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Wang Yue, on the other hand, was struck by the goatee's hidden weapon. Although it wasn't a fatal blow, her back was still in pain. She immediately spun in midair, and shot towards the goatee like an arrow released from a bow.

When the goatee saw that Wang Yue was approaching with such ferocity, he didn't have the time to use his hidden weapon. With a flip of his hand, he released a white bone shield in front of him. Wang Yue landed in front of the white bone shield.

The goatee hid behind his shield and proudly said, "Brat, my White Bone Shield is a mid-tier Practitioner Weapon. It's used by a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, you're just a Qi Cultivating Stage kid. How could you break my White Bone Shield?"

However, Wang Yue's following actions made the goatee unable to feel proud anymore.

All of Wang Yue's spirit energy was focused on the sword pillar, and now that she was blocked by this White Bone Shield, if she didn't accomplish anything, when Zhao Dagong takes action later on, being attacked by the two of them would definitely lead to a miserable end.

At this time, Wang Yue no longer cared about what kind of moves she used or what not. Her hands changed into fists, and with a shout, she fiercely attacked the White Bone Shield, actually splitting it into two. Wang Yue took advantage of the momentum and charged forward, punching the goatee in the chest, sending the goatee flying ten zhang away, crashing into a large tree in the distance.

"Body Cultivator?" "Be careful young master, this little bastard is also …" Before he could finish his sentence, the goatee collapsed under the tree and fainted.

Actually, the goatee was too careless when he used the bone shield. The bone shield was a middle-grade Practitioner Weapon used by a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. However, it still depended on who used it. Even in his hands, he could only display the strength of Qi Disciple level 7. What he didn't expect was that at such a young age, Wang Yue would actually be able to use brute force to break apart his most prided white bone shield.

In fact, this wasn't all that strange, Wang Yue had spent the past three years moving rocks around mountains, and with the addition of Liu Yuji's spiritual medicine treatment and the infusion of spiritual energy, Wang Yue's Consonance Technique had long been at a low level. Even in the Consonance Race, Wang Yue was at the late First Stage and Second Stage, which was equivalent to the Qi Disciple stage of a human cultivator. Adding on the fact that Wang Yue had used 120% of her strength in a moment of desperation, it wouldn't be strange for her to break that White Bone Shield.

At this time, the xuan iron sword lost control of its spiritual energy, flying back in front of Wang Yue. Zhao Degui saw the goatee being knocked into the distance by Wang Yue, and he didn't know if he was dead or alive. He immediately understood that besides training her Qi, Wang Yue was also an individual, so he couldn't help but pay a little more attention to her. Circulating all of his spiritual energy, he controlled the net to chase after Wang Yue, and with a whistle, he let out three fierce tigers from his spiritual beast bag.

As the three ferocious tigers appeared, they roared in unison, and under the control of Zhao Dagong's spiritual will, they charged towards Wang Yue.

"Sixth brother, the first to capture the thief is the king." The Rat warned.

Wang Yue nodded her head to show her understanding. He took out a pair of flight talismans from his storage bag and stuck them on his legs before leaping into the air. At the same time, he held a sword in one hand and a mid-grade spirit stone in the other, quickly replenishing his spirit energy. The [Thousand Illusion Swordplay] was executed. Ignoring Zhao Dagao's Beast Catching Net and his three ferocious tigers, the sword-shadows flew diagonally in the air towards Zhao Dagao.

With the replenishment of Wang Yue's spiritual energy, the xuan iron sword in her hand became two parts, two parts, four parts, four parts, eight parts, sixteen parts. Sixteen sword images circled around Wang Yue as another ten thousand swords returned to the sect. The sword shadows merged into one, and the body of the sword became ten feet large. Thunder flashed on the sword, and sand and stones flew about. Zhao Degui saw the situation. He waved his hand and the beast trap turned into a round disk in front of him.

At this time, Wang Yue had already arrived in front of Zhao Degui's body. She pushed forward with all her might, causing the black iron sword and black net to clench together. There was nothing they could do.

Wang Yue took the opportunity to appear behind Zhao Dagao, using the same trick she had before. She changed her hand into a fist and punched Zhao Dagao until he was lying on the ground. Zhao Dexian's breathing was erratic. He lost control of his spirit energy and the trap fell to the ground.

