A Love Story Of Hate/C2 Making Me Crazy
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A Love Story Of Hate/C2 Making Me Crazy
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C2 Making Me Crazy

Sid Pov's


My colleague sent me another message which almost shook me over.

"This girl is also on that mission with all of them. She is an important member of that terrorist group. Hiding all the equipment in other stuff, this girl brings them outside the village to the city and then all the material which is required by the terrorist group she delivers them from city to village. She is like a connection between village and city."

After reading his message, I could not understand how I should react. But I calm myself because I know something is wrong. But above all things, for me, my country is first. My evil smile becomes wider. I messaged "OK" to my colleague. I closed my eyes and started thinking about her. I smiled after imagining her smiling face but soon my smile converted into anger. I just hate those people who work against the country.


Ahana Pov's


Today I am going back to my home. Oops sorry, I'm going to my sister's house after mom dad's death . She is like my family only. but to be honest, I am more excited to meet that person than meeting my sister. He is my crush or probably I am in love with him.

Hold on, what I am thinking. Ohh God, what has happened to me, why I am getting so mad for an unknown person.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't even realize when I reached my sister's house. I looked towards my sister who was probably waiting for me. I stepped out of the car and went towards her and hugged her tightly. I can't explain how much she means to me. There will be hardly any secrets between us. She knows everything about me. My eyes went on Sameer who was standing behind my sister (Zoya). Who had a little girl in his arms, maybe of 2 or 3 months. I still remember when I came last time her big baby bump was visible and now she had a baby girl. I was about to go towards Sameer but my eyes fell on the person who stands behind him.

I couldn't believe my eyes, the person I was thinking about was in front of me. Where I was in shock, he had a smile on his face. I don't know what he is thinking? Does he know me? If yes then how? Many questions are going on in my mind but in the end, there Is no answer. I was lost in my questions only when my eyes went towards that person and again he was smiling seeing me but why? I was busy starting him like an idiot. Suddenly he started coming towards me, I don't know how I should react? Why is he coming to this site? My heartbeat was too fast and just one question was popping my mind "will he kiss me?". Ohh, God! I am stupid. What I am thinking. I was entangled only in questions when he crossed me and stood near Zoya, which means he was not coming to me. I was thinking so much unnecessarily.

I looked towards him, he grabbed my sister's hand and told her that "Aarzoo is sleeping inside the room, take care of her. Today I will be late".

I immediately asked, " who is Aarzoo?". They both looked at me.

That person was just looking at me and then finally he said: "she is my daughter". My eyes widened in shock. He is not only a married man but also has a daughter.

" Fuck" only one word came out of my mouth. Everyone looked at me surprisingly and by their reaction, I realised what I said. Believe me, it's an extremely awkward situation for me. I looked towards that guy and soon his expression changed into anger, he was looking at me angrily.

I said "sorry" in a low tone but that man ignored me as if I hadn't said anything to him. He simply walked away towards his car and then sat in it and went towards his destination. He didn't even turn me once.. I don't know why but it hurts... I don't know what, but I feel something for him.


Sid Pov's


I came to the door to go to the club. That's when I saw Ahana hugging Zoya. My steps stopped over there. The way she is looking at me provokes me to kiss her in front of everyone. Only I know how I controlled myself. She still affects me as much as she did in that function, but before I thought I had a crush on her and now I hate her. In fact, that time my smile was due to hatred. I just hate her. She is a terrorist .


Time Flies


After meeting Ahana I came to the club for drinking and after 2 or 3 packs, I sat on the couch kept on the side. I got my phone out of my pocket and then connected it to the camera in my daughter's room so that I could see what my princess was doing.

After a few seconds, I am watching Aarzoo and Ahana on my phone through the connected camera that I fitted in my room. Ahana is busy playing with Aarzoo. Where I was looking at every expression of her, her smile, her eyes, everything that was making me crazy for her. Aarzoo didn't make friends with anyone so quickly, but she accepted Ahana very quickly. She was enjoying her company. I was so happy to see them together. She was feeding my princess along with playing and trust me, it's impossible to feed Aarzoo peacefully. The way she handled my princess. I loved it.

Well, I remember, I almost lost my temper when Aarzoo used that word after knowing about my daughter, I would have shouted at her if her sister had not held my hand. How she can use that word. well I got another reason to hate her

By now I thought first to check whether is an innocent or culprit but it's enough now she will have to bear every pain for what she has done till now with my country

Now the actual game will begin, the game of hate and love. Be ready Ahana because I am going to destroy you in hate with the weapon of love.

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