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C5 Someone

Settling on a rock as tears fell from my eyes I thought back to the years of pain where things went downhill for me.

I don't know why I have such a bad fate.

It was heart-wrenching, my mate has already made his decision thinking he has a tiny bit of heart he rejected me without giving me a chance to breathe or even to take my time. Now officially I don't have that someone since he chose for the both of us before I even met him.

I was crying when I heard a snap. I look around and saw a big black wolf with a strong aura like a force ordering me to submit.

Anyone should be highly alert right now and start to run away but in my situation, I couldn't do anything at all. I could tell that he's an Alpha I could feel him from where I'm sitting but that didn't bother me, I was too busy crying to even bother.

"Move rogue, you cross our territory" he growls at me with his eyes preying on me.

I said between sobbing "I'm not intruding your territory I'm only borrowing this spot, it's not like I'll take it home with me."

His growl grew louder showing off his white sharp fangs my way.

"Can't you stop growling at me and sit your ass down somewhere here. Let me finish crying so don't disturb me. You know how cruel this world is so please spare your growl for someone else who deserves it and just let me cry."

"You're a rouge"

He spits out as if I'm the most disgusting thing he encountered and with that, he didn't hesitate to attack me.

I just sat there watching in slow motion as he was ready to thrash me with his claw, waiting to be gone now. Life didn't matter anymore, ‘this fate is better than living with nothing at all.’

His claw is now in the air his hazel orbs met mine and he strikes.

Closing my eyes for my doomed fate but nothing happens. He didn't hit me his paws fell next to my hands. Opening them again I told him straight away "I'm not a rogue"

I hiccup and turn around to observe the scenery before me again. His wolf sat next to me and we watch together as the sun sets.

"Your territory's land is beautiful, something I would die for," he just sits there not moving.

Now how do I run since my tears are now dry and the Alpha is probably waiting to take me to his pack's dungeon?’

I may have already disrespected my mate but hey he’s my mate and his wolf might pity me but this Alpha is not my mate, therefore the only thing in his head is no mercy after this, no matter how beautiful this moment is.

Counting from one to ten in my head with Eliz more ready to run now, we prepare our escape. Once I reach number ten I could see from the corner of my eyes that he is off guard I quickly told him "thank you" and with that, I dash out of there.

I heard him growl closer to me but I promise myself so many times this is the only thing that would make me run faster than anyone when my life is in danger.

Gathering all my strength and run away like there's no tomorrow. I finally lost him and I'm almost back to my mate's territory. Not giving up any time soon I rush to the opening seeing our Beta Leto, and my best friend Aberdeen bid their goodbyes. I stopped beside them having trouble catching up my breath

"Water, water"

I tried to breathe Eric called Lucian and in a second he stood in front of me with a water bottle. I took it and gulped the whole water inside the bottle. Yes, now I can finally breathe "Thank you" I thank Lucian, Eric's beta "you just saved my life but I don't owe you anything."

Their jaw drops at me


"Are there rogues out there in the woods or near the border?" I wave my hand to Aberdeen "no just a big monster" I know I sounded like a four-year-old kid but I'm trying to dodge a bullet here.

"Can we go? I'm feeling tired," I held on to Lucian since he's the nearest and my legs almost gave out earning a growl from Eric.

'What a douche'

I mind link only to him since he hasn’t blocked me out.

'Don’t call me that, mate or not I'll kill you" he threatens me.

"Not before you"

I grin and start walking towards the car before resting in my grave that I'm digging now. I waited for them to get in but Aberdeen just seems to be hiding something.

"Yes Aber did I miss something" she breathed in before telling me what's going on and did I just go ballistic after? Yep, I did because, hell no over my dead body.

I am not doing it.

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