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C6 My Heart Was Struck

Taesha's Perspective.

I watched him cautiously as he exited his car and walked toward me. "Lord, here we go." I was cold from being in the car for so long, and the smell of the hibiscus wine had started to soak into my clothes and skin pores. Then, finally, I was ready to get out of my car and go to where it was warm and didn't smell like wine. But, unfortunately, it was the stranger's car that offered all of what I needed.

Wiggling my toes became impossible. I worried that I might be experiencing the early stages of hypothermia. If only he had removed his gloves or wasn't wearing them. I could have seen if he had a ring on his finger. A wedding ban on his finger would lessen my fear of him if he had a family. But there was no way to see a wedding ring on his finger. Looking down at the dark, barren road ahead, I knew no one was coming to pick me up. It was only wishful thinking. Cam would have no idea how to find me with all the road closings. It feels like I've been sitting here forever, prolonging the agony and inevitable. It was apparent that no other cars were coming to this route. I had been stubborn long enough. I couldn't take it anymore. It was no way I could remain in my car with no heat. The temperature was dropping steadily the later it became.

That's when I looked up and saw the tall, slender man getting out of his car. I have no choice but to go with him or die here. The guy stops walking and stands in front of my car. I sigh heavily and slowly roll down the window.

Dexter's Perspective:

"Miss, I've waited ten minutes, and I'm…."

She interrupted me. "I know, I know. You are about to leave. Yes, I know. I'll be out in a minute. Let me get my things out of my car. Can you help me, please?" she requested with trembling lips.

Did I hear her correctly? I asked myself. Was she ready to come with me? I began to think maybe there was a reason our paths had crossed. I got excited but remained calm to keep her from getting spooked. I mentally had to focus while this amazing thing was happening to me.

"Excuse me! Did you hear me? Can you help me with my things?" She repeated.

"Help?" I repeated because I was in my world.

"Yes, I have suitcases in my trunk. But I shouldn't leave my belongings here all night."

I'm astonished! I can see her even better the closer I get to her. I follow her to the trunk of her car. I can see clearly that she's wearing a puffy white jacket that stops at her trim waistline. In the past, I felt it was a waste of time to scope out a girl's body. But with a clear, colorful vision like I have tonight, I desire to do so much more with this beauty standing before me.

My gaze scanned her from head to toe, making me aware of my deprived sexual state. I have not been attracted to any female in this way. I could see how this woman could be everything I could physically want in a woman. It was hard to think about anything else while my gaze covered everything about her. She was too good-looing for her good, not my mine.

Everything about her was a turn-on, especially how her body moved when she walked. Those tight light blue jeans fitted her like a glove, showing two large juicy peaches and her long shapely legs that I could only imagine them having the ability to wrap tightly around him while I thrust in and out of her with quick and deep strokes. Then there were her breasts. They are so full and round. I would love to take the tip of my tongue and tease her nipples, giving her and my sheer delight. Also, I would love to lick around her navel before my lips would nuzzle lower to give her an intimate kiss between her…

"Hello!" Taesha snapped her fingers. "Can you take this suitcase to your car, please?"

I quickly met her gaze. I could see she was annoyed by my distraction. She was ready to get to some heat.

With tremendous mental and physical effort, Dexter forced his attention away from the enormous erection straining against his zipper and back to moving the young lady's luggage to his car.

But my heart wouldn't stop beating so rapidly. Her brand of sex appeal would inspire an average man to make bad decisions, like telling her all his secrets. Fortunately, I'm not an average man. I stifled a groan, unable to make another sweep of her build. I tried not to stare, but it was impossible. I have felt many women's curves many times.

But now I know seeing a set of curves like hers is believing!

And if her curves are this beautiful watch! They must feel like heaven to touch! She had more desirable features than any woman I've ever been with in the past. The young lady looked good from the front and behind. And with all her physical attributes, she somehow possessed power over my vision. It was crazy, but there was no way I could leave without her, and so far, everything was going as I had hoped.

When we got her things out of her car, the smell of the alcohol was so strong. I can't believe she was able to walk so straight. The girl didn't stumble once. She must have a high tolerance for drinking.

The closer we got to my car, I could hear my booming music. I looked at her and said. "That's how I kept awake while I waited for your friends."

The girl rolled her eyes at my sarcasm as I quietly chuckled. I opened the trunk of my car as we put her luggage inside, then I opened the passenger car door for her and looked down at her soggy, muddy boots. She sees me looking at them with disdain. The girl looked me directly in the eyes as though challenging me, but she didn't move, nor did I move or say anything. My facial expression said it all.

"um-hum...I don't want to mess up your nice ride." The girl says.

"Do you mind removing your boots and letting me put them in the trunk?" I asked her as politely as possible.

"My feet will be freezing more than they are now if I remove my boots," she exclaimed.

"I'll turn up the heat.... how does that sound?" I ask with a noncompliance expression.

"Okay, I guess. It's your car, and I need a ride, so beggars can't be choosey. Now, can they?" She asked, flicking those beautiful eyes and long lashes up at me.

With a slight smile, I replied. "Nope, beggars can't be choosey."

She says, smirking. She leaned against the car. My eyes glared hard at her for leaning against my ride. She didn't have a clue. Her focus wasn't on me but on her struggle to remove that suede-wet, muddy boots off her feet. I wondered what possessed her to wear suede boots in the snow.

"Hey, let me open the door for you, and then you can sit and take off your boots." I

reluctantly suggested.

"Alright, cool."

The door opens, and the loud music plunges out of the car. She says, "Boy, that's deafening! Is that heavy metal?"

I hurried to turn down the volume to the driver's side, noticing her response.

"Whew! It's cold," she says, taking a seat, trembling. She has a few tense struggles as she quickly removes her boots. Then, finally, she shoves her feet into the car while holding her wet boots outside the car, waiting for me to take them. I look at her strangely, thinking she doesn't expect me to touch those filthy boots.

Clearing her throat. "Are you going to put them in the trunk for me?" She asks me, pointing to her bare feet.

"Oh yes, right." I frown, taking hold of the top of her boots, with the tip of my leather-gloved fingers. I barely had a grasp on them, holding them as far away from my designer clothing as possible. I drop the soggy boots in the trunk on top of her suitcase.

To keep them from getting on my plush trunk carpet in my car. I came and got into the driver's seat, and instantly I smelled her body giving off pheromones, two kinds, the savory wine and a little fear. I can sense these things without really trying.

"Now we can be on our way." I look at the GPS. It shows he has a forty-minute drive to the main highway because of further road closing. It's already about 11 pm. My night was getting a very late start to get to the Niche nightclub. Initially, that was my plan, but plans can change, and they are starting to change now. So I request speaking to my GPS. "Where is the nearest 24-hour auto mechanic shop?"

Here we are, two strangers in desperate need of each other, probably more than we know. The good thing about this is that only one of us knows this, and I prefer to keep it that way. I don't know her name yet, but when she looked at me that way, I instantly felt I wanted to know so much more.

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