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Seeing that his brother had caught up to him, Hao Yun hurriedly stuck a flight talisman on his body and chased after him.

He immediately turned around and carried Hao, who had just run over, back more than a hundred feet. When he came to a stop behind them, he discovered that there was a boy in a long hemp garment in front of them. On his shoulder was a little rat with a black iron sword in his right hand and a net in his left hand.

The two of them turned around and saw that the other three also blocked their path.

"The idea is on my hand. Younger brother, go deal with that woman, I'll take care of these three." After Hao Yun finished speaking, he turned around and picked up Li Linfeng and Chu Yunshan.

He did not take Wang Yue first, but it was not because he felt that he could not beat her, but because the dangerous aura was emitted from the net in Wang Yue's hands, he felt that it was a little difficult to deal with, so he decided to first take control of these two low leveled people, and then turn his head to deal with the tough guy.

Li Linfeng and Chu Yunshan were only Qi Disciple level 10, how could they be a match for an early Foundation Establishment stage cultivator? Seeing that Hao Yun wasn't going to attack Wang Yue, the two of them shouted and ran off to either side.

Hao Yun used two oars like weapons, seeing Li Linfeng and Chu Yunshan both running away, Hao Yun threw two oars and chased after the two of them.

The paddle grew with the wind, and just as they were about to hit each other, Chu Yunshan drew his blade and swung it to block the paddle, but before the paddle could reach him, the wind from the paddle had already reached him. Chu Yunshan was stopped by the wind from the paddle, and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards.

Li Linfeng didn't dare to stay any longer. His feet moved like the wind as he ran towards Wang Yue.

When Wang Yue saw that the two oars had injured Chu Yunshan in an instant and that one of them was chasing after Li Linfeng, she shouted, "Don't even think about hurting my brother."

He took a step forward and with a flash, appeared in front of Li Linfeng, throwing out the Heaven's Net. He performed a single-handed incantation gesture, and the Heaven's Net immediately turned into a net shield in front of him.

Just then, the paddle flew over, with a clang, it struck the net shield, causing Wang Yue's arm to tremble, her chest to become stuffy, her spiritual energy became unstable, and she almost lost control of herself.

"Brother Li, help me!" Wang Yue shouted to Li Linfeng behind her.

Li Linfeng knew that Wang Yue's spiritual energy wasn't enough, so he immediately poured all his spiritual energy into his arms and shouted, helping Wang Yue to stabilize her shield.

Wang Yue had received Li Linfeng's assistance and was able to obtain a breath of air. She sent her spiritual will into her body in an attempt to summon the Sword of Qingfeng, but there was no response at all. With his spiritual will, the xuan iron sword moved. With a single move, it welcomed the incoming oar. The xuan iron sword clashed with the oars, causing the sword to vibrate with a humming sound. Wang Yue put strength into her legs and leapt up. The sword in the air was divided into sixteen pieces, and with a single move, the Myriad Swords returned to its original size. Now that the oars were in effect, with Wang Yue's spiritual energy released, she could barely resist the oars.

At this time, there was a loud Ah sound, Wang Yue turned her head to look, only to see Li Lin Feng exhausted all of his Spiritual Energy, and was struck by another oar and sent flying for over a hundred meters, falling to the ground, spitting out blood, unable to move.

Wang Yue's heart was filled with anxiety, an early Foundation Establishment cultivator was indeed impressive, she did not use any moves, only two oars casually flew out, and already the three of them were in such a sorry state, she had to use all her strength to barely resist one of the oars. If both of them came at the same time, then she could only run for her life.

Just as Wang Yue was at her wit's end, she heard a delicate shout from afar: "Bad person, you still haven't stopped? Do you want him to die?"

Wang Yue and Hao Yun simultaneously looked towards the direction of the voice. They saw Hao Chao lying on the ground, already firmly bound by Zhao Yuer's trap. Next to him stood a ten-meter-tall golden lion, roaring nonstop at Hao Chao.

"Late Rank Two Spiritual Beast, Golden-furred Lion. Little girl, quickly release my little brother. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite." Hao Yunli roared at Zhao Yuer.

