A Man's Graveyard/C3 CHAPTER THREE
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A Man's Graveyard/C3 CHAPTER THREE
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The men looked like those who have been in a fight with an animal- there were long lines across their cheeks, it was a very bizarre way of indicating your cultural identity, apart from that they could have been attractive- or did some females find these marks appealing?. They delighted in having sex and eating a lot , that former activity was the greatest undoing of most strong men, though for these men in question, their partaking in such acts had no bearing to their being strong- a woman who will find such a man attractive is worthy of note- “Women are not after your good looks!”, Lamidi retorted; Segun had gone on and on about his good looks and suave personality, describing instances where women literally worshipped him.-” A woman” Lamidi continued,” is conscious of the following; your tribe”….,” ahaaa”, Segun interrupted him,” you are now making reference to your slave lover?”, Lamidi paused,” she is not a slave, number one, and secondly I was not making reference to her”, Segun laughed loudly, obviously enjoying Lamidi’sdiscomfort,-” I am sure you cannot wait to return to Abomey to get another dose of her medicine”-, Lamidi continued without replying,” I heard the new king in Dahomey is planning to invade Oyo, I am sure he must be tired of us fucking their daughters, and I don’t blame him. I have heard that a fight has been triggered off in one of the surrounding villages, I am not sure which, but I believe they will have gold and women”, “that is the part that interests me”, Lamidi said, rather seriously,” and about that woman of Abomey, I am earnestly considering going back to meet her, it seems she has cast a spell on me”. “How do you mean?” Segun asked, looking abruptly at his friend. “I am just joking”, Lamidi said, feeling slightly alarmed with the response,” but I enjoy the sex you know!”

It looked feasible at first; standing close to it was a creature that was very different from it- It was beautiful and furry- it could attempt to touch it if it could come close- for a moment…it seemed the other creature heard it, it moved in its direction- Fear is an instrument that the strong use to exploit the insecurities of the weak ones, the presence of fear in the eyes or response of a potential prey will send a strong signal to the predator whether or not a hunt will be easy- Did it look strong? Not from its reflection though- The furry creature stared at it, but it was not hungry that time, while the heathen one could only think of how nice it will be to spend the night cuddled in the fur of the other.

It is okay if one specie depend on another for survival?, which specie will destroy another for game?, did the purpose for destruction matter?, or do the strong just prey on the weak?...the hunted, the larger cats lick only the blood, while the smaller carnivores eat the soft parts, some others will have to wait till the flesh decomposes,…scavengers. Others do not care for the flesh, the green plants will do.

So the high priest stared at Lamidi in utter bewilderment, “are you sure of what you narrate? Are you not the servant of the Alafin?” Lamidi nodded his head to show full cooperation to the babalawo.” I have not been able to have sex with any of my wives since my return from Abomey”, he continued in obvious distress.” Baba, I think I have been bewitched,” he declared finally. But the babalawo was not convinced, stress involved in riding a horse could have contributed- but Lamidi was not satisfied with the herbal remedy and talisman. He could not understand the phenomena no matter how he tried, the babalawo did not understand, he must return to Abomey- Somewhere deep within him, he could feel the urge. He does not seem to remember her name, but she had mentioned that she was a soldier, the sex was good, and she gave everything, unlike his wives- She was an animal- very passionate, and she was always prepared. There was something else she did; he tried to remember, while he hurried to meet Segun before he goes to the Masjid. It was strange to him how it was possible- Today will make it the second week he will be sleeping on Iyabo’s bed without action- he winced….’ I must get an erection this night’….he reasoned.

The Yorubas had many deities, but with the coming of western civilization to the southwest of the African continent, many religions came with it, Christianity at first, then later because the Yorubas were very liberal in their faith, Islam found its way in to the hearts of many- He had never been a fan of priests and soothsayers, he often laughed at the commitment his friend displayed towards these heathen faith, he could fool everyone, but he knew better. He met Segun seated at the entrance;” I was hoping to find you at home”, heaving a sigh of relief as soon as he sighted him- “This visit should better be bringing me money oo, as you can see I am getting ready to go and pray!”, Segun stated vitally. Lamidi did not reply, but quietly found a place to seat nearby.

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