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As for Wang Yue, when she heard from Hoodlum that the Qi Condensation Pill she had just given out was worth 90,000 low-grade spirit stones, she was somewhat surprised. For the past three years, his master had only taught him to cultivate, and had never talked about other matters, so much so that Wang Yue was completely unaware of the value of these spiritual items.

Wang Yue grabbed her hair with both hands, took a deep breath, and then let out a long breath, consoling herself: "Forget it, since I've already given it away, it's too stingy to take it back." Moreover, Big Sister Yu'er, Big Brother Li and Big Brother Chu are all not bad people, and they are all worth befriending. "

"Let me say one last thing." Hoodlum closed his eyes and lazily said, "We have been targeted.

"What?" Wang Yue immediately turned around and asked: "Say it clearly, who has taken notice of you?"

Hearing that she had been targeted, Wang Yue could no longer fall asleep. After all, she was alone and had no one to rely on. Her own accident was secondary, the key point was that none of her master's three wishes had been fulfilled.

"Who's targeting you? What's your cultivation level? " Wang Yue asked.

"I don't know anyone, but there were two people. At that time, they were in the room next door where we were eating. One was at the early Foundation Establishment stage, and the other was at Qi Disciple level 10." Hoodlum slowly said.

"Hoodlum, how come you aren't anxious at all?" Did they have a Building Foundation Stage expert? "No, I must inform Big Sister Yu'er and the rest immediately." As she spoke, Wang Yue prepared to leave.

"Sixth Brother, don't be in such a hurry. Listen to me first." Hoodlum called out to Wang Yue and said, "Tonight, they definitely won't dare to take action."

"You don't dare to make a move tonight? "Why is that?" Wang Yue stopped and asked.

"Maybe it's because of Sister Yu'er, but I don't feel any danger. Moreover, who are Zhao Yuer, Li Linfeng, and Chu Yunshan? "

Wang Yue sat back on the bed and thought for a moment, then smiled at Hoodlum and said, "That's right, big sister Yu Er is the precious daughter of the Zhao Family Patriarch, and Big Brother Li and Big Brother Chu are the direct disciples of the Sword Spirit Sect and the Violent Blade Sect's Leader respectively. If those two dare to act against the three of them, the news will definitely spread to the two sects of Han City. "If you were to just attack us, just based on the friendship between us, I think that Big Sister Yu'er and the rest will help too."

After saying that, Wang Yue laughed at herself, "Seems like I'm still too young, I'm not calm enough when it comes to matters like this. I didn't expect that you, Hoodlum, would be so good. You don't have a lot of brains. You must be thinking quite carefully. "

"That's true. No matter what, I came all the way here from the Rainbow Cloud Nation in the South Sky Continent. I should be considered an old martial artist by now. I've eaten more salt than you've ever eaten noodles, and I've peed more water than you've ever drunk. "Aiya, Sixth Brother, I was wrong."

Right as Hoodlum was full of energy, Wang Yue suddenly grabbed him and lifted him up. They say you're fat, but you're really out of breath. Do you believe that in the future, I'll only let you eat salt and drink urine? "

"Yes, yes. Sixth Brother, I don't dare to do that again." Hoodlum pleaded.

Wang Yue and Hoodlum played for a while before each went to bed.

Before going to bed, Wang Yue took out a handful of symbols from her storage bag and poured them into her spiritual energy, immediately forming a protective barrier around her. "These runes were left behind by Liu Youji for Wang Yue. These runes can defend against a full-power attack from a late Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

However, although Wang Yue laid down, she still pricked up her ears and kept alert. Although he believed that if there really was someone who would harm him, Zhao Yuer, Li Lin Feng and Chu Yunshan, who lived on the left, would definitely help, but Wang Yue didn't place all her hopes on anyone else.

Just as Hoodlum expected, the night passed peacefully.

On the morning of the second day, Wang Yue, Zhao Yuer, Li Linfeng and Chu Yunshan were having breakfast together in a private room in the Pleasing Restaurant. During dinner, Wang Yue used runes to cast a protective barrier.

