A Mate for the Latecomer/C2 Camera, Lights, Action
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A Mate for the Latecomer/C2 Camera, Lights, Action
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C2 Camera, Lights, Action

"Oh my, oh my, my, I've waited all my life"

I kept on swinging my hips and tried to cope with some BTS move which I fail badly in doing it.

'The reality of struggling' my wolf Eliz teases

"Shut up" I hissed back at her.

‘What? You've been practising the same move for a month now’ she counterpart.

I glare back at her in my head, while she keeps on teasing me on how bad I did the BTS moves of Boy with Luv.

Eliz and I have a good connection and we hardly disagree with one another but we only tend to annoy each other by teasing.

"Elle" that was Aberdeen


"Are you ready yet?" she shouted from outside of our room's door.


I re-adjust my high waist belted skirt again before smiling in the mirror and juggle my way out from this small room. I couldn't believe it when Josh said that we were going on his behalf for an important meeting at the Daluna pack.

Wow, I was beyond excited; I've never been to any other place apart from our pack. I hear whistles and hoots once I reached outside of the house.

I keep my head up 'unmated wolves make way! Here comes the latecomer' Eliz joked in my head. I gave her a picture of me glaring back at her in which she burst into a fit of laughter.

'I just couldn't believe we're finally going somewhere,' I nodded agreeing to my wolf.

After all those years, now I'm finally getting to see the world again. She whimpers when our thoughts reach the surface of our memories. I quickly reminded her of our motto "past is in the past... Just let it go. So keep on smiling."

Alpha Josh bid us goodbye; he could see the smile on my face which he nodded his head and warned me not to get into any trouble. I beam with excitement turning around to face the front in my seat, my hand reaching for the music to be played.

"Noooooooo" Aberdeen screams at me but too late it's already been played.

I continue singing from where I left off in my room, "you got me high so fast...."

Aberdeen face-palmed herself, while Eliz whimpered in my head. On the other hand, Leto just shook his head to the rhythm of the music.

I was so excited to be away from the pack. I'm not looking forward to anything, just a feeling of being adventurous. The journey starts here, by going to this meeting and many other things to do and go to.

To meet my mate is no longer a quest anymore, as that fate was sealed years ago. He's gone, no more him and I don't want to dwell in it as it will only sadden Eliz.

We arrived at our destination after driving for an hour. My back hurts a little not used to this. I stretch my arms, while Leto talks to one of the warriors, maybe another beta before mind linking us to get out of the car.

"Do you think they have hotties?" Aberdeen’s eyes went up "Get out Elle and yes as you see there's a hottie out there for you" she retorted while pointing at a guy in front of the house door.

"Ouch" I wince and she laughs "I know you... You kept asking those questions but never in million years have you liked anyone," she got out signalling for me to do so.

So I imagine in my head what they do in movies. For my entrance, the door opens slowly, legs out first and then swiftly gets out of the car like those sexy models or even better an actress during an award entrance.

Camera, Lights then action here we go. I did what I thought would be epic for me, as a grand epic. So in my head, I keep replaying those moves over and over again.

'All male wolves here comes the sexy, unstoppable, the one and only' Eliz announced in my head.

I open the door, legs out and oops wrong move I almost tripped, so much for being the best actress of the year. So embarrassed I smile at the hottie who looked my way with concern, yeah Aberdeen's word not mine.

Eliz laughs in my head uncontrollably and all I could tell myself is stupid

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