Wang Yue didn't keep her xuan iron sword. She let it fly in the air and jumped onto Zhao Degui's body. She raised both of her fists, hitting him on the head. As he fought, he yelled, "It's impolite for me to call you that. I'll call you three and beat me up. I'll tell you to bully the weak. I'll tell you to let the tiger bite me …"

"Sixth Brother, stop hitting him, he seems to have fainted." "If we keep hitting him, it's going to kill us again." The hamster stood on Wang Yue's shoulder and softly said.

Hearing the mouse's reminder, Wang Yue stopped her hands. She saw that Zhao Dagao had covered his head with both hands, and was bleeding from his mouth and nose. His face was bruised and swollen, and he had indeed fainted.

Seeing that Wang Yue had stopped, the little mouse quietly reminded her: "Sixth brother, those three Spirit Tigers?"

"Hmph, tigers that bite people aren't good tigers. "See how I catch them, pull out their tendons and skin, and eat their bones and meat." As Wang Yue spoke, she drew back her black iron sword and picked up the beast trap net from the ground. For the time being, she didn't bother with Zhao Degui as she used her full strength to chase after the three Spirit Tigers.

The hamster stood on Wang Yue's shoulder, muttering to itself: "These words, which tiger doesn't bite?"

When the three Spirit Tigers saw that their master had been knocked out, they each let out a roar and ran away, no longer paying attention to Zhao Dagao. Although they were Rank One Spirit Tigers, how could they outrun Wang Yue, who had both the Wind and Thunder Body and the Flying Talisman-Dollars. In less than a minute, Wang Yue had already carried three Spirit Tigers that had already died.

Actually, spirit beasts weren't that afraid of death because of Zhao Deyu. When he was traveling, the Zhao Family's Patriarch had just given him the three Spirit Tigers. Zhao Dagong was a playboy who only knew how to enjoy himself and rarely trained. Most of his cultivation was brought up using the Qi Condensation Pill that he received from his family.

Ever since they left the city, they brought along a butler and a guard. They roamed the mountains and the water, taking care of their leisure and leisure. There was no time for the spirit creatures to recognize them as masters.

The recognition of a master spirit beast was a very troublesome matter. Aside from requiring the master to communicate with the spirit beast telepathically, the strength of both sides could also communicate and bind the spirit beast with blood. This way, the spirit beast raised would not only be loyal to the master, but would also not affect the growth of the spirit beast itself.

There was also a simple and crude way for spirit beasts to recognize a master, and that was to directly extract their Fate Soul. But this method was rarely used by cultivators, because this type of spirit beast only follows the master's orders and not the owner's loyalty. Furthermore, after the spirit soul is extracted, the growth of the spirit beast itself will be greatly affected. Therefore, unless it was absolutely necessary, no one would use this method to make a Spirit Beast recognize them as master.

However, Zhao Dagao didn't let the three Spirit Tigers recognize him as their master. He only used his own methods to control the Spirit Tigers.

Wang Yue walked up to Zhao Degui's side and transferred some spiritual energy into his body. Zhao Degui slowly opened his eyes. Seeing Wang Yue dragging three dead tigers in front of her, and those three Spirit Tigers were clearly her own, she was immediately frightened to the point that her face turned ashen.

"Brother Wang Yue, spare me!" I have eyes but am unable to recognize Mount Tai. After bumping into you, I will make sure that you, your excellency, do not disrespect me and let me go. I'll leave the storage bag for you and the spirit beast bag for you. I'll give you everything, but don't kill me! Junior brother Li, quickly help me beg Brother Wang. "

While begging for mercy from Wang Yue, Zhao Degui also asked for help from Li Qiang.

"Alright, alright, what a mess. "I won't kill you, and I don't want your storage bag. I'll just ask you a few questions, and you can answer them honestly. If you satisfy me, I'll immediately let you go."

Hearing that Wang Yue wanted to let him go, Zhao Dexian cried tears of joy, "Brother Wang, you are truly magnanimous. Ask, ask. I promise I'll ask ten, ten, a hundred, and not hold back a word. "

It seemed that Zhao Degui was truly frightened by Wang Yue, especially when he saw the 16 bloody holes on the distant bearded man, he was even more careful to smile towards Wang Yue.

There was no helping it, this little ancestor really did dare to kill.

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