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When Li Qiang saw Wang Yue instantly subdue a Qi Disciple level 7 cultivator, he was so shocked that his jaw almost fell off.

"Wang Yue, you've caused trouble. "No one dares to provoke your senior in Han City, but you …" Li Qiang said.

"Brother Li Qiang, this has nothing to do with you. I'll tell you about it after I take care of these two people." Wang Yue said.

In fact, after the bearded man had been defeated, the man in embroidered clothes and the man in the goatee had already communicated with each other in a low voice.

"Young master, this child's sword is a rare treasure sword. Although it is a Practitioner Weapon, it is still a high grade Practitioner Weapon. If the Rat wants to catch it, then the sword must be brought as well. "

"However, from the conversation between him and Li Qiang just now, he seemed to have recognized aunt's new disciple, Mu Xiaoling. That Little Lian is so pretty and charming, I was begging aunt to accept her into my room. Isn't it a little …?"

"Young master, you can try to speak first. If that kid doesn't have any background or elders nearby, then we might …" As the goatee spoke, he made a gesture as if he was wiping his neck.

"But what about Li Qiang?" He is a member of the Raging Blade Sect. " Zhao Degui hesitated.

"He is just a level 6 Qi Disciple kid, what can he do? After the event, we will give him some benefits. If he doesn't behave himself, he might do the same."

"That's right, this brat has been harassing Sister Xiaolian everyday. I've long since disliked him."

He cupped his fists at Wang Yue and laughed, "Brother Wang Yue, I am Zhao Dexian from Han City, Zhao Dexian from Han City, and I am Zhao Dexian from Han City have cultivated for generations, I have never heard of any cultivators in Qu County, I wonder who my little brother is under? When we reach his territory, it is only right for us juniors to pay our respects. "

"Don't talk about all these good people. It can be seen from one look that you guys aren't good people. How could you just casually inquire about my master's name? He's not here, so I came out to play alone. I said if you have anything else, I'm leaving now. I'm very busy. " Wang Yue said impatiently.

"Sixth Brother is right, there's no need to waste your time on these kind of bad guys." The Rat King said in a soft voice.

Wang Yue shook the little mouse's paws and gave it a mischievous smile.

When Zhao Dagao heard Wang Yue's words, he inwardly rejoiced, "It seems that I should be the one getting rich today. This brat must have come out here to play by himself while carrying his master on his back. What a waste of my words."

Zhao Dagao had one hand behind his back, the other holding his fan, he pointed at Wang Yue and said, "Kid, don't refuse a toast. "Obediently hand over the little mouse, and also bring your storage pouch and sword. I'll spare your life, or else, hehe, I'll make sure you die without a complete corpse."

While speaking, he gestured to the bearded man and the goatee man, and the three of them quickly formed a triangle, surrounding Wang Yue.

Seeing this stance, Wang Yue was slightly flustered, but the fluster only lasted for a moment. He thought of what his master had said. Calm yourself down when facing a problem, don't be impatient. Wang Yue immediately calmed down. Pointing at Zhao Dexian, he said, "Using numbers to bully the weak, right? Come on, do you think I'm afraid of you? "Let's all go at once."

As he said this, he patted the little mouse on his shoulder and said, "Little Hairy Ball, don't be afraid. Watch how Sixth Brother will deal with these three bad people. I'll vent your anger on them."

"Alright, Sixth Brother, you can do it!" The little mouse patted her with its two paws, and immediately grabbed onto Wang Yue's hair.

Zhao Degui saw that at such a young age, Wang Yue actually didn't get along with him, and immediately lost his patience. He threw the folding fan in his hand towards Wang Yue, and that folding fan actually turned into a huge net in midair, enveloping her.

"Sixth Brother, quickly dodge it. That Beast Catching Net is not simple at all. None of us will be able to escape if we get caught by it." The hamster urgently reminded him.

Wang Yue used her Spiritual Sense to scan the net and found that it was indeed not a simple one. There were no runes on it, but it was definitely above the rank of a Practitioner Weapon. He activated the Lingxi Technique, causing his feet to feel as if the wind had risen. He barely managed to dodge the attack of the Beast Hunting Network.

