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When Wang Yue saw the three of them looking at her with such astonished expressions, she touched her face and said, "What, am I in the wrong again?"

"No, no." The three of them waved their hands at the same time.

Zhao Yuer said, "Little brother, show us your Qi Condensation Pill."

Wang Yue then took out a small jade bottle from her storage bag and gave three pills to Zhao Yu`er, Li Lin Feng and Chu Yuntian.

The three of them looked at the pill in their hands while clicking their tongues in amazement. The Qi Condensation Pill was round in color and had a very rich and fragrant smell. The round pill was crystal clear and had some sort of complex substance that was slowly circulating within.

"Brother Wang, this is incredible. This is a Superior Grade Qi Condensation Pill! Each pill can increase the cultivation level of a Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator by 50%!" "How much do you have? I'll take it, but I don't have much spirit stones on me. When I get back to my sect and get my spirit stones, I'll buy all of your Qi Condensation Pills." Li Linfeng, as the direct disciple of the Sect Leader of Sword Intent Sect, was indeed quite knowledgeable. With a single glance, he could see that Wang Yue's Qi Condensation Pill was extraordinary.

Just as Zhao Yuer and Chu Yunshan were about to speak, Wang Yue rushed to say, "Brother Li is too formal, the four of us have the same thoughts at first sight, and these Qi Condensation Pills aren't anything valuable. I have more than 100 of them, so I'll give you 30 each."

As he spoke, he took out two more jade bottles and divided them into three parts. Each bottle contained 30 pills and he handed them over to the three people.

Wang Yue gave her a pill, treating it as Wang Yue's intention to make friends with her. She happily said: "That's great, this time I will make Big Bro Clan Leader happy. Not only did I get the Qi Condensation Pill, I will also bring Little Bro back. I want to see how he will thank me this time."

Li Linfeng, on the other hand, held the jade bottle and said, "I can't accept this. Brother Wang, this is too precious."

Chu Yunshan put away the jade bottle, clasped his fists at Wang Yue and said, "Brother Wang, I won't be polite with you. In the future, if you need anything from me, I won't hesitate to help you."

Wang Yue laughed heartily, "That's more like it. Big brother Li, look at how pleased big brother Chu Feng and big sister Yu'er are. Hurry and put them away as well."

"Alright, then I won't be so shy anymore. I will remember this favor. Just speak your mind whenever you find anything useful in the future."

"It's getting late." Zhao Yu yawned and said, "Brother must be tired from the day's journey. Let's get some rest. He's got to get home in the morning. "

Everyone nodded and went back to their respective rooms to rest.

The moment the four of them left the private room, two people in black robes laid their heads on the table and whispered to each other.

"Brother, are you sure that fellow is a grade-1 apothecary?" one of the men asked.

"How could it be fake? As you can see, that brat casually gave us ninety high-level Qi Condensation Pills, and even said that he refined them himself. I'm sure he still has other pills on him, maybe even Foundation Establishment Pills or better pills. " Another man in black said.

"That means that this kid might be a disciple of some big sect, or an expert's disciple." Let's not act rashly. " The black clothed man who spoke first said worriedly.

"We can't wait any longer. We brothers have no sects, and you have already been stuck at the tenth level of the Refinement Stage for ten years. In another two years, you will be thirty." The average person in the world of Qi Condensation required seven to eight hundred low-grade spirit stones. It just so happened that that kid had so many high-level Qi Condensation Pills and each one of them was worth a thousand souls. This was truly heaven helping us brothers. The heavens give birth to him, and he will be blamed for it. Follow them tomorrow and find a chance to make your move. "

"But, that girl and the other two people are important people to the Zhao Clan, the sword intent sect, and the Raging Blade Sect in Han City. Do we …" The younger brother said worriedly.

"What's there to be afraid of? We don't even want their lives. After getting the pellets, we brothers will leave and fly. The world is so big, how can we not go?" I don't believe that their 'Sword Intent Sect', 'Berserker Blade Sect' and 'Zhao Family' would be able to come looking for us all over the world for a few bottles of pills. "

"The other kid?" the younger brother asked.