Wang Yue said to the three of them, "Big Sister Yu Er, Big Brother Li, Big Brother Chu, let's part ways here after dinner. I still want to go home. After I'm done with my matters, we'll head to Han City for a chat."

Hearing that Wang Yue wanted to separate from them, Zhao Yuer anxiously said, "How can I do that? Yesterday, you promised to follow me back to the Zhao Family. I will follow you closely. I will never leave you if I don't bring you home."

"Sister Yu Er, I didn't say that I'm not going. I just want to go home and visit my family. Once I'm done, I'll definitely go to Han City." Besides, my family is a complete mess, and there's no place for you to stay. " Wang Yue advised.

"No, I'm going to follow you anyway." Zhao Yuer stubbornly said.

Wang Yue was impatient as she looked at Li Linfeng and Chu Yunshan for help. Chu Yunshan chuckled and then lowered his head to eat.

Li Linfeng said, "Brother Wang, Junior Sister Yu'er is just like that. No one can persuade her about what she has decided." Just let her follow. Senior Chu and I will go too. Don't worry, we won't cause any trouble for you. "

Wang Yue thought for a moment, then said: "Okay, but you guys have to listen to my arrangement."

Following that, Wang Yue told Zhao Yuer and the other two about how she was targeted last night, so the four of them did the same thing.

There were two sides to the story. The two men in black from yesterday had already left their rooms before dawn. They sat at the noodle stall opposite the Elegant Luck Restaurant, eating noodles while staring at the entrance of the restaurant.

These two men in black were brothers by blood. They shouted at Hao to bring them here, while the second one called Hao to bring them here. They had no sect or sect. Although their aptitude was mediocre, the two brothers, by virtue of their strong willpower and the fortuitous encounters they had everywhere, had embarked on the road of cultivation.

Hao Yun was thirty-six years old this year, and was already at the early Foundation Establishment stage. Hao Yun was twenty-eight years old this year, and was still stuck at the tenth level of the Qi Cultivating Stage. Yesterday, Hao Yunlai told his younger brother that he had no hope of reaching Foundation Establishment at the age of 30.

"This is also a rumor in the cultivation world." "A person has no hope of reaching the Foundation Establishment Stage after 30 years." Originally, the purpose of this action was to urge the beginner cultivators to cultivate and not waste their time. Before the age of thirty, a person's energy is at its brightest and his potential is at its brightest. Once he passes the age of thirty, if he doesn't succeed, then his willpower will be slowly worn away, and his initial hope and pursuit will be buried deep in his heart or thrown out into the clouds.

This was especially true for cultivators. They always went against the heavens, and the further they went, the harder it was for their cultivation to increase. If an ordinary cultivator did not reach Foundation Establishment after thirty years of age, they would give up on their advancement and switch to something else.

The Hao brothers had no one to guide them, and no one to help them. It was already difficult for them to make it this far, and they should be satisfied. But humans were like this. When you were about to starve to death, you wanted a steamed bun, a steamed bun, a bowl of soup, a piece of meat, and even wanted to drink wine … Desire never ceases.

They had their eyes on Wang Yue's Qi Condensation Pill, and yesterday they had used their spiritual sense to check that Wang Yue's cultivation was only at the 10th level of the Qi Cultivating Stage.

Hao Yunli was confident that he could subdue these four people in one fell swoop. Not to mention that the youngest kid in the linens had a Rank One Spirit Beast. Even if the two of them didn't use it, it would be worth a good price.

Not long later, Wang Yue and her group of four walked out of the Elegant Luck Restaurant, chatting happily.

Hao Yun patted his younger brother who was eating noodles with his head down. The two of them placed the money on the table and followed behind him.

After walking for half a day, it was already noon. Wang Yue's group arrived at the entrance to a valley, and passed through the valley to a vast and empty area. Wang Yue's group of four quickly stuck their flight talismans on their legs, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Hao Yuan shouted at his younger brother, "Chase!" He was the first to rush over.

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