After he stood up, he poured all of his spiritual energy into his sword. The sword carried sixteen shadows, while the first style was' Meteor Chase the Moon '. He ignored Zhao Dagao and went straight for his sideburns.

That fully bearded man was already frightened of Wang Yue, she had only used four sword shadows to instantly take him down, and now there were sixteen sword shadows. However, the runes on the giant axe had already been destroyed by Wang Yue's sword image. A Practitioner Weapon without any runes was only slightly stronger than an ordinary weapon, how could it block the sword image of the Cyan Peak Sword.

As for Wang Yue, she controlled her sixteen sword images to fly towards the bearded gangster, who knew that he was unable to stop her, and threw out his axe before turning around and running. As he ran, he shouted, "Young master, save me! Housekeeper, save me!"

The bodies of the 16 sword shadows were surrounded by thunder and lightning. They instantly shattered the bearded man's enormous axe, but their momentum didn't decrease at all and they really forced him to leave. With an "Ah!" sound, the 16 sword shadows stabbed into the man's body, pinning him to a giant tree in front of him. The bearded man's body was covered in sixteen sword holes, with blood oozing out of them. There was no chance for him to survive.

"Sixth brother, you killed him?" The hamster whispered as it tightly held onto Wang Yue's hair.

Seeing the bearded man nailed to the tree, Wang Yue was also stunned. This was her first time fighting with someone, so she didn't have a good grasp of her strength. In truth, when Wang Yue saw that Zhao Degui and the other two had surrounded her, she originally wanted to use a Meteor Chasing Moon to suppress the fully bearded man, who was already scared out of her wits, and then fight with the other two. He didn't want to kill, but he had killed the bearded gangster so thoroughly.

Wang Yue's heart was jumping nonstop, behind her, Zhao Degui shouted, "Little bastard, stop."

The hamster hurriedly warned, "Be careful of the back."

Wang Yue did not have time to be nervous, with a thought, the flight talisman flew out from her storage bag and stuck to her legs, immediately jumping a few meters forward, turning her sword around, 16 sword images revolving around her mother sword, forming a protective barrier.

Zhao Degai and the goatee both saw Wang Yuejian's action, and had no time to save him, hence they both shouted out loud, and together with the goatee, they charged towards Wang Yue. He didn't expect that Wang Yue was too quick to save Zhao Dagao with her move, but she wasn't able to save the man with a full beard.

Zhao Dexian turned his hands, and the folding fan that had turned into a trap came to a stop in front of him. Then, the trap spun at a high speed, turning into a conical shape as it charged towards Wang Yue. The net was too fast, Wang Yue didn't have enough time to dodge. She immediately activated her Spirit Rhino Technique, and all of her spiritual energy was poured into her sword, the 16 sword images quickly revolving around her mother sword. From afar, it looked like there was a green sword pillar in front of Wang Yue. At this moment, the tip of the net cone had already drilled into the sword pillar. Sparks shot in all directions, but it was unable to break through.

Right at that moment, Wang Yue heard three 'ding ding ding' sounds from behind her, and felt pain in her back. There was no time to look back, while controlling the sword pillar to block the more expensive net cone, she pushed herself on the ground and jumped up ten meters, the sword pillar moving right after her, Wang Yue pushed the sword pillar forward, and turned around in the air, only to find that the goatee took the opportunity to launch a sneak attack on her from behind.

The instant Wang Yue borrowed the sword pillar to block the net, she turned around in the air and with one hand as her sword, she pointed her sword towards the battlefield and shot towards the goatee like an arrow that had just been released from a bow. The goatee was originally good at using concealed weapons, and the hidden weapons of the cultivators were even more powerful. If it wasn't for the fact that Wang Yue had been cultivating the Spirit Rhino Technique and her master had given her a set of armor as protection, she would probably have already been pierced by the three concealed weapons and died on the spot.

Even so, Wang Yue's back was still in great pain.

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