Lu Shaohua looked at Qiao Mo Chen's slowly darkening face, and once again purposely added fuel to the fire, "These past few years you haven't seen much of the world. If you can't control yourself from being teased by her, it's not impossible for you to taste it first!"

After saying that, he laughed heartily with Yun Yi. The corner of Yun Shang's mouth twitched!

Qiao Mo Chen looked playfully at Lu Shaohua and Yun Yi, and picked up his wine cup, "I heard that BK is very free these days. Chile has a quest shortage. The Death Desert meets with the primitive beastmen." It's more appropriate for you to go there. "

Under Lu Shaohua's stupefied gaze, he turned around and picked up a bunch of keys from the table.

Yun Yi snatched the opportunity, "I remember that there are two Rolls-Royce Phantoms left empty at your place. I'll have Uncle Lin drive to the island and wash up!"

"... "F * ck, those two cars are mine, I'll wash them myself, you ?" Yun Yi panicked, this man turned hostile faster than flipping a book, wasn't he just mocking him for not having a woman before?

He was going to take back the car he had given away. He had given another to his future brother-in-law. It was to get back his woman!

How could he take it back?

Lu Shaohua quickly sat down and patted Qiao Mo Xie's shoulder, "Hehe, is the desert a place for people to go? If I meet a female Beastman, do you still have a brother like me? "

"Female Beastmen? I remember you were addicted to the three-way game last year! A mere Orc is not even under your orders! " Jomo Seep looked at him coldly.

In front of Lu Shaohua's eyes, the tall and sturdy female Beastman threw him into the desert, and tore off his clothes with great force. He couldn't help but shiver!

"Hehe, Mo Hai, I know that you have good mental fortitude and you will definitely not touch women. "Let me pour some wine for you!" Lu Shaohua immediately went over to flatter her.

He could no longer joke with this man.

"Bang Bang!" There was the sound of breaking glass.

Qiao Mo Chen frowned and looked at Yun Yi.

Yun Yi suddenly stood up, "Who is this, he dares to come to this daddy's territory and smash things, he wants to die!"

He stood up, pushed open the door, and walked to the next room.

In the room next door, Qiao Mo Chen was drunk. Two bodyguards carried him as they prepared to leave. He punched the bodyguard in black beside him to the ground.

The wine bottle and cup on the tea table shattered, "Get lost, even you are bullying me!"

The bodyguard got up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, "Second Young Master, you're drunk. The Madam wants me to bring you home!"

"Go home?" Qiao Mo Chen slowly opened his blood-red eyes, "Old Master, do you take me as a family member? He gave my woman to that cripple! I hate him! "

He sat down on the sofa. The man behind him immediately walked over. "Second Young Master, the Madam wants you to calm down and focus on the big picture!"

"The big picture?" Qiao Mo Chen raised his eyes and instantly revealed a wild smile, "Hahaha, you think I'm afraid of that cripple? I just hate the old man for giving my woman to that cripple. Why! He did nothing, and he was the biggest shareholder of the company! I've been suffering for the company for so many years, why does he occupy so much! "

"If the old man doesn't die, this family will be taken over by that cripple long ago!" His voice boomed in the quiet compartment.

The bodyguard immediately covered his mouth, "Second young master, be careful of the wall with ears. Let's go! "Go back!"

As the two bodyguards carried Qiao Mo Chen away, Qiao Mo Chen struggled to say, "I'm not leaving, I want to drink!"

Just as he reached the door, he saw Yun Yi's tall figure standing at the door. He looked at Qiao Mo Chen with an ice-cold expression. The corner of his mouth curved in a mocking smile.

"Qiao Mo Chen, this is not a place for you to behave atrociously!" I hope that the next time you go crazy with alcohol, get the hell out of my way! " He pointed at the squinty-eyed man and warned him.

Qiao Mo Chen raised his head and looked at Yun Yi. He suddenly pushed his bodyguard away and fiercely glared at Yun Yi, "Who do you think you are, come and meddle in this daddy's business!"

"Bam!" Just as Qiao Mo Chen finished his sentence, Yun Yi raised his leg and kicked him. Qiao Mo Chen fell onto the sofa behind him. The bodyguards on both sides swarmed over, raising their hands to attack Yun Yi.

Yun Yi quickly dealt with the two bodyguards and grabbed Qiao Mo Chen who was on the ground, "I'm warning you! Don't act so atrociously in my territory. How dare you scold me with such a cowardly face! I will beat you until your teeth are all over the ground! "

Ye Zichen casually dragged the person out of the room and threw him into the corridor. The two bodyguards immediately endured the pain, then carried Qiao Mo Chen and left. Qiao Mo Chen who was drunk could not see clearly who the other person was. He only knew that he had been beaten!

He was carried away by a bodyguard. Yun Yi clapped his hands and entered the private box. Looking at Qiao Mo Chen who was sitting on the sofa, his cold expression was like a Shura from hell!

He was not deaf, and he heard every word of Jomo Chen. His hands slowly tightened. A cold glint appeared in his eyes!

"Done!" "Damn it, useless trash!" Yun Yi sat down, picked up the wine from the table and drank it all in one gulp.

Qiao Mo Yao stood up and took out a mask from his chest and put it on his face before leaving. Lu Shaohua immediately stood up and followed him out. Yun Shang also took out a mask from his chest and followed him out.

At the entrance of the Pubic Entertainment City, a bodyguard was carrying the crooked Qiao Mo Chen towards the parking lot. Suddenly, he saw a man wearing a mask walking past him.

Behind him was a masked man who followed him, and another man who looked like a cold underworld king followed him out.

Qiao Mo Chen laughed mockingly, "Why are you wearing a mask! It's like a gangster society! "

He lowered his head and instructed his bodyguard, "Go home!"

Under the neon lights, a Rolls-Royce passed by the Qiao Group. The man in the car tilted his head to look at the skyscraper. The corners of his mouth curled up.

At 9 o'clock in the evening, Qiao Mo Chen returned to the Spirit Island. From afar, he saw Uncle Lin push out the wheelchair. Uncle Lin helped him into the wheelchair and pushed him into the villa.

"What happened to her today?" The man who walked into the bedroom looked at the items on the cabinet. He asked Uncle Lin.

"Third young mistress will turn on her cell phone in her room after cleaning the bathroom and bedroom today. At noon the servant heard her crying! In the afternoon, I stayed in my room and ate very little dinner. "

Uncle Lin answered truthfully. The handsome man's face slowly darkened as he finally cried. It was only the second day, but he was already crying.

Very good, Yan Xi Yan, you have a long life ahead of you, let's see how long you can continue acting for!

"However, I feel that Third Young Madam is not like what they investigated. She is very gentle and modest towards her servants. She did very well what you told her to do."

"It doesn't look like a job done by Miss Qian Jin at all. She's not like a scheming girl! " Uncle Lin frowned.

Qiao Mo Xie closed his eyes and whispered, "Does she not know how to pretend? Wouldn't she pretend to be innocent in order to get information for Qiao Mo Chen? "

Uncle Lin was about to say something, but Qiao Mo Xi slid his wheelchair into the bathroom of the study, and saw that the bathroom was clean and tidy without a speck of dust. Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Go and find out who she contacted today!"

"Yes, Young Master!" Uncle Lin left the bedroom and walked directly to the basement.

Qiao Mo Xi slid his wheelchair into Yan Xi's bedroom. A small piece of the bed protruded and the entire bedroom was very quiet.

He couldn't even hear her breathing.

She turned on the bedside lamp, and the girl in the bed slept on her side.

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