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The three of them were happily chatting when Chu Yunshan, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said, "Brother Wang, I, Chu Yunshan, completely believe your words and admire your character. However, I can't help but want to exchange a few blows with you."

Before he finished speaking, Chu Yunshan had already unsheathed the sabre from his back, and a burst of sabre light shot out towards Wang Yue.

"Brother Chu cannot be unreasonable." Zhao Yuer tried to stop him, but it was too late.

Li Linfeng quickly threw out a handful of runes, covering the room and outside, in case it disturbed others.

At the same time, she poured her spiritual energy into the sword, and instantly, the black iron sword split into two, two, two, four, and six sword images appeared, with the sixteen sword shadows revolving together around Chu Yunshan, then turning into ten thousand sword images, then merging with the mother sword, turning into sixteen sword images, which pointed straight at Chu Yunshan, with the tip of the sword only an inch away from Chu Yunshan's throat.

From the moment Chu Yunshan made his move, Zhao Yu`er had spoken to stop him, to when Li Linfeng threw out the talismans, to when Wang Yue attacked Chu Yunshan in a row, although it seemed like a long time, it all happened in an instant.

Chu Yun saw that just as he made his move, he was stopped by Wang Yue's sword, so he was not angry, and put away his large blade and laughed: "Brother Wang, this time I, Old Chu, truly believe in your ability. It is difficult for a cultivator with the Qi of the Overlord's Saber to withstand this move of mine. Not only did Brother Wang manage to easily receive it, he even managed to suppress me with a single sword strike. I, Old Chu, have no other qualities, but I admire people who are better at fighting than me. I will punish myself with three cups, and give you my apologies, brother. "

Chu Yunshan drank three cups of wine in a row, and after drinking it, he turned to Wang Yue and laughed loudly.

Wang Yue put away her Cyan Peak Sword and cupped her fists towards Chu Yunshan, "Big Brother Chu, why did you suddenly make a move? If it was like yesterday, I wouldn't have been able to retract my hand, I'm afraid that your life wouldn't even be there."

Zhao Yuer also rolled her eyes at Chu Yunshan and said, "Don't bother with him, brother. He's the only one. If he hears that someone else is stronger than him, he'll have to compete. Otherwise, he won't even be able to eat."

"That's right. Every year, he would come and challenge me to a duel. Neither of us could beat the other. All these years, he just had to come and challenge me." Li Linfeng said as he helped fill a cup of wine for Wang Yue.

Chu Yunshan took a big gulp of wine and said, "Brother Wang, to tell you the truth, I am An County's Chu Family. Our Chu Family has trained in martial arts for generations and is influenced by our family, since I was young I have always been obsessed with martial arts. When I heard you say that I could win against three people in a one versus one match yesterday, I felt an itch and decided not to stop. "Brother, please take responsibility."

Liu used to teach Wang Yue: If people respect me for a foot, I respect them for a foot, but if you respect me for a foot, then everyone respects you for a foot. Hearing the three of them speak like this, Wang Yue put down her guard. She raised her cup to the three of them and drank a cup of wine.

Li Linfeng helped fill the wine cup for Wang Yue and asked, "I wonder what sect Brother Wang is from, what is your master's name?"

"I have no sect now, so I can't mention Master's name. I hope you can forgive me." Wang Yue replied.

"It's alright. I wonder what brother will do next? " Li Lin Feng asked.

"I want to go back to the sect and complete Master's last wish." Wang Yue said.

Li Linfeng continued to speak, "I heard that Gui Sect is far away in the Northern Green Region, more than 7000 miles away. How about Brother Wang go to our sect first, I think you practice sword arts, too, so I'll have the Sect Leader take you in as his personal disciple. When that time comes, I'll accompany you to return to the Northern Green Region to fulfill your Master's last wish.

"No, no." Chu Yunshan immediately followed up, "Brother, although you are training in sword arts, I can see that you are already at the pinnacle of sword arts. Why not follow me back to the Kuang Dao Sect and I will also call my head master to accept you as his direct disciple to pass on the Wild Blade Art to you? This is the treasure-guarding treasure of the Raging Blade Sect. "

"Aiya, both of you, stop fighting." Zhao Yuer said, "Little brother, you must come back with me to the Zhao Family first. That Big Brother of mine must be extremely happy to see you. I'll have my father take you in as his personal disciple. He is an Aurous Core stage cultivator and their master is only a pseudo Core stage cultivator. If you are in a hurry, I will accompany you to Gui Cang and complete your master's dying wish. When I return, I will let your father pass on to you the Beast Subduing Technique and the Beast Nurturing Method. "

After she finished speaking, Zhao Yuer looked at Wang Yue with a face full of anticipation.

