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C3 Impossible

After an embarrassing entry, I kept on grinning from ear to ear. Aberdeen nudged me on the shoulder asking with concern "Are you okay?"

I answer "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" trying to clear away the embarrassment.

I take a look again at the pack house, which is a two-storey.

"Not all pack members live here"

I hear the beta say probably to Leto and Aberdeen since I haven't talked to him due to my embarrassment.

"Apologies this is Elle our top warrior, Elle meets Lucian Kavril, Daluna's beta" Leto introduced us I look and see his hand extended which I shook in return.

He eyes me up and down 'something you like beta' Eliz raises her eyebrow in a flirty way. Seriously this wolf will be the death of me some day.

"I must say the design is extraordinary" my eyes on the pack house again.

"Yeah, our Alpha designed it himself" Lucian stood beside me with his eyes now back on the house.

I smile "it’s beautiful" Aberdeen pinched me on the shoulder but I couldn't bother because this house makes me want to own it someday. I know most people want to live in it but I want to own it, there is a difference between living and owning it.

"The alpha is here"

Lucian announced then we heard footsteps coming from inside. I began to get nervous all of a sudden, I keep fiddling my hands.

Aberdeen slaps me on the back

"What?" I whisper yell at her.

"Stop doing that, he's not that bad" she scolded me "besides he is hot except he's you know" she wriggles her eyebrow

"Gay" I retort by finishing her sentence

"No but you'll see" she winks at me making Leto growl "oh honey shush you're my number one," Leto relaxes a little as he stood beside her, his hand going around Aberdeen’s waist.

The footsteps draw nearer that’s when I smell a divine scent. Eliz howl in joy as I stood there in confusion.

The door opens, he came in to view it as the scent becomes stronger, one word in my head 'damn' while Eliz screams in excitement ‘Mate! Mate!’

Another word popped up in my head


I kept on mumbling to myself while my thoughts were all over the place now. It cannot be, I know for a fact we can never have another mate once your true one is gone.

'Unless,' I found him staring at me with shock then I abruptly turn my gaze down, head bows down a little while my eyes go from side to side as my thoughts were everywhere.

Aberdeen shook my shoulder again "Elle" but I was too lost in my thoughts to notice everyone staring at me.

‘This can't be right,’ I wanted to scream, then a feeling of happiness overwhelmed me. I mean he's alive I turn up again and at that moment I want to run to him and bury my head in his chest while he hugs me.

I started to tear up, Leto's hand rested on my shoulder making me jump a little.

"Hey, are you okay?" I nodded to him, ‘yes,’ and then my eyes went back to my mate.

His beta went and stood beside him "everyone please meet our Alpha Eric Gibson" Leto shook his hand then he turned to introduce me and Aberdeen.

I smile at him genuinely thanking the moon goddess for sending him back. She has given me another chance in living life.

He gazes at me with coldness evident in his eyes, "sorry for keeping you all standing here," he faces Leto

‘Ouch,’ I wince in my head to Eliz.

Yet I kept on a smiley face for him and everyone else. He talks to Leto my eyes never leaving his. I look behind him my eyes settle on his neck and the smile instantly fell from my face.

"Impossible" I whisper in disbelief of what I'm seeing. A woman came from inside and stood beside him with her hands going around his waist smiling at us.

Now I see what went wrong those years ago.

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