually, he's actually quite a good person." "Big Sister Yu'er, how is Sister Xiao Lian doing in your Zhao Family?"

"You don't have to worry about that." Zhao Yu-er smiled and said, "Mu Xiaoling is very intelligent. As soon as I entered the family, I took her as my disciple. I didn't take her on this trip and left her at home to look after the spirit beasts."

"It seems like they're living quite well. I'll thank you on their behalf." Wang Yue raised her cup to thank the three of them.

After placing down the wine cup, Zhao Yuer asked, "Brother, yesterday night, my fourteenth nephew rode a Ferghana Dragon Horse back to Han City. When Big Brother clan leader found out about the fight with you, he was scolded to the point of spitting blood, what do you think? For the first time, he did not talk back. He even swore that in the future, he would train diligently and not embarrass the clan again. "

"There's such a thing?" Wang Yue asked in shock.

Zhao Yu`er also happily said, "I don't believe it either. Fourteenth nephew is already 26 years old and has always been immersed in playing around. His father was busy with him, but I didn't expect him to wake up after a beating from you. Big Brother Fei Yan also sent me a message this morning, saying that I have to find the person who fought with my fourteenth nephew, and he has to thank him. I didn't expect to meet you here before I went looking for you. This is really … What did that mean? "

"I can find it no matter where I look. It won't take me any effort." Li Linfeng said while clapping his hands.

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