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C4 He Hurts Me

Today my so-called pack just sent me to my grave. They may have sent me here for the first time to a meeting but hell with that, this is beyond a nightmare.

I stood there like an idiot while he smiles at his chosen mate kissing her on the cheek then touching her stomach. Looking up at the sky all I could see was darkness with no rays of sunshine and rainbows.

'Oh, how wonderful life is.'

I was waiting for him but then when I first felt pain years ago I thought he died and here he is in front of me with his chosen mate.

"Hello, I'm Claire Montez-Gibson Eric's mate,"

‘I didn't know the thing can talk’ I try to control myself and I wanted to laugh. Well, I am laughing even though it's rude to do that in front of Luna and Alpha but what can I do.

"Oh God"

Wiping away my tears after calming myself "sorry it’s just that you look adorable together,"

'adorable my ass’ I thought aside.

"So the meeting, shall we go in and start?" Alpha Eric says giving us a warm smile.

There is no way I am going to call him Eric, after all, I don't have a Mate anymore.

‘He's not rejecting us’ Eliz groaned in my head.

I wanted to retort back at her but now is not the right time as the idea of my mate mating someone else is still shocking when all those times I thought he already died.

They discussed our pack's treaty while I just sat there with my mind somewhere far away, without focusing on the meeting’s agenda or anything else. My hands fiddling on my lap, this can't be real Eliz but she just stays silent.

"Is there something you want to say, Elle?"

I turn to see all eyes on me. I have forgotten that they could feel my anxiety as our mind links are open to others but it doesn’t mean they can hear my inner turmoil but only my feelings. The practice is for meetings only; nothing else unless you mated to your mate then the links will be open with nothing to hide from one another.


An idea pops into my head "I think I need to go to the restroom"

It was embarrassing to sound like a kid who needs permission to go to the bathroom but I just need to be out of there for a while.

Standing up I excuse myself and went out of the door, I walk through the hallway, and the place was big. My eyes searching for someone to point me to the bathroom but there wasn't any living soul in the house roaming around. I heard a door shut, my nostrils took in the scent of our mate. His tall figure came in to view, his eyes turning dark brown then to golden.

‘Zhipa, his wolf is trying to take control, mate’ chanted Eliz as she howls with joy wanting to take control but I tried to hold her back.

Finally, the human side both won over our wolves giving us back full control. He continued to walk towards me grabbing my arm he drags me to a room.

"We can't be together" was the first thing he said when he made me sit on a couch, more like throwing me on it, almost twisting my wrist.

Perfect no sorry at all what an ass!

"You and I can never happen" he pointed between the two of us.

"I love Claire, so I Eric Gibson rejects you Elle" he looks at me dumbfounded

"Last name?"

I felt a pang in my heart while Eliz howls in pain this is what I was afraid of "rejection" Eliz would never walk past through it. I can manage after all I've been through much more hell than this so I did what I thought was right for the both of us.


I told him and he continues with his rejection.

"Langford as my mate," he finishes as I stood up, there was no pain unless I reject him back.


Then I walk out of there like I didn't care even though my shoulders feel heavy but I held my head high. Once I reached outside I ran into the woods with tears falling from my eyes.

It hurts to be unwanted and to be unloved by your chosen one.

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