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As the three immortals were about to leave, Wang Yue used all her might and ran up the stage.

Wang Yue was standing at the back of the crowd, looking at the healthy and lively children getting swept away. He became more and more unconfident, and was about to turn around and leave, but thinking of how his parents had already suffered too much for his sake, he clenched his teeth and ran over.

"Oh, there's also a little guy here. Let me take a look first." The fat Daoist laughed as he gently pressed one hand on Wang Yue's head. After a while, he let out a cry and placed his other hand on Wang Yue's back.

After a while, he retracted his hands and shook his head. "What a pity, what a pity."

"What is such a pity? Elder Qing, please explain yourself." The young man in embroidered clothes asked curiously.

"Take a look for yourself." As he spoke, the plump Taoist pushed Wang Yue to the side of the young man in embroidered clothes. The young man in embroidered clothes placed his hand on Wang Yue's head and started inspecting her.

"What is there to look at? Look at him, he looks like he's no more than a few years old, skinny as a bag of bones, and his hair is almost all falling off at such a young age. How could he possibly be a real cultivator?" The well-dressed man standing at the side said in disdain.

It was at this moment that the blue and white dressed man finished his inspection and said to Elder Qing, "It is indeed a bit strange. Although it is clearly the twin spirit root body of wind and thunder, the power of wind and thunder is abnormally chaotic. The child is hopeless. "

"Unless a sect is willing to cleanse his body and another Core Formation cultivator is willing to spend his life energy to change his fate, otherwise …" The fat Daoist looked at Wang Yue, sighed, and did not continue.

The well-dressed man continued, "Junior Martial Brother Feng, why don't you accept him? Wind and thunder dual attribute is extremely rare, hahaha."

The young man did not continue, he lowered his head and said to Wang Yue: "Child, let's go home." No sect is willing to support useless people. "

"Grandpa Immortal, please save Lil 'Six." Mu Xiaolan pulled at the plump Taoist's clothes as she pleaded.

Hearing Mu Xiaoling's words, the fat Daoist Priest shook his head and pulled Wang Yue over as he said, "Come, child, these are two pills. If you take one when you are in pain, it may not be enough to cure your illness, but it will lessen your pain."

"Elder Qing, you too. Why waste two Life Continuing Pills? That's a superior grade one medicinal pill. Giving it to such a trash for free would make him only have two years of life at most."

"It's fate that we meet each other. It's just a pity that we have this pair of spiritual roots." "Let's go."

Wang Yue took the two Life Continuing Pills and was stunned on the spot. He didn't pay attention to anything else the three deities said.

"He only has two years at most." The only thing that remained in his mind was the words of the fine-clothed deity.

He did not know how he got home. It was as if he had walked for a while, but also as if he had walked for a long time.

When he got home, his parents hadn't come back yet. Wang Yue was sitting in the yard, staring blankly at the sky.

"I only have two years left to live. If even the immortal said that, then I really am hopeless." My parents have already suffered too much for me. Second Brother went to be a carpenter's apprentice for me, and Fifth Sister went to be a child's bride for me. They all say I killed three of my brothers.

Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Wang Yue clenched her fists, as though she had made up her mind. She took out the pill given by the Immortal and swallowed one, her whole body immediately felt warm and comfortable.

He took pen and paper from the house and wrote:

"Lord Father, Mother, please:

He would meet immortals in the daytime and receive their guidance. His words could cure children's illnesses and teach them skills. His son had already left with him, so his parents shouldn't think about it.

Not enough to say.

Unfilial son Wang Yue kowtowed.

He did not write the date of his return, because he did not want to return.

Leaving behind a letter, Wang Yue placed her staff on the table and walked out of the village by herself.

Perhaps it was due to the effects of the pills, but Wang Yue felt much better. As soon as she left the village, she ran eight or nine miles in a single go.

"I heard that the bottom of this cliff is 100,000 feet deep. If I jump down, I should be able to escape."

Wang Yue turned her head to look at the direction of Little Wang Manor, "Father, mother, second brother, fifth sister, Little Six can only repay you in his next life. "Take care."

