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Wang Yue swept her gaze across the four people under the tree. Other than the bearded man, there was one other person dressed in luxurious clothing, with slender eyebrows and thin lips. He looked like a popinjay from an aristocratic family; the other person had a devilish expression, a moustache, and a goatee on his lower lip.

Li Qiang stood beside the three of them. He was dressed in fiery red, tall and sturdy, with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a wide face. He was carrying a long curved blade on his tiger's back, majestically standing there.

Wang Yue quickly scanned it with her Spiritual Sense and discovered that Li Qiang was Stage 6 Qi Disciple, the hedonistic son was Stage 11 Qi Disciple, and the bearded man and goatee were both Stage 7 Qi Disciple. Wang Yue's eyes turned, she had an idea, and she jumped down from the tree.

Ignoring the shouting of the bearded man, Wang Yue smiled at Li Qiang and said: "Brother Li Qiang, it's been a few years since we last met, you have become even more valiant. Have you been doing well at the Raging Blade Sect these past few years? "

These words caused Li Qiang to be startled, he couldn't help but look at Wang Yue, shaking his head: "I don't know you, who exactly are you? You actually know my name, and even know that I'm from the Raging Blade Sect. "

It was no wonder that Li Qiang didn't recognize Wang Yue. In these three years, Wang Yue was no longer the sickly girl with a yellow and skinny face like before. The current Wang Yue was tall and straight, with black hair that hung down to her shoulders, and brows that were like swords. Her small eyes were bright and full of life, and her childish face had a simple and honest expression from start to finish. A single glance was enough to make one instantly love and feel close to him.

"I'm Wang Yue, the sickly girl from our village." Wang Yue smiled as she spoke.

"Ah?" You are Wang Yue? How is this possible? How did you become like this in just three years? You've recovered? Back then, the Immortals all said that you won't be able to live much longer. " Li Qiang was extremely shocked.

Wang Yue scratched her head and said, "This is a long story. I accidentally met my master, and he was the one who cured me. What, you want to go home? Where's Elder Sister Xiao Lian? Why didn't she come back with you? "

Hearing Wang Yue ask about Mu Xiaolan, Li Qiang immediately felt embarrassed. He had been at the Raging Blade Sect for the past few years, and whenever he had the free time, he would run over to the Zhao Family to visit Mu Xiaoling. Li Qiang snappily said, "Little Lian is doing very well in the Zhao Family. You don't have to worry about it."

"Oh, then are these people also from the Raging Blade Sect?" Wang Yue pointed to the three people beside Li Qiang.

"This is senior brother Zhao Degui from Han City's Zhao Family. Those two are his followers." We ran into each other on the way, so we ended up travelling together. " Li Qiang said indifferently.

"Have you talked enough? Do you think I don't exist? "Wild boy, quickly hand over the Goldfur Mouse or I'll make you suffer until the end." Zhao Degui used his folding fan and pointed at Wang Yue as he spoke.

After all, Wang Yue was still a child, and when she heard that, she immediately became angry. Staring at Zhao Dexian, he asked, "Who are you calling a wild brat? Speak politely. Didn't your master teach you manners? Talking to this young master in such a grand tone, was he not afraid of losing his tongue? "If it wasn't for Brother Li Qiang's face, I would have beaten you to the point that your teeth were all over the floor."

"You … "You truly do not know your limits. When I catch you later, I will definitely pull your tendons and skin off, causing you to die without an intact corpse." Zhao Degui said as he prepared to make his move.

Li Qiang hurriedly stopped Zhao Dagao and said, "Please don't worry, Senior Brother. Wait for me to persuade him."

Li Qiang quickly pulled Wang Yue to the side and said, "Wang Yue, they are from the Zhao Family of Han City. Li Qiang quickly pulled Wang Yue to the side and said," Wang Yue, they are from the Zhao Family of Han City.

"No, this little Hairy Ball already followed me, so I have to protect it. If you have the ability, come over and fight a few rounds with me. Wang Yue stubbornly said.

"Wang Yue, you must think this through clearly. They are all cultivators with powerful cultivations. Even I am not their match. If I really hurt you, I will not be able to help them at all." Li Qiang advised.

"Brother Li Qiang, there's no need for you to care. Just stand by the side and watch. I can't bear to see these juniors of influential families ordering others around. See how I take care of them." After saying this, without waiting for Li Qiang to speak, he leaped out and shouted to Zhao Dagong and the other two, "Will you all come one by one, or will you all come at once?"

Hearing this, before Zhao Dagao could say anything, the man with a full beard behind him shouted angrily, swinging the giant axe in his hand towards Wang Yue. That huge axe was two times the size of Wang Yue's, and before the huge axe had arrived, a silhouette twice the size of the huge axe flew out from the axe, flying towards Wang Yue.

He placed the hamster on his shoulder, and jumped back to avoid the axe's shadow. With a single thought, the sword entered his right hand, and at the same time, he infused his spiritual energy into it. Because Wang Yue had a dual attribute like wind and thunder, the spiritual energy that he refined also had a thunder attribute. A green light surrounded the blade of the sword as lightning flashed on it.

One move, Moon Descending West Mountain. The sword instantly split into four sword shadows. Because the sword had wind and lightning on it, the speed of the sword shadows were many times faster than the bearded man's axe shadows.

The two sword shadows smashed into the handle of the giant axe, shattering the runes on the handle. The sword shadows brought with them lightning, causing the giant axe to fall to the ground. Right at this moment, two sword shadows flew over. One sword tip was three inches away from the bearded man's throat, while the other was suspended upside down above his head.

All of this took a long time to describe, but from the time Wang Yue avoided the bearded man's axe shadow to his defeat, only a blink of an eye had passed.

"Sixth Brother, right? This lowly one has lost, please keep the treasured sword. If there's anything you want to say, we can talk." The bearded gangster was quite brazen and immediately begged for mercy.

Wang Yue said, "Are you still scolding? Do you still call yourself grandpa? "

"I was wrong, I was wrong. You are my grandpa, I am my grandson, right?" The bearded man had witnessed how quick and ruthless Wang Yue was at such a young age. He didn't know what kind of master taught such a little brother, but perhaps the two sword images above his head would really take his life.

The bearded man was already over thirty years old. He was originally a rogue cultivator who had followed behind his young master for more than ten years before reaching his current cultivation. He was used to being a fox taking the chance to show off his might.

This time, he came out to accompany the young master in his experiential learning, and found this hamster while eating at a restaurant in Qu County. Besides liking beauties, his young master liked these spirit beasts. If the young master was happy, he might even give him another Qi Condensation Pill or something.

He didn't expect that the mouse was so slippery. Not only did the bearded man not catch it, he was even played around with it time and time again. Unable to bear it, he could only come back and ask the young master and the butler to help him. Halfway home, he met Li Qiang, who was visiting his family, and invited him to help him surround and block the Rat.

Fortunately, the young master had a Spirit Beast Disk that was specially used to track Spirit Beasts. The three of them followed it all the way to Qu County's territory. Originally, after chasing it for three days and three nights, the little mouse should have lost all of its strength to run away. Catching it was no longer an effort at all.

Besides, how could there be any powerful characters in this remote area? When they saw Wang Yue, they thought she was just a normal brat and were scared off. They never expected that this time she would actually kick them down.

Hearing the bearded man's words, Wang Yue withdrew her sword and pointed it at Zhao Degui, "He's convinced. What do you two think?"

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