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Wang Yue saw that Zhao Degui was so frightened that she giggled and called out to Li Qiang: "Brother Li Qiang, take a look around first. After I'm done asking questions to this Young Master, I'll come look for you."

Li Qiang forced out a smile towards Wang Yue. How could he have the mood to walk around? From the time he saw Wang Yue until now, to the extent that not even an hour had passed, Wang Yue was extremely shocked. That was Han City's Zhao Family's son, Zhao Dagang. He had killed him just like that, as well as a follower. He even took his trap and killed three Spirit Tigers. Was this still the trash from three years ago, Little Sixie, who fell when the wind blew? Just what kind of expert cured his illness and taught him such skills?

Judging from his cultivation level, he should be no lower than Zhao Dagang. Wasn't he at Qi Disciple level 12? Little Lian had always been very close to Little Six. If she knew that he hadn't died and possessed such a cultivation, it would be terrible.

No, I have to go back and train hard, I can't be outdone by this piece of trash.

While Li Qiang was daydreaming, on the other side, Wang Yue laughed and asked Zhao Degui a question.

"Look at your good looks, do you even have the appearance of a noble family's young master? Let me ask you, how is Mu Xiaoling doing in your Zhao Family? What kind of status do you have in the Zhao Family? What is the origin of that trap? "

"Brother Wang, three years ago, Junior Sister Xiao Lian entered the clan and was taken in by my aunt as a disciple. My aunt is very fond of Junior Sister Xiao Lian, and Junior Sister Xiao Lian is one of the best new disciples. This Brother Li Qiang can testify.

I am twenty-six this year, and I am ranked fourteenth in the family. I am the youngest among the Zhao Family's third generation, and my cultivation is also the lowest. The Zhao Family inherited the Beast Taming Technique, so everyone was a Beast Taming Master. The Zhao Family's Patriarch had ordered all three generations of disciples to come out and gain experience. He had to catch at least one spirit beast with a cultivation base similar to his own, or else he would have to stop the supply of pills for half a year.

I wanted to go out for a walk and secretly buy one from my family. He didn't expect to run into this Rat in Qu County. He brought his housekeeper and guards to chase him all the way here.

As for the Beast Catching Network, it was originally called Heaven's Net. My father is the current head of the Zhao Family and is in charge of everything in the family. The Heaven's Net came from his family's Artifact Storage Pavilion a long time ago. He rarely used it when he was wearing it. I don't know if Brother Wang is interested in this, but if I had known earlier, I would have delivered it to him the moment we met. "Here's an operation jade slip. It has all kinds of seconds of the Heaven's Net written on it."

After Zhao Degui finished speaking in a single breath, he took out a jade slip from his storage bag and handed it over to Wang Yue with both hands, and then looked eagerly at her.

"Alright, at least you're honest. Is your Zhao family very powerful in Han City? " Wang Yue asked as she played with the jade slip that Zhao Degui handed to her.

"It's not bad. There are two sects in Han City's cultivation world: the Berserker Blade Sect, Sword Intent Sect and our Zhao Family. The Raging Blade Sect cultivates in the Dao of the Saber, the Sword Intent Sect cultivates in the Dao of the Sword, and the Zhao Clan cultivates in the spirit beasts.

The Fierce Blade Sect and the Sword Spirit Sect had been fighting for so many years, and their strength was on par with each other. Both sects want to rope in our Zhao Family, but the benefits are greater than the benefits the other. However, our family's elders have always maintained a neutral stance, not helping each other out. The Zhao Family usually stayed in seclusion to raise beasts. They rarely interacted with these two sects, and their disciples rarely went out. "I was holding back at home for a year before I came out. I wanted to have a good time before going back …"

"Alright, alright. There's no need to say anything else, and I don't have time to listen. Take your companions with you. Oh right, remember to bring that full beard along as well. I'm really sorry. This is my first time fighting with someone, so I won't stop. "Tell him for me that I want to be a good family in my next life. Don't be so arrogant again." Wang Yue said impatiently.