After speaking, Wang Yue jumped off the cliff.

After an unknown amount of time passed, she felt a cool liquid entering her mouth, Wang Yue slowly opened her eyes. What caught his eye was a chubby old man, with a white beard in one hand and a large wine gourd in the other, pouring wine into his mouth.

"Awake, little guy." The fat old man said with a smile.

"Un, where am I? The Underworld? " As she spoke, Wang Yue sat up. He felt pain all over his body and lay down again.

"Haha, Underworld? If this was the Underworld, then what was I? You fell down from above, and were kept up by tree branches all the way. You fell on the big rock in front of my cave, and it was you who deserved it. I was in the cave healing, so I rescued you. "

"Many thanks, man. "Did you give me a drink?" Wang Yue wanted to squeeze out a smile to express her thanks, but the pain in her face caused her entire face to crumble.

"This is called Immortal drunkenness. Drink one drop of the broken bones and flesh, drink two drops with a hundred times energy. Drink three drops and you'll be floating in the air."

The fat old man said proudly as he picked up the wine gourd and drank a mouthful.

"Speak, how did you fall from above?" "Luckily I coincidentally fell into my hole."

"I …" Wang Yue stuttered, "I came here to seek death."

"Ah?" An ant sneakily living, not to mention a human? You want to be born at such a young age? If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have saved you. "I, Liu Peiji, have always hated people who live lightly."

"Calm down, benefactor, I was forced to do this." Wang Yue whispered.

"Hmm? "Tell me about it. In any case, I have been feeling very depressed after so many days of recuperation, so I might as well tell you how I have no other choice." Liu Yuji sat on the ground and said as he looked at Wang Yue.

Thus, Wang Yue told Liu about how she had grown up weak and sickly, how her family had to borrow money to treat his illness, how her family had to suffer a lot for him, how she met an immortal in the daytime, and how he only had two years to live.

"Oh, you still have a Wind and Thunder dual spirit root body? Let me see. " After saying that, he placed his hand on Wang Yue's head, channeled some spiritual energy into her, and closed his eyes to feel it.

After a while, Liu Yuji said, "Yes, it is indeed the Twin Spirit Roots of Wind and Thunder. Unfortunately, when your mother thought of you, she had used her womb's energy. Before the power of the Innate Wind and Thunder could even begin to circulate in her meridians, it was already stimulated by the power of the wind and lightning in her body, causing her meridians to go into disorder. Her yin and yang energy was unbalanced, and her body became weaker and weaker. Those people were right, you can only live for two years. "

Wang Yue didn't fully understand Liu's words, but she clearly heard the last sentence.

"If even benefactor has spoken like that, then I am truly hopeless. "It's better if you don't care about me anymore. Just let me die on my own." Wang Yue drooped her head as she spoke.

"Nonsense, how can a man give up so easily? I, Liu Baoji, have lived for more than 600 years, and have encountered many more obstacles than you. Look at how useless you are, how do you look like my disciple? " He was so angry that even his beard was sticking out.

Although Wang Yue's body was weak, she was still a smart person, and upon hearing those words, she immediately raised her head: "You are an immortal? You want to accept me as your disciple? "

"What? I'm an Aurous Core stage cultivator, yet you're still unwilling to accept me as your disciple?" Liu's eyes were wide open as he spoke.

"I am willing. Your disciple has kowtowed to Master."

As she said that, Wang Yue struggled to get up from the ground and kowtowed three times in respect.

Liu Boji laughed and calmly received three kowtows from Wang Yue.

After getting up, Wang Yue asked, "Teacher, why do you live in this cave by yourself?"

When Liu Beiji heard this, he raised his head to drink a mouthful of wine and sighed, "This is really a child without a mother. It's a long story. I have only a few years left in my life, so I am not proud of myself. I came out to see if I can find a disciple to accept me. I didn't expect that someone would plot against me halfway and cause serious injuries. So, I had no choice but to escape to the cave in the cliff to heal my injuries. "

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