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When Hao Yun heard that Wang Yue wanted the two brothers to follow him for ten years, he immediately wanted to reject her offer.

"Don't be in a hurry to refuse. In these ten years, as long as I open my supply of pills, when my cultivation level reaches a certain level, I will also be able to refine the Foundation Establishment Pills, the Origin Returning Pills, and the Dust-Descending Pills. How about it? "

"Is what Young Master said true?" Hao Yunlai said in frustration. One had to know that the Qi Condensation Pill and the Foundation Building Pill were still fine. The Origin Returning Pill and the Dust-Descending Pill were tier-2 and tier-3 pills that were hard to buy even if one had money.

"Is there a need for me to lie to you? A man's words are as good as gold. " Wang Yue patted her chest as she spoke.

Hao Yunlai didn't even think before saying, "Okay, we two brothers will be under Young Noble's command for ten years. Then, Young Master, can this young lady let my little brother go first? "

"I can release you, but who knows if you will hit me again after releasing your little brother. I can't beat you." First, I have to transport a soul restriction technique to your little brother Hao. This soul restriction technique can only control people with lower cultivation than you, so if the person is not willing to control it, then they will be restricted. It won't take his life, and it won't have any effect on his cultivation. As for you, your cultivation is higher than me, so forget it for now. "

Hao Yunlai thought for a moment and then said with determination, "Okay, I'll do as Young Master says."

Wang Yue had Zhao Yuer protect her, so she took out a set of talismans from her storage bag and placed it around Hao Yun's body. Wang Yue was able to calm her heart down, her hands forming a seal, forming a strange gesture. In the time it took to make a cup of tea, Wang Yue clapped her hands and said: "Okay, big sister Yu'er, let him out."

Zhao Yu`er waved her hand and the net returned to her hands.

Hao Cheng jumped up and brushed off the dust on his body. He looked at the Golden-furred Lion beside him with lingering fear, then cupped his hands towards Zhao Yuer and Wang Yue and said: "Many thanks to Miss for showing mercy, many thanks for Young Noble's mercy."

Wang Yue waved her hand and said, "You've heard it just now. You two brothers will be following me from now on. If you do well, you'll benefit as well. If you have any other intentions, don't blame me for being impolite."

"But under Young Master's control." The two brothers said in unison.

Wang Yue and Zhao Yuer brought Chu Yunshan and Li Lin Feng to a large tree respectively and brought out some food to eat.

Wang Yue was very happy. Her master had previously said that a good man would have three helpers, and many friends to choose from. He had only been out for two days, and he had met three friends and accepted two followers. He felt a bit more confident that he could successfully fulfill his master's last wish.

It wasn't that Wang Yue was deliberately trying to make things difficult for the Hao brothers, but he felt that his master's three wishes were too far away. In the cultivation world, the strong preyed on the weak. He himself was a fox, so he really didn't have complete confidence. Although the Hao brothers' cultivations weren't very high, but since they were brothers, it wasn't easy for two rogue cultivators to reach this stage. Furthermore, this was a rare opportunity, so Wang Yue decided to take them in.

After eating and drinking to their heart's content, the six of them wanted to pack up and set off on their journey.

Zhao Yu`er said, "Stop walking. It's too tiring. There was still such a long way to go. Brother Li and Brother Chu were both injured. Let's go in the car. "

"Car?" In this wilderness, where are we going to find a car? " Wang Yue asked.

"I do." Zhao Yu`er smiled mischievously as she took out an item from her storage bag and placed it on the ground.

Seeing that it was a red carriage, Wang Yue smiled and said: "Big Sister Yu'er, you are just teasing me. This little carriage is too small for a child."

Zhao Yuer said, "Look again." As he said this, he threw out a rune. He then pointed with his finger and the small carriage instantly swelled up. Its size was enough to seat ten people.

Zhao Yuer then called out two more Ferghana Dragons from her spirit beast bag. She pointed with her lily-white hands, causing the horses to whimper as they wrapped themselves around the shaft of the carriage.

Wang Yue clicked her tongue in wonder. The precious treasures of the Zhao Family elder were not ordinary. There were treasures and spirit beasts coming and going.

Zhao Yuer led the way into the carriage, and everyone followed her. Seeing that everyone was on stage, Zhao Yuer shouted, "Big Red, Little Red, let's go!"

