How could he allow her to marry? Whether it was the Third or the Second Young Master, the ones married were both Xi Yan.

Yan Xi Luo looked at her father's tired face and asked, "What is the reason for this?" Daddy, isn't it big sister and second young master who are getting married? Why did it become Third Young Master? "

Yan Yaohai looked back at his daughter and sighed, "It was Second Young Master and your sister's marriage, but the Qiao family actually let Third Young Master marry your sister. Your sister wasn't willing, but today she threatened your mother with her life, and your mother only allowed you to marry her."

"Don't worry, I won't let you marry her." Be at ease and go to school. " Yan Yaohai stood up and walked up the stairs.

Yan Xi looked at her father's sad back and her nose turned sour. In this world, if one were to say who loved her the most, other than knowing Ning Donghang half a year ago, only her father was her spiritual pillar.

He could let anyone down in this life, except for his father, who wouldn't want to make things difficult for him. She sat silently on the sofa. Half an hour later, she heard a heated argument going on in her parents' room.

The sound of things falling became louder and louder as Yan Xi sat on the sofa in the living room and stared at the door upstairs.

Not long later, Yan Yaohai walked out of the room and angrily slammed the door and went downstairs.

Seeing Yan Xi on the sofa, he was slightly startled and immediately walked over. "Luoluo, why aren't you sleeping?"

He sat opposite Yan Xi silently, both hands holding his head. His expression was extremely haggard.

Yan Xi wanted to say something but hesitated. She stood up and said, "Alright, I'll go to sleep now."

That night Dad never went upstairs again.

A few days later, Yan Xi fell asleep and was shaken awake. When she opened her eyes, she saw the flustered look on Kuang Liyun's face.

"Xi Luo, your mother is begging you, please help your sister get married. Your sister has already run away, the Qiao family is coming to pick you up. If they knew your sister had run away, they would ban our Yan family."

"Xi Luo, you don't want to see your father's entire family business ruined, right? You have to get married to be able to protect the Yan family, your mother is begging you." Treat it as if it's been so many years, and you'll return the favor. "

Kwong Liyun sat on Yan Xi's bed and cried with tears and snot running down her face.

Yan Xi lowered his head, "But mother, they want to marry big sister. When they know that we are lying to them, this will only anger the Qiao family even more."

"That Third Young Master hasn't come out for over 10 years, he's a disabled person. After you marry him, you'll only have to take care of his daily life. After half a year, you can leave that place if you don't have a proper marriage. Xi Luo, only you can save father and save the Yan family. "Could it be that you have the heart to see your father unable to be at peace even when he's old?"

Yan Xi looked up at the sunrise. The sun was about to rise, what should she do? If it was as her mother had said, she could leave after half a year. For her father, she could take care of the handicapped in place of her sister.

However, what was Donghang going to do? She still needed to go to school. After getting married, it would be impossible for her to go back to school. Her identity was that of an elder sister!

Seeing that she didn't say anything, she cried again, "Xi Luo, if you don't want to, then forget it. Your father and I are old anyway, the Yan family will depend on you and your sister in the future. It doesn't matter if your father and I live on the streets, as long as you're happy. "

With that, she wiped her tears as she prepared to leave the room. Yan Xi thought back to when she was five years old and her father had brought her back to this house. He held her in his arms and said, "Luoluo, this is mother. This is elder sister. We'll be family from now on."

Maybe she wasn't qualified to choose her future, but she couldn't make her father sad. In this world, only her father was the one person she wanted to protect the most.

"Alright, I agree." she whispered to Kwong Liyun, who was about to leave.

Kuang Liyun's body trembled as she turned around in pleasant surprise, "Xi Luo, you're really willing?"

"Yes." If it was as Kuang Liyun had said, the hidden Third Young Master on the island was a handicapped person, and it didn't matter if she married him just to take care of his daily life.

This way, Father would no longer feel sad, and the Yan Clan would not be banned.

"Alright, alright. Good child, I know you are my mother's good daughter. Only you are the lucky star of the Yan Clan." She tightly held onto Yan Xi's hand, laughing so hard that tears rolled down her face.

She quickly stood up and left the room, passing the news to Yan Xiyan.

When Yan Xi Yan heard that Yan Xi Luo was willing to help her get married, she stood amongst the group of KTV girls, disdainfully saying, "I let her off, after all she's the Qiao Family's young mistress. She has to be grateful to me. "

A proud smile appeared in his eyes. Hanging up the phone, she picked up the red wine with a smile and shouted, "Sisters, I finally won't marry that cripple anymore. Cheers! "

"Wow, Xi Yan, this is great! Are you sure you can still get together with your lover?" A lady approached happily.

"Yes." Yan Xi Yan drank the red wine in one gulp. Her eyes were filled with a cold light.

Three days passed quickly. Today, Qiao family came to pick him up. In front of the Yan family's house, there was a long Lincoln with the word "Happy" written on it.

When Yan Xiyan saw the car on the balcony, a cold light flashed in her eyes, in the end, she was a cripple without even a wedding, and had brought her to Spirit Island.

That's right, that cripple couldn't even stand up, so how could he possibly attend the wedding? This way, he would completely lose the Qiao Family's face.

The corner of Yan Xi Yan's mouth curled up into a mocking smile. She turned and walked into the house.

Pushing open the door of Yan Xi's room, he saw a girl standing blankly by the window. She was dressed in a pink dress, her hair carelessly tied behind her head. There was no makeup artist, and her little white face had no expression.

Yan Xi Yan walked over gently and stood beside her.

"Xi Luo, the car is coming." Marry your sister properly. " She put her hands in her coat pockets. Zhang Xuan smiled.

Yan Xi did not turn around, but looked out of the window silently.

Yan Xiyan frowned when she saw the girl ignore her, "What are you afraid of? That Third Young Master is handicapped, and I heard he can't be humane. You can come back after half a year. "

Yan Xi Luo slowly turned around and stared at Yan Xi Yan with her deep blue eyes.

"Since you know that Third Young Master is not humane, then why didn't big sister marry herself? You can come back yourself in half a year. " Her voice was very light.

Yan Xi Yan was suddenly stunned, and looked straight at her: "What do you mean? Did you go back on your word? Don't forget that you promised your mother. "

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. Yan Xi Luo slowly walked towards Yan Xi Yan, "Remember, I agreed to help you get married for father's sake. What do I owe you from now on? Fifteen years of kindness, after I walk out of this door, will be repaid! "

Step by step, she walked to the door and opened it.

A middle-aged woman immediately lowered her head and said, "Third Young Madam, please get in the car."

Yan Xi walked out and descended the stairs.

The bodyguard next to the Lincoln opened the door, and she glanced back at the upstairs window.

Dad, goodbye, you have to be fine. Only then would she be worthy of everything Luoluo had done.

She bent down and got into the car, extending the length of the Lincoln as it slowly left the Yan family villa.

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