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On the other hand, the hamster was suddenly lifted up by Wang Yue, crying out in anxiety.

"I'm telling you, don't act recklessly, my father is the famous Flying Goldfur Mouse King of the Southern Sky Continent's Cai Yun Country, the leader of the Royal Spirit Mice. He has tens of thousands of subordinates, but if you want to make me into something good, my father will not forgive you …"

She looked left and right, while muttering to herself, "You're only two to three jin in weight. How can you eat five jin of beef with such a small belly, and drink a large pot of my chicken soup?" "It's really amazing."

"Hurry up and turn me upside down. I'm so dizzy like this."

"Oh, sorry, sorry, it hurts."

Wang Yue said as she tossed the hamster onto her shoulder. As she walked, she asked, "Okay, eat my food and drink my wine. Quickly tell me, where did you come from? How can you eat so much? "Why do you have to follow me?"

I come from Caiyun Kingdom, south of Tiannan Continent. I don't know why I can eat so much. I've been like this since birth. My brothers and sisters in the clan all laughed at me for being such a glutton. Our royal clan, the Flying Hamsters, all have a natural instinct to sense whether the other party is an enemy or a friend, and whether there is any threat. My intuition tells me that you are not a bad person. Not only are you not a bad person, it also tells me that there will be a lot of good things to eat if I follow you.

"That works too?" All right. Then why aren't you staying at home and running this far away? Aren't you afraid of being caught by the bad guys? "

"I don't want to be at home. I've been in the cave ever since I was born, eating raw food every day. Ever since a brother stole a pot of Red Braised Meat from you humans and gave it to me to eat, I couldn't stay in that cave any longer. After thinking for a few days, I finally made up my mind and ran out. "Since I came out, I've made a wish to myself — to eat all the good food in the world."

"Not bad, you have ideals and ambitions. In the future, you will definitely be a successful little hairy ball." Wang Yue clapped her hands as she spoke.

"Sixth Brother, stop calling me Little Hairy Ball from now on. I'm called 'Pig Mouse'." The hamster said.

"Hahaha!" Wang Yueli laughed till she bent over: "Pig mouse? You're even more rustic than that, why not be like little Hairy Ball. "How about this, since you have followed me, I will help you change your name. You are a Royal Family's Flying Hamster, just call it Hoodlum, loud and magnanimous."

"This is good, this is good, I will call you Hoodlum from now on." The Rat clapped his hands and said.

The human and mouse chatted as they searched for prey. Not long later, Wang Yue caught a few wild goats and put them into a spirit beast bag. She then rushed towards the cave in the middle of the cliff.

When he returned to the cave, it was already dark. Liu Weiji was sitting at the entrance of the cave and drinking a cup of wine. Seeing Wang Yue come back, Liu Baoji smiled and said, "That's right, even if we go out and fight a wild goat, we will still be able to reap the harvest. A Royal Flying Hamster, and even an amazing spiritual weapon."

"Ah?" Master, you even know about it? "

"Of course. Every time you go out, I will use my spiritual sense to observe your every move. As long as your life is not in danger, I will not make a move. " Liu Boji chuckled.

"Hello, Master." Hoodlum, like a man, knelt on the ground and saluted to Liu. There was no helping it, as an Aurous Core stage cultivator, Liu Wei Ji's cultivation base was much, much higher than his. In front of it, even if one did not release any pressure, there was still a great dignity.

Okay, okay." Liu Ziji laughed out loud, "This little mouse is not simple. Royal flying rats were a popular spiritual object in the world of cultivation. Other than having a natural instinct for danger, they also had a very useful ability, which was to search for spirit veins. No matter how secretive a Spirit Spring Spirit Mine was, they would be able to find it. If they had pure royal blood, they would still be very sensitive to all kinds of spiritual items and dangers. I have heard that the Imperial Palace of the State of Zhao has kept a few high ranking Royal Family's Flying Ember Mouse in captivity, specifically searching for spirit veins for the Imperial Family.

"Master is amazing indeed. He knows everything." Hoodlum flattered Liu Baoji.

"Of course, my master is an Aurous Core stage cultivator, but in heaven and earth, he can enter the earth. There is nothing in this world that he doesn't know." Wang Yue proudly echoed.

I have never dared to praise myself in such a manner. One had to know that there was a mountain outside the mountain, a sky beyond the sky. You must always remember that your knowledge is a circle, and now you are just a small circle. " As he spoke, he used his spiritual energy to draw a circle in the air, "You know what's inside the circle, but you don't know what's outside the circle. When you get more experience, the circle gets bigger, and then you'll find that you don't know a lot more. " "Then Liu made a larger circle outside the circle.

Wang Yue and Hoodlum stared at the circle in the air, dumbstruck for a moment. Liu Boji saw that they were lost in their thoughts, so he didn't say anything and just looked at them with a smile.

After a while, Wang Yue came back to her senses and said, "Teacher, I kind of understand."

"Yes." In the future, when you walk the world by yourself, you will experience it even more. "Alright, take out the spirit artifact that you have obtained. I will explain its origins to you."

Wang Yue took out the ZhongTian Luo net from her storage bag along with the jade letter given by Zhao Degui and handed it over to Liu Baoji.

While flipping over and over the Heaven's Net, Liu Bei Ji said, "The Heaven's Net is originally an item from the Ancient Secret Realm. Legend has it that it was created by a supreme cultivator from the ancient era using an object from the Outer World. When it was fully opened, it could be used to net the entire Guanlin Island. It was originally a rare divine artifact.

However, during the great war between the Demonic Ghosts and the Demonic Ghosts during the ancient era, the [Inescapable Net] was damaged. It was divided into 981 pieces and scattered throughout the Southern Continent. These fragments were no longer divine artifacts, but totems. Even so, these fragments were not simple.

He did not expect the Zhao Family of Han City to have a fragment of the [Inescapable Net]. It had been too long, and most likely no one would be able to recognize him. I also read about it in a broken jade slip in the Scripture Pavilion of the Gui Sect. From the appearance and characteristics, as well as the usage recorded in the jade slip, this net was undoubtedly a fragment of the Heaven's Net.

It seemed like the Zhao Family used to have experts as well. He didn't know why they would give such a rare Spirit Treasure to a hedonistic son of their family. It was such a pity to treat it as a mere beast trap. "I presume that the current head of the Zhao Family is completely unaware of this fragment.

"Is the Heaven's Net that powerful? No wonder I got scared when I saw it. " Hoodlum said while patting his chest.

Liu Bei Ji continued, "The jade chip that Zhao Degui gave you was also created by someone from the later generations. It's not the Heavenly Net's original use of the jade chip." However, to be able to understand this shard to such an extent, this person wasn't simple either. You should keep this thing well and think about it carefully. Even if you can't gather all eighty-one fragments of the dragnet, this piece will be enough for you. Aside from the Cyan Peak Sword and the Spirit Refinement Furnace, there is nothing else that I can give you that is comparable to the Heaven's Net Fragment. "

"Yes, son. Master, let's roast sheep eat. Wang Yue said.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm hungry too." Hoodlum said while rubbing his belly.

"Alright, then roast the sheep first." Liu Boji said with a smile.

Looking at Wang Yue who was busy roasting the lamb at the mouth of the cave, Liu Yuji muttered to himself, "Looks like it's time to give the Cyan Peak Sword to Lil 'Six. If I don't give it to him now, I'm afraid it'll be too late."

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