The two Ferghana Horses let out two hissing sounds before charging straight towards Little Wang Manor.

In the carriage, Wang Yue couldn't help but ask, "Big sister Yu'er, just what stage of beast tamer are you? "You're only at the 9th level of the Refinement Stage, but you're actually able to control a Golden Lion Beast at the late Second Stage."

Hearing Wang Yue's question, everyone in the carriage turned to look at Zhao Yuer. Although Chu Yunshan and Li Lin Feng were already acquainted with Zhao Yuer, they did not know what stage of beast tamer Zhao Yuer was.

"About that, I don't know what stage of beast tamer I am. I can control any spirit beast that Daddy can control. " Zhao Yuer supported her chin as she spoke.

"Then what stage is your father a beast tamer?" Hao Yun asked.

"Fourth step." Zhao Yuer said.

"Ah?" It's so magical. " Wang Yue exclaimed.

"Yeah, I also find it strange. I asked Father about it, but he only said that I have good talent, so he didn't say anything more."

Wang Yue thought: "Yesterday, Hoodlum said that big sister Yu Er is a little strange, maybe it's because of this. A Qi Disciple level 9 was enough to control a Rank 4 Spirit Beast. Looks like I really can't underestimate the people of this world. "

As everyone talked, they arrived at the edge of the great canyon. Wang Yue said, "After passing through this great canyon and climbing up a 100,000 foot cliff, that would be my home. This gorge is a hundred miles deep and is filled with dense forests. I'm afraid we won't be able to use this carriage any longer. Let's find a place to rest for the night, and then we can continue on our journey tomorrow. "

Zhao Yuer said, "Wang Yue, don't underestimate my Big Red and Little Red too much. They are both late-Second Order Ferghana Dragons. They can fly. This tiny Hundred Miles Canyon is not a problem."

As he spoke, he ignored Wang Yue's surprised expression and took out four high-grade spirit stones, placing them in the slot on the horse. He shook the whip in the air, and with a whistle, two Ferghana Horses soared into the sky, flying above the forest.

While sitting on the carriage, Wang Yue was filled with emotion. A great clan was indeed not an ordinary clan. An ordinary cultivator would probably never be able to earn such a luxurious carriage in their entire lifetime. Although he had inherited his master's legacy, he was still far inferior to her.

As she was thinking, Zhao Yuer's carriage had already reached the edge of the cliff, and there was still some distance between them and the cave in the middle of the cliff. Wang Yue secretly let Hoodlum feel if the two Core Formation cultivators were still around, and Hoodlum said to Wang Yue in a low voice, "Safe."

After Hoodlum confirmed, Wang Yue had Zhao Yuer command the carriage towards the cave.

Reaching the top of the cave entrance, Zhao Yuer put away her horse and carriage, and Wang Yue led the group into the cave.

"Wang Yue, how did you know that there's a cave here?" Zhao Yuer asked.

"I found it when I was cultivating with Master." Wang Yue casually replied.

"This place is pretty good. It's dry and spacious, especially the stairs from the cave entrance that lead straight to the bottom of the valley. It seems that a Foundation Establishment cultivator spent a lot of effort to build this place." Li Lin Feng sighed.

"I was like this when I came. If there's nothing else, I come here often to play." Wang Yue said.

He did not say that this was a place of meditation and cultivation for his master, because this matter was too important, and it would be disadvantageous to him if there were too many people who knew about it. If they knew that the tens of thousands of feet of stairs were built by Wang Lin to cultivate the consonance technique, they would have been so shocked that their jaws would drop.

"Big Sister Yu Er, Big Brother Li, Big Brother Chu, Hao brothers, you guys can take care of yourselves in this cave. "Not too far away from the cliff is my village. I'll be back in two days at the latest, and we'll return to Han City together." Wang Yue said to the crowd.

"Then I'll have Big Red send you up the cliff. It'll save you a lot of effort." Zhao Yuer said.

"Big Sister Yu'er, there's no need for that. I'm riding on a dragon horse. You guys just wait here for me, I'll be back soon. " Wang Yue consoled.

"Junior Sister Yu'er, we will listen to Brother Wang and wait for him peacefully here. Don't create trouble for him." Li Lin Feng advised.

Thus, Wang Yue bid farewell to everyone. Putting on the flight talisman, she rapidly climbed up the cliff from the place where he landed three years ago.

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