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Below the precipice was a massive canyon. This canyon spanned for several hundred miles, with rolling hills and lush forests. Rivers snaked through this valley, and streams of water gurgled in and out of it. Everywhere was lush and full of vitality.

Autumn passed and winter came, and spring came again. Spring left and autumn came for another year. Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

Another year passed. Within the great canyon, the sounds of birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers could be heard. It was a thriving scene.

At this moment, on the path along the river, a large stone was rapidly moving. This stone was at least 600 jin in weight. Some people thought that the stone had turned to stone and started to run on their own. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a burly boy in linen robes holding onto a boulder as he ran. There was a fat old man holding a wine gourd beside him. He urged the hempen-clothed youngster to hurry up and occasionally raised the gourd to drink a mouthful of wine.

The hempen-clothed brat who supported Big Stone was the twelve-year-old son of the sixth son, Wang Yue. If the fat old man wasn't Liu Baoji, then who else could he be?

Last summer, Liu Baoji had already helped Wang Yue remove all the Wind and Lightning powers in her body, and then spent a year to help her remove all the chaotic Xiantian thunder and lightning powers from her body. For the past three years, Liu Peiji had used the divine furnace to help Wang Yue cleanse her marrow and cultivate the Consonance Technique unceasingly.

Back then, when Liu Baoji decided to let Wang Yue cultivate the consonance technique, he had made a simple and long-term body tempering plan, which was to let Wang Yue use a rock to create a staircase from the bottom of the canyon to the entrance.

One had to know that from the bottom of the valley to the entrance of the cave, only those with great willpower would not be able to accomplish anything. At first, Wang Yue's frail body could only lift a stone or two, but as her physique increased, the stone she could lift became bigger and bigger.

To his surprise, Wang Yue's innate wind and thunder power unexpectedly increased from 100 Jin of stones to 600 Jin in one go. What made Liu Peiji even more pleasantly surprised was that Wang Yue's cultivation increased day by day. During the first year, she reached the 2nd level of the Qi Cultivating Stage and the 2nd year, she reached the 5th level of the Qi Cultivating Stage. It had to be known that it would take at least a dozen or twenty years for an ordinary cultivator to reach such a level.

And Wang Yue was only twelve years old.

While raising her cultivation, Wang Yue was also cultivating the Spirit Rhino Technique, Thousand Light Sword Shadow Technique, Alchemy Technique, and Five Elements Returning Technique.

When Wang Yue placed the six hundred jin boulder on the top of the stairs, the fifteen thousand foot staircase was completed.

Wang Tong walked into the cave and wiped the sweat off his forehead. "Master, what would you like to eat today? I'll go to the forest and get some food."

Liu Baoji gestured for Wang Yue to sit down, and then sat down facing Wang Yue.

After settling down, he said, "I have trained for six hundred years, and the most correct thing to do is to accept a disciple like you. When I accepted you back then, my master originally didn't have much longevity left. To be able to last until now was also a blessing from Heaven.

What surprises me is that you've actually reached the 10th level of Qi Cultivating Stage. Reaching Qi Disciple level 10 in three years was extremely rare in the cultivation world. This is all thanks to the fact that the power of the wind and lightning have been in your body for nine years. While they have damaged your body, they have also absorbed the spirit energy into your body, constantly nourishing you or else you would have already lost your life. Right now, the only reason why his cultivation had improved so fast was to make sure that he could control the spiritual energy in his body as he pleased.

However, it was not a good thing for his cultivation to increase too quickly. He had to consolidate his existing cultivation in the future before he could continue to do that.

Your kid has already mastered the Consonance Technique and the Thousand Light Sword Technique can now split into sixteen sword images. Although the Five Elements Restoration Technique is progressing very slowly, it can already draw in the energy of the five elements and slowly refine it into your body.

What's more surprising to me is that you have great talent in alchemy, and the Qi Condensation Pills you refine are of superior quality. This made Master very pleased.

On the road of cultivation, although you have an excellent start, you should never be arrogant. In the future, you still have a long road ahead of you. Master sees you as someone with great luck, but you have to grasp this luck yourself. Otherwise, no matter how good your luck is, it will be useless to grasp it.

When I left the Gui Yuan Sect that year, I had already exchanged all the useless things I had on me for spirit stones. In total, I had one million low-grade spirit stones, ten thousand mid-grade spirit stones, and a hundred high-grade spirit stones. All my life, I have only trained and never gathered wealth. Other than the Spirit Refinement Furnace and the Azure Peak Sword, I can only leave you these spirit stones.

I can teach you for a while, but I can't teach you for a lifetime. In the future, you'll have to walk the path by yourself. I don't wish for you to have any great accomplishments.

I still have some pills on me, so you'd better take them. Unless you have no other choice, don't use any pills to increase your cultivation.

Let's not talk about that anymore. Go and beat up a wild goat for me. You brat, you sure are something.

Wang Yue was an extremely intelligent person. How could she not understand what Liu Baoji was saying? His master was talking about some matters behind the scenes. "Master, I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to stay with you." Tears welled up in Wang Yue's eyes, but she forced herself not to let them down.

"Good child, when we first met, you were still born young, but I have long forgiven you, no matter how difficult it is, you have to endure it. There is no obstacle in this world, and I can see that in these three years, you have great perseverance. Don't be like me, all my life I have coveted to have fun, and in the end I was unable to achieve anything. "Alright, stop being so obedient. Hurry up and fight the wild game, I can't wait any longer." With that, he chased Wang Yue out of the cave.

Wang Yue was impatient, she could only walk out of the cave and ran towards the depths of the canyon.

He was eager to catch the wild goat, so that he could roast the whole lamb for his master. As she ran, she was searching for her prey. Suddenly, she heard shouts coming from afar. Ever since she mastered the Spiritual Consonance Body Refinement Technique, Wang Yue's senses had become exceptionally sensitive.

From the sound of it, it seemed to be about three to four miles away. Wang Yue stood up and jumped to the top of a huge tree, using her leaves to cover her body, concealing her presence, observing in secret.

Wang Yue was carefully observing the situation in front of her through the leaves, when suddenly, a white light flashed, and Wang Yue quickly dodged to the side, lowering her head to look, only to see a fluffy and round furball standing on a tree branch beneath her feet, two of its small feet were standing, its front paws were constantly rubbing against each other like a human, its sharp nose was sniffing about, and its two little eyes were staring unblinkingly at the storage bag on her waist.

Wang Yue immediately covered her bag of holding and asked: "What are you? Why did you suddenly run up here? "

"I'm not a thing, I'm a flying hamster. I'm being chased by four bad people behind me. Can Big Bro save me?" The hamster said miserably.

"I am not the eldest brother, but the sixth brother. My big brother died in battle six years ago … "Eh, you actually know how to speak our language?" Halfway through her words, Wang Yue sensed that something was amiss, and asked in shock.

"I am the Royal Flying Goldfur Mouse, so of course I will say what you said. Sixth Brother, save me, they have chased me for an entire day, I really can't run anymore. If Sixth Brother saved me, I will definitely repay you with my body. " Hoodlum cupped his fists and pleaded like a human.

"Pfft, who asked you to repay me with your body?" However, since you're a bad person, I'll help you. " Wang Yue said.

"Hey, boy, quickly hand over the Rat, and I'll spare your life."

There were already four people standing under the tree. One of them, a big fellow with a full beard, shouted at Wang Yue.

Wang Yue looked carefully, among them there was actually an acquaintance from the same village, Li Qiang.

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