"Yo, at least you have some knowledge. You should recognize my Golden-furred Lion and take your broken oars. Otherwise, I'll make Xiao Jin eat your younger brother." Zhao Yuer said as she stared at Hao Yunlai with her chin tilted upwards.

The late-stage Rank Two spirit beast was equivalent to the late stage of Foundation Establishment for cultivators. Since Hao Yun knew that he wouldn't be able to get away with it today, he was afraid that the little girl would eat his younger brother.

At this time, Wang Yue's entire body was already exhausted, and she was drenched in sweat. That black iron sword had also shattered, and it was already crippled. After the paddle left, Wang Yue sat down on the ground, holding one low-grade spirit stone in each hand, rapidly recovering her spiritual energy. His eyes were fixed on Hao Yun, just in case he attacked again.

When Hao Yun saw that Zhao Yuer had her little brother under control, he was quite straightforward. He put the two oars into his storage bag, and then threw the storage bag to Wang Yue.

"That should be fine, right?" Hao Yun spread his hands and said.

This made Zhao Yuer giggle. "You are quite a brotherly man. Wang Yue, what do you think we should do with these two? "

"Sister Yu'er, keep an eye on them. I'll go see Brother Li and Brother Chu." As she spoke, Wang Yue first walked towards Li Linfeng.

As he approached, Wang Yue channeled some of her spiritual power into Li Linfeng's body, causing him to slowly wake up. Wang Yue fed a healing pellet to Li Linfeng and briefly explained the situation to him. Li Linfeng lifted his head to look at Zhao Yuer and lightly smiled to her. Then, he started to meditate to heal his injuries.

Wang Yue once again woke Chu Yunshan up, and explained the situation to him. Chu Yunshan used his hand to hit him and said, "Master told me to protect Junior Sister Yu'er, but I didn't expect that she would save me this time. Truly a disgrace."

Wang Yue comforted Chu Yunshan with a few words and fed him a healing pill. She then got him to meditate and heal himself on the spot.

After doing all of this, Wang Yue walked over to Zhao Yuer's side, gave her a thumbs up and said, "Big Sister Yu'er is amazing. She managed to easily suppress this brat. All three of us men were beaten into such a sorry state."

"Of course, I still have a lot of tricks up my sleeves." Zhao Yuer raised her chin and asked Wang Yue, "Wang Yue, how are you going to deal with these two?"

Wang Yue thought for a moment, then waved her hand towards Hao Yun, who appeared in front of her in a flash.

"Who are you people? What sect or sect? Why are you doing this to us? " Wang Yue asked Hao Yun.

Hao Yun told them in detail about how he had used his Spiritual Sense to observe the four of them talking last night.

"So it was the Qi Condensation Pill that caused all this trouble. It seems Master was right. We must keep our fortune hidden from the public when we go out. I was too careless." It's easy for you to get a Qi Condensation Pill, so just tell me. I'm a very easy-going person, maybe I'll be happy to give you eight or ten pills. "Why do you have to come and snatch it? It's too hurtful and kind."

Wang Yue sighed and continued, "My master always told me that if people don't offend me, I won't offend them. If people offend me, I will return it tenfold. Tell me, if I were to release you now, I would be letting down my two injured big brothers, my frightened Big Sister Yu'er, and my black iron sword, which was a relic left behind by my master. "If I don't release you, and if I think that you two are quite pitiful, what should I do?"

As she spoke, Wang Yue lowered her head in thought.

"Young master, if you spare us, we will not hesitate if we are ordered to do so in the future." Hao Yun patted his chest and said.

"Why the future? Let's do it now." Wang Yue asked, "Big Sister Yu'er, do you want a follower?"

"No, our Zhao Family has plenty of followers." Zhao Yu'er quickly waved her hands.

"Very well, since big sister Yu'er does not want you, then follow me for ten years and I will return your freedom."

"Ten years? Young Master, please do not make things difficult for me. " Hao Yunli gritted his teeth and said.

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