A love story so dangerous/C1 You changed a lot
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A love story so dangerous/C1 You changed a lot
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C1 You changed a lot

Harley pov

Why.why. why am I so different. Why does nobody love me for wat I am. *screams*

Since I was born my father never cared for me. Now my mother is death. He stil doesn't care. And know he brought another woman and another child with him. Why. *cries*. What are you doing here says my father. GET OUT. My father pushed me out of his house and closed the door. I cried why why does everyone hate me. I began to hit my head on the ground hard. I was going crazy until someone grabbed me from behind and said are you out of your mind.

My hair was full of blood and then I saw my grandma. Suddenly I got dizzy and fell on the floor. When I opened my eyes I was in my grandparents bed. My grandma hugged me and said are you crazy why do you hurt yourself. Don't worry. Now you will live with us. My grandparents had only one child. My mother. So I was very important for them. In my life only my grandparents loved me for real.

After 10 years.

At the front gate of the song enterprises a black Lamborghini came. The girl stepped out and came in. Behind her was a bodyguard following her. She was the president of song enterprises.

Harley pov

Always when I enter my company everyone is looking at me. Because I wasn't like the other bosses. I liked to wear formal things like hoodie. A girl was looking at me with her mouth opened.I became a very angery and I said ' am I putting a fucking show here. They became scared with my tone. I walked to my room. In my room Jones.My personal bodygaurd and assistant said why do you become angery so easily. I looked at him and said I don't like people looking at me. He signed. I asked him what is my schedule today. He Said you only have a meeting today and after the meeting you have to go to the mall. I screamed damn it. Today I'd grandma birthday I have to buy a gift. After the meeting at around 4 o clock. I said to Jones you wrap the things here and go to your house. I came in the parking lot started my Lamborghini and drived it to the mall.

When I came in the mall the mall was full of people. I quickly went into a shop. I didn't like to be around of people. The shop keeper came to me and said can I help you. I looked at her and said no thank you. I went to look for woman things.

Dam it what should I buy for grandma.

I didn't know what for things woman liked. Because I never used any of them. I went out of the shop. My head was frustrated what should I buy for grandma I asked myself. Dam it. Fuckkkk.

Suddenly I bumped into a girl she fell on the ground. I didn't react or tried to help her. She stands up and said are you blind. I Said you should look where you are going. The girl looked at me and smiled Harley is that you. She hugged me.I pushed her and said WHO THE HELL ARE YOU.She looked at me and said it's me Shaina. Remember from school. I said Shaina it really is you. She smiled at me and said you have changed a lot. In the past you only weared cute clothes and now you are like the queen of evil. I laughed and said you didn't change at al. Shaina was my best friend in school. But after I went living with my grandparents. I lost contact with her. Although she was my best friend doesn't mean that I will have a soft spot for her. I said to my self.

HELL NO. It's already 5. And I didn't even buy one gift. Shittt. Shaina saw that I was cursing and asked me what happened. I said I have to buy a gift for my grandma but I don't know what to buy. Shaina said I will help you but you have to help me too. I agreed directly. Because if I don't get the perfect gift for grandma. She will kill me because every year I forget her birthday. This year no way.

I asked her" what should I do.

She said I will tell you later. I said quickly don't put me into a mess. Shaina laughed and said you have to promise me. I said oke. I promise. Shaina showed me a perfect necklace. She said this will make you grandma really happy. I frowned and asked her how???.

She said this necklace shows love. I still didn't understand anything. I bought the necklace. Shaina turned to me and said give me your number. I will contact you when I need you. I pulled a card out of my pocket and gave her. Call me on this number. When I drived back home. Grandma was sitting with great enjoyment on the sofa. Grandpa was reading his book on the other sofa. I came to grandpa silently and asked him. Grandpa what did you give grandma. Grandpa looked at me and said a dress. Grandpa said you forget her birthday again right. I said ye as. He looked at me and said don't worry I tolded Jones to tell you. I said thank you grandpa and gave him a big hug. Grandpa laughed hard and said silly girl. Grandma turned around and saw us she said without me. I laughed and came to her and gave her the box. When she opened it she was so happy. She gave me a hug and said thank you. We had dinner together. We laughed. After dinner grandma and grandpa went to their room and I in my room.

My room was full of files. I was lying on my bed when I got a call from Shaina. She said that I have to come to zbar club. I frowned and asked her now she said ye ss. I went to take a bad and change my clothes. I wore shorts. A short blouse and a long jacked. Full black. At around 9 o clock I came to the club. The club was full of disgust. People were flirting.kissing

I hurriedly walked the private rooms. Shaina called me and said come to the tenth area. I was walking suddenly Shaina pushed me In. I was angery and asked what for disgusting place is this. As I was talking I could feel that eyes were watching me.

New chapter is coming soon
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