Wang Yue lowered her head and thought for a moment, then cupped her fists to the three of them and said: "Thank you for your invitation. My master has not been gone long, and my last wish has not been fulfilled. I do not have the heart to turn to someone else. However, I am indeed very interested in the Beast Subduing Technique and Beast Nurturing Method, and also miss my big sister Xiao Lian. I will first go home and visit her family in the next two days and then follow big sister Yu Er to the Zhao family. "

"Great, then it's settled. Even if you do not acknowledge me as your master, I will still think of a way for you to learn the Beast Subduing Technique and Beast Nurturing Method. " Zhao Yuer said happily.

Li Lin Feng and Chu Yun Shan looked at each other and saw the disappointment in each other's eyes. Li Lin Feng still invited them and said, "When you come to Han City, you must come to the sect for a few days to show your kindness to your brother."

"That's right. You must also come and live in the Wild Blade Sect for a few days. I will spar with Brother Wang a few more times." Chu Yuntian also invited him.

"At that time, I will definitely go visit my two brothers." Wang Yue raised her cup to greet the two of them.

"Aiya." Zhao Yuer suddenly cried out.

The three of them simultaneously looked at her, and even Hoodlum stopped eating to look at her.

Seeing that all three of them were looking at her, Zhao Yuer blushed and said, "When we left, Big Brother Clan Leader specifically instructed me to go to the East Flower City and look for the Myriad Spirit Hall to purchase ten Qi Condensation Pills. I was so busy that I forgot about this matter. But luckily, I was able to bring little brother back. I believe big brother chief will not blame me. "

Seeing Zhao Yuer's anxious and happy expression, Wang Yue rubbed her nose and said, "Qi Condensation Pill. I've refined some of them for you. Take them to elder sister for her to take with you."

"You even know how to forge pills?" The three of them asked at the same time in a surprised tone.

Cultivators knew that it would take at least ten to eight years to learn alchemy all the way to the first finished product. It would take six to seven years even for someone with an extremely high talent in alchemy to possess the Fire Spirit Root Body.

In the cultivation world, medicinal pills were divided into nine grades, and each grade was divided into three grades: upper, middle, and lower. Any pill that could be forged would be known as a pill master of a certain tier. For example, if Wang Yue was able to concoct a Tier 1 Qi Condensation Pill, she could be called a Tier 1 Pill Refiner. As for Liu's sworn third brother, Huang Yu, he had cultivated for three to four hundred years and was only a third-ranked alchemist to the end.

The reason why refining pills was said to be difficult was not because the art of refining pills was difficult to learn, but because concocting pills was extremely complicated. If one did not have extremely strong patience and willpower, it would be difficult to achieve any results.

When learning alchemy, the first thing one had to do was to identify the various medicines, which were divided into different categories according to their value, animals, minerals, and as one divided, there would be tens of thousands of different types of medicines. Next, one would have to refine the essence of various medicines into medicinal liquids, purify the medicinal liquids, refine them into pills, and also have to inject spirit energy, the power of the five elements, the power of wind and thunder, and other special items during the process of refining. Any one of these steps would have been difficult to achieve in three or five years.

Once one became a graded apothecary, he would become a popular figure in the cultivation world. He would be respected everywhere, and no one would dare to act against him in public.

Previously, when Liu Ziji told Wang Yue to learn alchemy, he didn't tell her all of this because there was the Spirit Refinement Furnace, so it wasn't too wasteful. Furthermore, Wang Yue did indeed have some talent in alchemy. He didn't expect Wang Yue to be able to improve so quickly by learning alchemy. In just three years, she had already refined a Qi Condensation Pill, and it was a Superior Grade Qi Condensation Pill.

Therefore, when Zhao Yuer and the other two heard that Wang Yue knew how to concoct Qi Condensation Pills, it was no surprise that they were so shocked.

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