Yan Xi could hear some noises coming from inside. Could it be that there was a bathroom?

He was a strange person. There was a bathroom in the study, and thinking that he was here to take care of him, he walked over and opened the glass door.

It really was a bathroom. Yan Xi raised his head and looked over, the bathroom was filled with hot air.

Through the haze of hot air, Yan Xi saw the man sitting in the bathtub, hot water spraying from the top of his head. Countless drops of water fell from his black hair.

He moved from his shoulder to his strong back, then to the bathtub, where there was a huge splash and a wet wheelchair beside him.

The moment the door was opened, the man suddenly raised his head. A sharp cold glint flashed across his pitch-black narrow eyes!

He coldly looked at the girl standing at the door, "Who let you in? Get out!"

His voice was low and cold, angry and cold.

Yan Xi Luo raised her faint blue eyes and frowned, "That is ? They told me to come in and take care of you. " After saying that, he turned off the shower.

"Get out!" The cold voice rang out in the smoky bathroom again. It was filled with the fury of someone on the verge of collapse!

Yan Xi was so angry that she had to leave the bathroom and open the door.

The man in the bathtub leaped up, grabbed his bathrobe and put it on before jumping into the wheelchair. The whole process took less than five seconds.

By the time Yan Xi heard the sound of the bathtub man getting up, the glass door had already opened and a man in a neat bathrobe was sitting on the wheelchair.

In just three seconds, he had slid right in front of her, fiercely strangling her neck. His furious expression made it seem as though he was going to execute a person at any moment!

Yan Xi looked at the malevolent man who looked like a devil in horror, and grabbed onto his large, iron pincer like hands tightly. "Don't ? I... They let me in to take care of you. "

Qiao Mo Chen fiercely gazed at the girl whose face was flushed red and whose breathing gradually became weaker. Her large blue eyes stared at him in a daze, and then, two drops of tears rolled down her face.

The light in Joe's eyes dimmed, and he slowly let go. His wheelchair was very tall, and Yan Xi was standing only slightly taller than him.

The moment her neck was freed, she started coughing violently.

Because she was coughing so badly, her body went limp and she fell down.

He staggered and fell into Qiao Mo Xie's arms. Yan Xi was grabbed by the neck, she did not have much strength left in her body.

The moment she fell down, she instinctively used both of her hands to prop herself up, landing right between the man's legs.

When he saw her, he tried to wave her away, but she put her hands under his body.

He sucked in a breath of cold air and frowned, "I'll give you three seconds, disappear immediately!"

Yan Xi pressed both of her hands under his body. When she felt the heat, she realized that something was wrong and immediately retracted her hands.

If it were his hands on her thighs instead, her burning hot and hard thighs would make the girl feel as if her hands were pulsating. Yan Xi was so scared that she used all her strength to get up.

"This... You can't blame me for this, but who told you to pinch me! " She quickly stood up and looked at the man's black eyes that flashed with killing intent.

Then the man grabbed her chin. "What? You're thinking of men so quickly? You just married in and you're already impatient? "Hmm?"

The two faces were very close together and their auras intertwined with each other. Yan Xi Luo suddenly saw the man's earrings turn pink.

The anger in her eyes was actually replaced by embarrassment and patience.

He pushed the girl away. "Don't play any tricks on me! Get out of here right now! " He then slid the wheelchair out of the study.

Yan Xi rubbed her neck as she hurriedly left the study. This man was too dangerous!

Did he know that she wasn't his sister? So she was cold to her.

Didn't he try to marry his sister from his brother's hands? Logically speaking, it was because he liked his elder sister that he wanted to marry her. However, why was there endless hatred in her eyes?

If he knew that she was a substitute, wouldn't he be even more vicious! Or kill her!

Qiao Mo Xi slid his wheelchair into the bedroom and pushed open the door. After locking the door, he immediately got up and sat on the bed. This damned girl, she actually supported him.

At the same time her small hands supported him, he unexpectedly reacted. Damn him, he was actually responding to Qiao Mo Chen's woman.

He felt sick at the thought that she had already slept with him. He had only married her here to humiliate her and make her suffer.

His eyes shone with a cold light in the dark night.

Yan Xi walked out of the study and hurried into her bedroom. She also locked the door behind her, suppressing the fear in her heart. What should she do?

If he knew that she was a substitute, would he kill her?!

She silently closed her eyes and fell onto the bed in despair.

She fell into a faint sleep, and when she woke it was morning. She rubbed her eyes at the knock on the door and went to answer it.

Aunt Mei was surprised to see Yan Xi still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. "Third young mistress, are you awake?"

"I'm asleep." Yan Xi answered indifferently.

"... "Then Third Young Madam should get up for breakfast." After saying so, he looked at her doubtfully.

Yan Xi opened the cabinet and took some clothes into the bathroom. After showering and changing clothes, she walked down to see a man gracefully sitting on the dining table and eating breakfast.

She walked over gently and sat across from him. "Good morning." Looking at the expressionless man, she was always nervous and afraid.

"Sit down and eat breakfast." Qiao Mo Li said in a deep voice. It was as if what happened yesterday had happened even more frequently.

"Well, Joe. Third Young Master, after I finish my breakfast. Can you do anything? " She couldn't sleep and eat all the time. I can't go to school anyway. She had to do something here.

The man was expressionless. He wiped his mouth with a tissue and sneered, "What are you trying to do? "Don't forget that you're the third young mistress. What you need to do is to fulfill your duty and stay here!"

He couldn't take it anymore after only a day, so he wanted to leave and pretend to do something.

He wanted to see how long she could last!

After saying that, Qiao Mojiao immediately slid his wheelchair out of the room. Yan Xi Luo stared blankly at his back.

Alright, she doesn't care about the disabled. She can understand that it's normal for a man in a wheelchair to have a weird temper.

She picked up the milk and began to eat.

Yan Xi finished her meal and walked out of the villa. She looked up at the boundless sea. The air was fresh. She walked out of the villa and came to a reef by the sea.

She silently looked at the surface of the sea. She didn't dare to tell Xinyu, Su Qian and the others if they would look for her or Eastern Airlines when they left the school.

If they knew she was married like this, they wouldn't know how to scold her.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disappoint you, my life I can't make the decision. If there is a suitable girl, I wish you happiness.

She sat on the reef in a daze for an hour. From the window on the second floor, a pair of cold, deep eyes stared at her figure through the window.

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