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C5 Art of Persuasion

Dexter POV

Large dark eyes stared at me through the glass, untrusting and unsure. With her window cracked, I could smell the wine and the subtle scent of a sensual perfume wafted from the interior. Seeing her eyes that were an odd shade reflecting hints of gold. What made them appear so attractive was that they were set in a brown face with hues ranging from sienna to alizarin.

For once, I found a girl that wasn't like any other, maybe because I could see her so clearly. And unknowingly, she was helpful to me in the most significant way. Usually, when I deal with females, it is only to fulfill one need, and that's sexual. When I go to places like the 'Niche,' I know they seek the same things I'm seeking. One night to quench that aching need is only calmed by a night of intimacy. Before tonight I was in shadowy darkness, with every female appearing the same. I usually visualize the beautiful peacock in a room, and they all flock around me.

My looks, fame, expensive clothes, and unique style have served as a magnet to girls. Almost from the moment a female would see me. I was confident I would achieve my goal for the night. But tonight, stranded on this dark road with this female who seems to have special powers over my vision, this is unlike anything I've ever encountered. Instead of her being drawn to me, she is frightened to death that I will bring her harm.

How do I counteract her fear of me?

There's got to be some way to get her to see she needs me and should trust me. A slight frustration penetrated my soul, building within me while I rubbed my temples, trying to relieve the tension, slowly closing my eyes and exhaling. My efforts to keep a safe distance and respect her weren't working. I can't go off of stored information about other girls I've dealt with. That would be null and void. She is different in every way.

The young lady's fear of me has overpowered her perilous plight. I must get her to focus on how dangerous this situation is for a female stranded on a cold dark lonely road. Standing here, I had to think fast on my feet; this situation was to my advantage, and I always got what I wanted. I've never been one to walk away from a challenge. Being deprived of one of my senses all my life, I couldn't waste time feeling sorry for myself and giving up. My parents did enough of that for me. Brilliance finally revealed itself; I'll let her experience what she has gotten herself into out here in the cold night. I softly knocked on the driver's door.

Taesha stared at him through the closed window; he gestured for her to lower the window, and she complied.

"Okay, Miss, to show you I mean no harm, and you can trust me. I'll go back to my car and wait a few minutes until your friends arrive to pick you up. Being a gentleman, I wouldn't feel right leaving you out here this way. Or if another vehicle comes down this road and they are willing to help you, I will leave. Does that sound like a fair deal?"

"Yeah, you do that." The girl said, rolling up her window and double locking her door.

Boy, I thought her response would be more grateful. She's for sure freaked out. When I returned to my car, my eyesight immediately turned ash-gray again. My vision had plummeted back into shadowy darkness. I had to turn and look at her, and my dream returned to fantastic colors! I saw her face as she sat in her vehicle.

"Wow! What about her makes my eyesight see her clearly and in color!" I knew I didn't want another car to show up, and yeah, I knew it was wrong to feel that way. But I needed more time with this young lady. Finally, I got to figure out what it was about her that made my eyes function correctly. Whatever is happening tonight has never happened to me in my life!

I could see her face even at a distance when I got in my car. It was remarkable! The girl was quite pleasing, even though I could see she was distressed. That was to my advantage. So, I studied her afar and could tell she had no heat in her car. She kept vigorously rubbing her hands together as she blew warmth from her mouth.

So far, everything is going in my favor. Looking at her, I began to appreciate a woman's beauty for the first time. Before her, every woman looked the same. It didn't matter if they were the most gorgeous or sexiest woman in the world. They looked the same to me. She's the first woman I have ever seen this way. I couldn't tell you the color of my mother's hair, eyes, or skin, and she is the woman who gave birth to me! I sat in my car, letting my eyes admire the most obvious things about her. This woman ignited other senses that I didn't know were connected in this way. The texture and color of her face were a beautiful warm brown, and her skin was so smooth.

My gaze canvases over her face taking in her pert nose, high cheekbones, and full soft rosy lips. Her curling mass of heavy black hair fell around the nape of her slender swanlike neck. I watched her almond-shaped whiskey-colored eyes shift and saw her look my way a few times. But then, I quickly let my gaze dart in another direction. I didn't want to make her feel any more uneasy than she thought. But when she wasn't looking at me, I couldn't help but watch her.

She bit down on her full bottom lip, which let me know she was deep in thought. She tilted her delicate chin upward as she looked at the falling snow. She was now cold and worried. The time she'd spent in the car waiting for friends that couldn't be reached and for someone else's assistance. The girl had been traumatized. I could tell she had begun to imagine the worst things happening to her. Each time she looked in my direction. I lowered my head, offering her no comfort that I was looking out for her when indeed, I had been.

A slight smile curved the corners of my mouth. "Three more minutes," I whispered as if she could hear me. I knew she was more anxious when I saw her black curls fall over her forehead when she let her head drop down on the steering wheel.

"Father, time, please be on my side." Why did ten minutes feel like forever? Yet I tell my heart to be content to look upon her beauty. I wanted to know how she was connected to my sight. After all these years, have I finally found the cure for my vision? Did she do something to me? But how? We never got close enough for her to have done something to me. So if that isn't the case, then what is it? Does it mean I would have to always remain by her side? If so, then I must not let her leave me.

I shook my head. What was I saying? This woman is a stranger, and I know nothing about her, whether she had a husband and family worried sick waiting on her to come home while she's stranded out here. But right now, honestly, I didn't care, and my thinking was dangerous. I shouldn't be feeling this way. I looked around to see the road. It was dark as ever. No cars were coming, and I had only 58 seconds left. I can't tell my secret to a stranger, especially since I don't know what's happening between us and why this is happening. Sharing my secret with anyone would be detrimental to my family and career.

If it were a coincidence that I met and saw her and we had to go our separate way, I would have to accept that.

If somehow the stars and moon aligned themselves or if it's an act of mother nature, intervene somehow. Then, if we ended up together, I would know this was not just a coincidence; we were meant to meet. Well, my ti e was up!

I opened my car door, pulling the collar of my coat closer around my neck as the snow fell more consistently. I strolled up to her car, and the closer I got, her beauty became even more apparent, making my heart race faster. I can see her scoping me out but cautiously. So I proceed calmly up to the side of her car.

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