"If you know what's good for you, then just let him go. If you don't know what's good for you, then just let him live …" The man in black made a choking motion.

Wang Yue, who had returned to the guest room, did not know that he was being watched. Wang Yue took out a small jade bed from her storage bag and threw it at Hoodlum. She laid on the bed, and was about to close her eyes to adjust her breathing before entering into cultivation.

His cultivation method was different from an ordinary person's. Ever since his master Liu Peiji helped him remove the power of wind and lightning, and also released the power of wind and lightning from his body, Wang Yue's cultivation speed rapidly increased. This was due to his master's assistance in body cleansing. More importantly, his own wind power could link up with the heaven and earth by itself, causing the world's spirit energy to enter his body before circulating it, turning it into useful energy. This way, Wang Yue could train nonstop for twelve hours a day without affecting her rest.

Wang Yue was about to enter a state of cultivation when she heard Hoodlum say: "Sixth brother, I feel that something is amiss."

Wang Yue opened her eyes and looked at Hoodlum: "What's wrong with that? Everything is fine. Big Brother Li Linfeng is handsome, elegant and kind. Big Brother Chu Yunshan is a generous person, and we made these three friends the moment we left the city. What's wrong with that? "

"It's just that there's something wrong with your Big Sister Yu'er." Hoodlum said affirmatively.

"Oh, then tell me, what's wrong with Sister Yu Er?" Wang Yue looked suspiciously at Hoodlum.

"I was in front of the kite stall all day long. Although I had used my talent secret technique to hide my royal clan's aura, logically speaking, no matter what cultivation I had, it should not have been easy to see through it. However, big sis Yu'er clearly saw that I was extraordinary that time, but she did not point it out." Hoodlum said while lying on the jade bed.

"That's because big sister Yu'er is afraid that there will be too many people on the street with her eyes open. It would be bad for both of us if she were to say it out loud." Wang Yue said.

Hoodlum thought for a moment and said, "Sixth Brother, you also saw it. When we left the cave, the two Core Formation cultivators didn't notice me, not to mention that Sister Yu Er is only at the 9th Qi Cultivating Stage. She has our aura on her, although it is very faint, I can still feel it."

"Explain your auras clearly." Wang Yue was a little confused.

"It's just that there's a faint demonic aura on his body, as if he's been covered by something and it's hard to detect. But I am a Royal Flying Rat. I have a natural intuition towards this kind of aura, and I feel very close to her. "

"Don't talk nonsense. Sister Yu'er's family is mainly composed of beast tamers. She is also an beast tamer, so it's normal for her to have the scent of a spirit beast." I think you drank too much today.

"No, that's not the aura of a spirit beast. It's the demonic energy that comes with it. Why don't I explain it to you?"

"Stop, don't bring up this matter anymore. Sleep."

As she spoke, Wang Yue pulled up her blanket and prepared to sleep.

"Alright, let's not talk about this. The Qi Condensation Pill you gave me today should be able to sell for at least a thousand low-grade spirit stones." Hoodlum said as he hid on his own jade bed as if nothing had happened.

"What?" Hearing that, Wang Yue immediately sat up: "A thousand pills? Doesn't that mean I just gave away ninety thousand low-rank soul stones? "

"That's right. Just treat it as a gift from you." Hoodlum yawned and said.

"Why didn't you remind me?" Looking at Hoodlum's lazy appearance, Wang Yue felt like she was going crazy.

Wang Yue immediately remembered that the Sword Spirit, Qinghong, was still living in her sea of consciousness. She was a rich person that ate spirit stones and was worrying about where she could get spirit stones, yet she gave away a Qi Condensation Pill that was 90 thousand low-grade spirit stones. One had to know that his master had only accumulated three million low-grade spirit stones in his lifetime.

"I was so focused on sensing the aura on Sister Yu'er that I forgot to remind you." Hoodlum lazily said.

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