The more impatient Wang Yue sounded, the more frightened Zhao Degui became. He was afraid that this Little Devil King would impatiently hurt him. He immediately nodded with a smile and said, "Yes, yes. I will pass on the message to you." In fact, his heart was thinking, "To think he's still trying to pass on the message, he's already dead to the point of being transparent. This young master is truly interesting."

This was because Zhao Duogui was too concerned, Wang Yue was not pretending to be deep, after fighting for such a long time, Wang Yue's spiritual energy and physical strength had been consumed too much, and her master was also waiting for her to finish roasting the lamb. Seeing that the sun was about to set, Wang Yue started to get anxious.

Zhao Dexian woke the goatee, put the bearded man's corpse into his storage bag, then greeted Wang Yue before quickly walking away.

Seeing that they had already walked far away, Wang Yue walked to Li Qiang's side and said, "Brother Li Qiang, I'm really sorry. I still have things to attend to, so I won't be talking to you in detail today. Go home and help me tell my family that everything is fine.

"Wang Yue, you're not in a hurry to leave. I'll just ask you one thing, what is your cultivation level right now?" Seeing that Wang Yue was about to leave, Li Qiang anxiously said.

"Qi Disciple level 10." "Oh yeah, help me bring elder sister Xiao Lian back to Han City. When you're free, I'll definitely come to Han City to visit you guys."

As she spoke, Wang Yue ran off into the distance.

Looking at Wang Yue's departing figure, Li Qiang clenched his fists and said, "Wang Yue, just you wait, I won't be outdone by a trash like you."

"Sixth Brother, why are you in such a hurry?" the hamster asked.

"My master is waiting for me in the cave to roast all the sheep. After coming out for so long, he must be getting impatient. I have to catch a wild goat. " Wang Yue said as she walked.

"Haha, roast lamb, I like it the most. Sixth Brother, do you have anything good to eat in your storage bag? I've been chased by them for a whole day and haven't eaten anything.

"How do you know?" I do have a few kilos of cooked beef and a can of chicken soup in my bag. "

"Wow, hurry up and take it out. I can't hold on much longer." The hamster's eyes lit up when it heard that there was food to eat, and it urged again and again.

"I can give it to you, but how did you know that I had food in my storage bag? "If you say it, I'll give it to you to eat." Wang Yue asked.

"I don't know either. Anyway, I was born with a natural sensitivity for food. As long as it's delicious, no matter where I put it, I would be able to sense it." The hamster stared at Wang Yue's storage bag as it spoke.

"Alright, looking at your pitiful appearance, I'll let you eat first." As Wang Yue spoke, she placed the hamster on the ground and took out some cooked beef from her storage bag, placing it in front of her.

The hamster's eyes immediately lit up. Like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey, it grabbed the beef tightly and began to wolf it down.

"Little Hairy Ball, slow down. Stop swallowing." Seeing that Little Hairy Ball was in such a hurry to eat, Wang Yue reminded him.

What made Wang Yue dumbstruck was that in the time it took to take a few breaths, the hamster had already finished all of the beef. After eating, she stretched out a hand towards Wang Yue and said, "Give me the chicken soup, it's eaten too fast, swallow it."

Wang Yue subconsciously passed the bowl of chicken soup over. The jar that held the chicken soup was about six or seven times the size of a hamster's brocade. Without knowing where it got the strength from, the two of them grabbed the jar and started gulping down the soup.

Not long after, the hamster drank all the remaining water in the soup. After drinking it, it burped before placing the jar on a branch. It rubbed its stomach and said, "It smells so good. I'm finally half full." "Aiya, what are you doing?"

Wang Yue saw the Rat put down the jar and shook her head. She recovered from the shock and used both of her hands to use the first Meteor Chasing Moon stance from the Shadow Sword, grabbing the Rat when he was caught off guard.

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